5 Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits 2023

If you are fed up with your old skateboard or longboard and want to do some adventurous thing then I suggest you convert your simple boards into e-boards. It is a very simple way to get the best electric skateboard conversion kits and enjoy a new electric skateboard. It’s very fantastic and amazing to build your own electric longboard or skateboard. With the help of an electric skateboard, you can travel long distances within a short time. In the market, e-boards are very expensive so you just buy a good brand electric skateboard conversion kit and reasonably become the owner of a new awesome electric skating board. 

I converted my first simple skateboard into an electric skateboard five years ago. At that time, I learned from my fellow skaters and was able to build the best study e-board. There are a lot of benefits of conversion of simple boards into e-boards. It is affordable, strong, portable, and will remain functional for a long time. But one thing to keep in mind is that you must buy the finest e-board conversion kit that has excellent quality equipment. Therefore, in this article, I briefly explain you how to buy durable electric skateboard coversion kit.

Top 5 Electric skateboard Conversion DIY Kits (Ultimate Guide) 

There is a long list of brands that are remarkable for nice electric skateboard conversion kits. But I short out only 5 brands and their kits that are extraordinary in their performance. First of all, I buy and apply them all on my skateboard and longboards then I observe their pros and cons. After a long period of testing, I am now able to write an article and review the top electric skateboard conversion kits. So, the kits are perfect and have unique features. So never worry about their quality, you just select your favorite one, click, order, and buy.

1. PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit

PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit

The Promotor electric skateboard conversion kit has excellent components that provide you with incredible speed. It provides your board with fantastic power and an excellent charging system. 

Crucial Point

PROMOTOR is the super brand for premium quality conversion kits. 

The most awesome and supremely attractive are its wheels. These wheels are made with an outstanding polyurethane material that is best due to its lightweight, high weight-bearing properties, and many more. Meanwhile, these wheels are very smooth, convenient, and usable for a long time.

Additionally, the 6364 motor is very powerful and has the ability to not easily absorb heat. The brushless 90mm dual hub motor along with a 5 pin female plug is perfect for my longboard. 

Meanwhile, due to the finest torque and effectiveness of the motor, it can run at a super-fast speed up to 70Kv. Its motor has 150-volt power and the input voltage is 24V to 36V. Therefore, you can calmly use your electric skateboard for long-distance skating. 

Another good thing about the kit is its high-standard battery. It has 6S to 10S batteries that are usually lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are best because they have the capacity to enhance the speed as well as the performance of your electric skateboard. 

If I move toward the negative side then pro-tech connectors that come with the motor are not good for my board.

  • High-quality battery
  • 7-inch trucks
  • Never absorb heat soon
  • High torque and efficiency
  • Efficient brushless outrunner motor
  • Quiet and smooth polyurethane wheels
  • Pro-tech connectors are not well

Product Analysis

Overall, the PROMOTOR brand has a super electric skateboard conversion kit if you want to make your boards speedy. Its motor and battery are super as well as durable.

2. Vanpro Diy Electric Skateboard Kit Set

Vanpro Diy Electric Skateboard Kit Set

Vanpro DIY electric skateboard kit is a good kit if you want longboarding or best balancing e-skating. All the kit components have a high shock-absorbing capacity as well as being less noisy. 

Crucial Point

I like the Vanpro e-board conversion kit due to its durability and precision. This conversion kit works superbly PU hole style wheels and sizes are 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm. Therefore, you can use it for any rough or smooth area electric skateboarding.

Moreover, it is easily portable so you can run your board smoothly and accurately. All these features help the rider to enjoy a nice fantastic ride.

It has excellent speed and transition that never lets you slip and fall while losing balance. 

Additionally, the thing that I like foremost is its quietness because I hate noisy board engines. Therefore, it enables me to use the electric board for long-distance skating. 

Furthermore, the DIY kit withdraws high shocks so it is perfect for all forms of terrains. All the components that come within the kit are suitable to build a variety of different boards. 

It also has a pulley set that allows you to set the distance and height between the belt joint along with the motor bracket. While only suitable for the  63 series (6374) brushless motor.

But the one I want to include in that brand also needs to include wheels in the kit set. Otherwise, it takes time to search for the appropriate wheels. On the other hand, it is convenient, supportive, and cost-effective.

  • Affordable
  • Quiet and steady
  • Smooth and precise
  • Simple to maintenance
  • Super shock withdrawing capacity
  • Best for longboarding and mountain skating
  • Wheels should be included in the kit set

Product Analysis

In general, Vanpro DIY electric skateboard kits are best and enable your e-boards to be excellent. There is no need to lubricate or spend more on maintenance. It always provides me with smooth and efficient skating.

3. 24V-42V 550W 70Kv Electric Longboard Skateboard Kit

24V-42V  550W 70Kv Electric Longboard Skateboard Kit

If you have a high budget and want to make the best electric longboard then this kit is basically for you. All its features and the equipment are premium and superb. It also offers you to return the product within 14 days if you find any default. 

Crucial Point

The awesome 90mm dual hub motor drive kit supports fast speed and nice control. Moreover, the 6368 dual motor is very powerful and does not get hot rapidly. Each motor has a 5 pin hall female plug.

Furthermore, the hub motor well supports the 6S to 10S battery allowing the maximum input voltage thus enhancing the speed of the electric skateboard. 

It has high torque, efficient acceleration, and top speed up to 15-20mph. It runs very smoothly and is completely quiet.  

Additionally, the wheels included in the kit are 90mm by 70mm and are highly elastic. Meanwhile, have high resistance against bumps and rough surfaces. While 7-inch trucks are also appropriate for the longboard decks and the wheels.

  • Great torque
  • Excellent speed
  • Dual hub motor
  • Water-resistance
  • 90mm wheels
  • Noiseless and swift wheels
  • Expensive

Product Analysis

According to me, the Yoton brand kit is good, effective, as well made with high-quality material. All the components are durable as well as decent and will give an amazing look to your electric skateboard.

4. WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

If you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard conversion kit that includes all necessary components then the Wonvon brand kit is super for you. I found this kit good for my Retro Skateboard. 

Crucial Point

Each kit of the Wonvon brand includes a remote control and a controller board. The excellent aspect of the remote system is the two-way communication system that allows you to check the power of your e-board. 

Although, the controller board does not have very high speed (35KM/H)but has high torque. To connect the remote control and controller board is very easy. 

Furthermore, it also has multi-protection features such as a low-voltage alarm function that keeps you alert about battery efficiency. Meanwhile, also protect you from power- failures situations. 

In addition, the dual system hub drive motor is also good according to its performance. The electric skateboard of the ESC kit has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 120Kg.

But its major problem is that when I apply both hall sensor connectors then its brake system does not work properly.

  • High torque
  • 4200 RPM speed
  • Super protection system
  • Best remote control system
  • Awesome controller board
  • 120 KG weight-bearing capacity
  • Quality needs to improve

Product Analysis

As a result, Wonvon DIY electric skateboard ESC kit has the best remote control feature. That enables you to remain up-to-date about the battery condition. Meanwhile, it is within reach of a normal budget person. 

5. Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

If you want to hold maximum control on your electric skateboard then the Focket e-skateboard kit is mainly for you. It has outstanding material, simple wire management, well stable modules, and multi-functionality. 

Crucial Point

The Focket ESC kit is formed with high-quality chips as well as electronic components that are 100% branded. According to the performance, it performs at the elite level according to my perceptions.

Moreover, the excellent remote control system enables you to control all the activities of the board. You can easily notice the turning directions, gears movements, acceleration, and brake system. 

Additionally, the circuit board is very simple to install. While the awesome electronic speed controller helps you to adjust the speed according to your own choice. 

The single motor drives have ESC 430W capacity and run best at the speed of 35 km/h. It has a 120kg weight holding capacity. 

Meanwhile, the EMP remote module has a control module that is cheap as well as reliable. Primarily, it has good protective and safe functions. It has safety against the fluctuation of voltage, over-heat absorption, and over-current.

  • Simple to install
  • Safe and protected
  • High-quality components
  • Best remote control system
  • 120 Kg weight-bearing capacity
  • Best for skateboards & longboards
  • Never work with the dual hub motor

Product Analysis

Overall, it is easy to use, supports nice speed, and has good stability. It will provide you with convenient and safe skateboarding. You can easily maintain and handle your electric skateboard.

Top 2 Recommendations

Overall Best kit: The Vanpro DIY electric skateboard kit set is the best and has all the superb features. Meanwhile, its pulley system is very impressive.

Best Affordable kit: WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit is excellent, affordable as well as has a super remote control system.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Skateboard Conversion Kits

If you decide to convert your boards then you must know about the following points. So that you can buy the best tools that will assemble well to form an excellent electric skateboard. 

  • Performance

The speed and performance of the electric skateboard are the foremost things. They make your board exceptional as well as speedy from others.

Meanwhile, you also consider the size of your board wheels and other components to match with kit equipment. Larger wheels have less acceleration and vice versa.

  • Component Quality

The main thing is the quality of the material that you are going to put into your boards. So if you apply fragile and low-quality equipment, then your e-board runs very short. 

Therefore, it is necessary that you make sure that the skateboard conversion kit has high resistance, high impact bearing, and durable materials. Because, once you apply the best material, your electric skateboard will also look pretty and run at an elite level. 

  • Assemblage

Another thing is the installation of conversion kit material into your boards. Some kits have little screws to apply and start your e-skating. While other kits, take your time, apply, and assemble the material into your board.  So you must check which category of kit you want to buy. 

  • Cost

The cost-effectiveness is also a point to notice. The first thing is the budget that you want to spend on buying the skateboard conversion thing. I suggest you buy a cheap electric skateboard conversion kit but that should be sturdy. 

  • Guidance

The electric skateboard kit comes with the proper instruction and guidance notes. These notes have step-by-step methods to help you while assembling the parts. 

  • Battery

The battery determines the speed of your electric skateboard so you carefully pay heed to which type of battery your conversion kit has. There are variations in the form of the batteries that have different aspects such as voltage, speed, torque, and range. 

Both voltage and torque are reciprocal, which means higher voltage, higher torque, vice versa. Moreover, you also notice that your battery voltage should be compatible with the motor otherwise it will be useless. 

While the important aspect in terms of battery is “ampere” (A) which enables you to determine the maximum speed of the battery.

Meanwhile, “an ampere-hour” (Ah) is the electric capacity of the battery that determines how long the electric skateboard runs. The 5Ah battery has the capacity to run efficiently up to 6 miles while the 10Ah battery runs effectively up to 18 miles.

There are many brands that are famous due to high-quality batteries such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and some more. 

  • Motor

Along with the battery, the best motor is always important for electric skateboards that have awesome speed and acceleration. Mostly two types of motors are common in the market: hub and belt motor. 

It is necessary that your motor should have resistance against water. Although the hub motor is less noisy than other motors. There are many holes on the motor that allow the air to pass through inside the motor so that the motor does not warm quickly. 

  • ESC

An electronic speed controller (ESC) is the brain of the electric skateboard. It enables you to control the speed, braking system, acceleration, and turning from a distance. 

A good ESC system is as important as the battery and motor. If it does not perform well then you never enjoy your e-skating calmly. The best ESC provides you with super control over the braking system and acceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric skateboard conversion kit?

The electric skateboard conversion kit is the set of components. Those sets enable you to convert your simple skateboards, longboards into electric skateboards. All the crucial parts that are used for the building of e-boards are present in the kit.

How do I make my own electric skateboard from a simple skateboard?

If you want to make the best electric skateboard from a simple skateboard or longboard. Following are the main steps that enable you to build an electric skateboard.


  1. Carefully, buy the best electric skateboard conversion kit and other material that you will require. 
  2. After collection of all desired components, arrange them in a sequence so that no part is forgotten during assemblage. 
  3. If your skateboard conversion kit comes with a manual then open it.
  4. Attach the sheave and drive components to your board.
  5. Then, attach the engine to the skateboard.
  6. With the help of electrical wiring connect the battery, motor, and ESCs.
  7. Apply closure so that your circuit will remain protected from the water or other objects.
  8. You also form a case for the enclosure of the battery so that it remains safe. 
  9. Fix all the equipment properly so that they remain firmly for a long time.

What form of the electric skateboard conversion kit is available in the market?

As the complete electric skateboards have different ranges of price and popularity in the market. Same like that, there are different forms of kits according to their features and components. 

Those kits that have dual motors or high-quality equipment have the maximum price as compared to ordinary ones. So, there are a variety of electric skateboard conversion kits available in the market you can buy according to your budget.

What are the benefits of using an electric skateboard conversion kit instead of an actual electric skateboard?

There are a lot of benefits of using electric skateboard conversion kits over the actual e-boards.

Affordable: These are more cost-effective than the real electric skateboard. 

Customization: You can easily adjust your components according to your own choice. If you want to change one part then you can easily change it. 

Better experience: You feel more satisfaction and are able to get the best experience of your own electric skateboard. 

Choices: You can select all the components of your own choice. Therefore, you are able to build the best sturdy electric skateboard.

Final Thought

It is very peaceful and incredibly creative to build your own electric skateboard by buying the best electric skateboard conversion kits. Because self-made is well done. So if you want to do something extraordinary then you make your own e-board. It’s a really fantastic and super task to do. Although I do not know much about electronics, when I made my first electric skateboard then I felt very happy. Moreover, my handmade electric skateboard is super, affordable, as well as durable. 

Therefore, for your convenience, I just choose the five best kits that have the best motor, torque, affordable, and decent. All the brands are remarkable due to their nice quality products. So never wait, click, buy, and enjoy. If you want the best grip tape or anything related to skating you can get them from my site. You also share your fantastic experience related to making an e-skateboard. I’m waiting for your response. Best of luck.

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