Top Penny Skateboards Brands Reviews 2023

The origin of the Best penny skateboards is from Australia but in the short term, they gained popularity throughout the world. Penny boards are usually used for short-distance skating. The good penny boards are actually very convenient, stable, as well as durable. Because these are made with plastic, therefore, are very light in weight. All qualities of penny skateboards make them suitable for kids and beginners. These are the finest for commuting from one place to another. Meanwhile, their wheels are also superb, therefore you can skate on any terrain with a nice penny skateboard.

In this article, I have worked on the top penny boards. From the huge brand’s products, I narrow down only the 7 best penny boards for you. All of them are really alluring and excellent. Whether you want to buy them for yourself or want to give them to your friends, I highly recommend them. All boards are sturdy, well made, and long able to carry. I tested all the boards before reviewing as well as taking the reviews from my friends about them. After a huge discussion, I choose them for you.

7 Best Penny Skateboard For Beginners

All skateboards are not penny boards but all penny boards are skateboards. In this post, I clearly discuss the difference between them. It is necessary that you know about their differences before buying the super penny skateboard. So, if you are looking for superior penny boards and never find them properly then you come to the right place. All the penny board brands are reliable and durable. Therefore, you can buy any board without any hesitation.

1. DINBIN Complete Flexible Penny Cruiser Board

DINBIN Complete Flexible Penny Cruiser Board

If you are looking for the best cheap as well as flexible penny board then the DINBIN board is mainly for you. It comes with a superb package and is good for beginner to professional skaters.

Crucial Point

The DINBIN cool penny board is available in four different colors that are really very charming. The awesome graphics and superior stickers seem decent and excellent. 

Moreover, its plastic propylene deck is 22” long and 6” wide. Meanwhile, its “waffle” shape texture enhances its beauty as well as makes them the best-balancing penny board. 

Due to plastic construction, penny boards are very light in weight as well as sturdy. It has a 220-pound weight-bearing capacity that makes the board best for kids, teenagers, and adults. 

The trucks are made with premium aluminum alloy that is 3.125 inches. 

While nice soft 85a bushings along with the 60mm by 45mm wheels that are too smooth. The wheels have a 78A durometer that makes the board good for skating on the streets. 

In addition, the ABEC-7 precise stainless bearings are also superb and enhance the performance of wheels. 

Furthermore, it is a good portable penny board for cruising and sidewalk skating. It is well-built and therefore has the ability to withstand heavy impacts. 

The most appealing aspect of the DINBIN brand penny board is that it’s approved by CE certification. It shows that its board is safe to use and best for all-level skaters.

Moreover, DINBIN offers a guarantee for 2 months with a full refund. While also providing lifetime superb customer service.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Variety in color
  • Safe and sturdy
  • 2-month guarantee
  • High weight-bearing capacity
  • You need to adjust the skateboard wheels

Final Review

The galaxy-style penny board with excellent graphics attracts me the most. I feel very happy and cool whenever I skate on it. Due to strong construction, awesome strength, well-balanced, and alluring service, it’s become the Amazon choice.

2. SK8MEMO Mini Cruiser Penny Skateboard

SK8MEMO Mini Cruiser Penny Skateboard

SK8MEMO mini penny skateboard is perfect for your young toddler. Its reasonable price, fabulous design, and nice workmanship make it extraordinary. It’s lightweight makes it best for beginner skaters.

Crucial Point

SK8MEMO mini board is available in five vibrant colors with alluring graphics. 

Its deck is made with strong polypropylene material that can bear high impacts. The deck is 17” long and 5” wide which is perfect for kids. Meanwhile, its surface is non-slippery, thus fixing your feet on the deck. The deck has a 100-pound weight-carrying capacity. 

Moreover, the durable iron-wrapped trucks are highly advanced. Its Wide trucks work nicely as a brake pad while downhill skating. The 85A bushings also perform well with the trucks. 

Furthermore, 55mm PVC wheels along with the carbon steel ABEC 5 bearings enable the penny board good for cruising and street skating. 

A mini-cruiser board is light in weight and therefore easy to transport. Due to its small size, you can easily pack it in your backpack. The safe steering and excellent safeties of the board make it suited for 2-7 years girls and boys. 

Due to its stunning design and vivid colors, you can deliver it as a gift to the kids, beginners, and pros.

  • Has warranty
  • Good for kids
  • Smooth and swift
  • Superb vivid colors
  • Best portable board
  • Small and lightweight
  • Wheels need to adjust
  • Do not good for pavement or asphalt surface skating

Final Review

If your child insists on buying a penny board then I recommend you SK8MEMO mini-board. It is the finest safe penny board as well as nice for fun. It allows fantastic skating that is really amazing and pleasurable for your kids.

3. Meketec 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Meketec 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Meketeck is an incredible penny board brand that offers the best sturdy and great variety. It is easy to use as well as has swift speed. Skating on the Meketech board is extremely enjoyable and full of fun. 

Crucial Point

Meketec board is available in a huge variety of vivid colors that offer you to choose your favorite one. Awesome colorful graphics enchant me too much. 

All the great features that a superb board is necessary to have, are present in this skateboard. The advanced technology construction and durable parts make it more distinctive. It is a good versatile, simple to use, lightweight, and perfect for everything.

You can use it whether you want to cruise or skate on streets, sidewalks, or other terrains. 

Furthermore, a 22.5” by 6” wide deck that’s perfect for small kids to teenagers. Very high-quality plastic is used for its construction. Meanwhile, the texture of the deck locks your feet on the deck as well as provides the finest balanced ride. 

While the 3.25” strong trucks are also made with sturdy plastic material. The 60mm polyurethane anti-slip wheels that have a 78A durometer, therefore, run smoothly on the streets. Meanwhile, the high-speed ABEC 7 bearings enhance the speed of the wheels.

The most interesting thing is that you can ride your skateboard in school, on the road, and in the park. Due to its supreme qualities and fabulous design, you can deliver it as a gift to your kids, friends, etc. 

You never need to worry about its reliability, because it has been approved by CE certification. So, you can reliably buy this product.

  • Superb quality
  • Vivid cool colors
  • Provide balanced ride
  • Durable and versatile
  • Large Aluminum wheels
  • Trustworthy and remarkable brand
  • A little bit small for teenagers

Final Review

Overall, the Meketec penny skateboard is best for beginner and experienced skaters. It’s fully safe because it fulfills all the safety standards. While, its unique style, reasonable price, fun features, and stunning speed give you a marvelous experience.

4. High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

High Bounce Complete 22" Skateboard

If you are looking for the best cool penny board then the High bounce complete skateboard is the best choice for you. It comes with a nice assemblage, strong components, a splendid design, and pleasant colors.

Crucial Point

The Retro mini cruiser is made with outstanding quality material that enables your board to remain functional for a long time. It will become a great source of fun and recreation for you. 

Additionally, this skateboard is suitable for all ages kids, whether they are beginners or pro skaters. Meanwhile, it’s accessible in an abundance of colors that is really eye-catching. 

The 22” by 6” deck is made with a premium plastic material that is lighter as well as long-lasting. The deck has the capacity to bear weight up to 187 pounds. 

Moreover, the high-standard polyurethane wheels are well-built as well as very smooth. ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings are fast and reduce friction. 

In addition, it is an awesome stable penny board that provides your kids with splendid skating. The Retro board is elegant and lighter therefore your kid can easily skate on it. It comes with the ideal packing and storage bag.

  • Reasonable price
  • Ideal size for kids
  • Good for a stable ride
  • Nice for beginners to pros
  • Great quality and durable
  • 187-pound weight-bearing capacity
  • A little bit slippery at the start

Final Review

All in all, Retro high bounce complete skateboards are well assembled and comfortable for kids. Its pattern, colors, and designs are wonderful. I like this product too much and highly recommend you to buy it.

5. Retrospec Quip 22.5″ Complete Skateboard

Retrospec Quip 22.5” Complete Skateboard

Retrospec Quip is a top-rated penny skateboard that is incredibly famous among people. It’s very smooth to ride across the beach, parks, streets, sidewalks, etc. It’s worth the money and performance.

Crucial Point

Retrospec is one of the top innovative skate brands that has been crafting high-standard boards since 1927. Due to its high customer service, Retrospec boards are the favorite board for skaters throughout the world. 

Moreover, this board is accessible in 19 different brilliant colors that are charming. Its 22.5” deck is made with injection-molded plastic that is extremely light in weight. While the 5” trucks provide maximum control, maneuverability, as well as balance. So, it’s good to control the board for beginners.

Furthermore, the 60mm polyurethane wheels are highly flexible and soft. Their softness and comfort level make the board nice for cruising. Wheels have the ability to bear high impacts therefore superb for rough terrain skating. 

The ABEC 7 carbon bearings are finely precise and durable. They enhance the speed and manage the friction. 

The good thing is that the Retrospec board has 220 pounds of weight withdrawing capacity. It’s delightful for doing various tricks and rolling. 

  • Finest large trucks
  • Easy to roll and turn
  • Good portable board
  • Great speed and resistance
  • 100% genuine penny board
  • Formed with high-quality materials
  • It’s a little bit hard to spin the wheels

Final Review

In general, the Retrospec complete penny board is a lovely little board that has good speed and precision. It’s lightweight and allows you to carry it anywhere around the town. You will feel gratitude after this.

6. Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 cruiser skateboard is best for every age skater from kids to adults. It’s easy to carve, cruise, ride, as well as carry. It’s a great functional penny board that will become an illustrious recreational source for you.

Crucial Point

The excellent color voice and cool vibes of the Cal 7 board make the perfect choice for an elite level of skating. It comes with full assemblage therefore you just unbox and start your skating journey.

The deck size is slightly larger up to 22.5” in length and 6” in width. Due to its plastic construction, it’s lighter and therefore simple to carry. Meanwhile, you can easily place it in your backpack. Basically, its trucks are made with superb quality aluminum alloy that is sturdy and durable.

Additionally, the polyurethane 78A wheels are 60mm wide and are super smooth and efficient. While the ABEC 7 bearings are also good at their job.

You never need to worry about the wrapping or cracking of the board because it has a super-strong construction. It’s perfect for the above than 12 years old kids and adults.

  • Worth of money
  • Color never fade
  • Super lightweight deck
  • Come with full assemblage
  • Smooth and relaxable to ride
  • High shock-absorbing wheels
  • Trucks are too tight
  • No graphic at the backside of the board

Final Review

As a result, the Cal 7 cruiser board is a good, reliable, and sturdy product that has plenty of grip and stability. It is the best carving skateboard which is another amazing feature of this board. I extremely like and recommend it.

7. MoBoard 27-Inch Vintage Skateboard

MoBoard 27-Inch Vintage Skateboard

If you want to buy the penny board for fun purposes then the MoBoard vintage skateboard is a great choice for you. Its classic design, ergonomic color, superb deck, colorful wheels, and lightweight, all those characteristics enable it best for pleasurable skating.

Crucial Point

MoBoard skateboard is delightful for newbies and professional skaters because it’s best for learning and practice. It comes with a ton of colors, variety, and styles. 

All the parts of the skateboard are contemporary and long-lasting. The 27-inch deck is good for kids as well as adult skaters. High-quality plastic is used for deck formation. Due to the small surface area of the deck, it’s easy to place in a backpack and nice for commuting.

Moreover, the 3” aluminum trucks are light, sturdy, as well as endurance. The 59mm urethane wheels are also durable and versatile. In addition, ABEC 7 bearings are also effective and super fast. 

The most appealing thing is that this model offers you a great level of personalization. Its wheels are interchangeable so whenever you want something to change on your board. Then you can replace your old wheels with new ones. 

The MoBoard penny board has 100 kg or 220 pounds weight-bearing capability. Due to its sharp turns and little surface area, it’s perfect for cruising around the town, across the school, as well as chilling with friends.

  • Best large penny deck
  • Tons of colors and styles
  • Excellent speed bearings
  • Soft interchangeable wheels
  • 100Kg weight carrying capacity
  • Best for kids, teenagers, and adults
  • Extra wheels and tools are not along with a skateboard

Final Review

Overall, the MoBoard board is a relatively affordable board with superior quality. I am using it for a year and till now it’s work perfect. My skating experience with this board is very memorable and fantastic.

Top 3 Recommendations

  • Best Modern Penny Skateboard: Meketec 22-inch mini-cruiser retro skateboard is formed with the latest technology along with superb materials. 
  • Best Quality Penny Skateboard: High bounce complete 22″ skateboard is a pleasant board with a nice assemblage and superior quality.
  • Best Rated Penny Skateboard: Cal 7 22” mini cruiser skateboard is a good-rated penny board, has nice features, as well as Amazon choice. 

How To Buy The Best Sturdy Penny Skateboard (Buying Guide)

Before buying an excellent penny board, you should need to know the following aspects before buying the board.

  • Skateboard Deck

The most important part of the board is the skateboard deck. If you have an outstanding quality deck, you can skate superbly. 

Material: When you discuss penny boards, it means that these are made with plastic material. There are also variations in the quality of the plastic. Therefore, you buy those boards that are flexible and formed with nice quality plastic. 

Size: Like material, there is also variety in the sizes of the penny boards. These are available in 22 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches. So you can choose anyone according to your age and level of comfort. 

If you want a portable board then 22” and 27” are best. While if you desire to do cruising or are you teenager then large-size penny boards are good for you.

  • Wheels

For good performance wheels are the foremost. The best wheels are those that have the ability to withdraw high impacts. 

Wheels also vary according to their quality. Those wheels that are formed with PVC material are not strong. Although these penny boards are cheap but not durable. Therefore, I suggest you avoid them. 

While those wheels that are made with polyurethane are really supreme. These are much more comfortable, durable, and stable as well.

Diameter: The wheel diameter is measured in terms of mm. Small mm means the smaller size and large mm means larger size wheels. Usually, penny board wheels are 53-59mm in diameter. It also depends on the size of the skateboard deck. 

Hardness Level: Hardness is explained in terms of the durometer. Different durometer wheels are good for different areas of skating. While the most common durometer that penny board wheels have is 78-87a. 

Weight Bearing Capacity: Stronger the board has more ability to carry heavy weight. Therefore, if you are a heavy guy, you buy a strong penny board that is made with sturdy plastic material. While flexible plastic also has the ability to stand heavyweight.

  • Trucks

Trucks are the parts that join the decks and wheels. The stiffness of bushings remains the trucks fixed in their place. Thus the truck is a very important part that nicely assembles your skate parts. 

  • Grip Tape

Grip tape fixes your feet on the skateboard. Thus, providing you security and safety. Therefore, you buy the best grip tape for your penny board.

  • Bearings

The round metal enhances the performance of wheels as well as increases the speed. Bearing’s characteristics are determined by their ABEC rating. ABEC7 rating is good for fast and smooth skating.

  • Style And Color

Style and color usually depend on your own choice. Because colors and style increase the charm and beauty of skateboarding. So, if you buy the board for your kids, then buy the colorful one because the child loves colorful things. Therefore, I have reviewed all those brands of penny skateboards that offer a huge variety in color and style. So buy and enjoy the vivid color of splendid penny boards.

  • Cost Of A Penny Skateboard

Penny skateboards are usually more affordable than normal skateboards. Within the range of 20$-40$, you are able to get a super premium penny skateboard. There are great choices of prices in the market. You can choose anyone according to your budget. 

If you are a beginner or kid and want to buy the board for practice then you can buy an ordinary penny board. However, if you are an expert skater then you need to buy a high-quality skateboard whether you need to spend a little more for it. 

Final Thought

As a result, I have reviewed all the top penny boards for you. Now you can choose any sturdy board from here. I also extremely explain all terms and conditions of the penny board that will assist you too much. I hope this article helps you a lot in shopping for sturdy penny boards. My top 3 recommendations also aid selection. Meanwhile, if you want to learn any more about the penny boards, you are free to ask. I’m always waiting for your response. If you want to buy the best skateboard shoes then you can also take benefit from my service. Now, it’s your time to order, buy and begin to make your cruising memories. Have a nice day. Thanks.


What is a  Penny Board?

An Australian company has made the penny board since 2010. Actually, a penny board is a mini plastic skateboard. Then with the passage of time, these boards become famous around the world. Usually, these come in different sizes from 22” to 36”. The large-size boards, you can use as penny longboards. 

Is it good for beginners to use the penny board?

Penny board has lightweight, commutable, as well as soft wheels. The penny boards are best for cruising. Their ideal size and awesome construction make them excellent for beginners, especially teenagers and kids. Meanwhile, these are the best affordable skateboards.

Can penny skateboards have resistance against water?

Due to the plastic construction, you can use them in the rain or on wet surfaces. Their wheels and trucks also have capacitance against the water. It’s great that you can skate in the rain and enjoy the beauty of the weather.

Are penny longboards also available in the market?

Absolutely Yes, you can also buy the best penny longboards that are 36” in size. 

Is the deck of the penny board slippery?

Due to plastic construction, some penny board decks may cause slippery. But if you use the best skate shoes or buy premium penny skateboards then you will never have such problems. 

Is a penny board the finest for a child?

Penny boards are available in small sizes as well as lightweight. Therefore these are very comfortable for your child. Moreover, instead of woody skateboards, these are easy to learn for kids. These are available in awesome vibrant colors so you make your child happy by giving them as a gift.

Can I replace the wheels of the penny skateboard?

Of course Yes! You can easily replace your old penny wheels with new well compatible wheels. You can buy the wheels of the same brand or either can other if you find the appropriate size. 

Is the penny board suitable for me?

It depends on your destination. If you want to buy a board for short-distance skating or amusement purposes then the penny board is really well suitable for you. However, if you want to skate for long distances then a normal skateboard or longboard is appropriate for you. 

Which tricks I can’t do with the penny board?

Penny boards are not good for adventurous tricks such as carving, downhill skating, high-speed, or long-distance skateboarding. If you want to perform tricks, then I suggest you use a wooden longboard or skateboard. 

How can I clean my penny skateboard?

Different people use different methods to clean the board. Some simply open the truck and use a power washer to clean the deck and other parts. While others simply spray them and then clean them with the sponge.

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