Top 12 Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews In 2023

Are the skateboard wheels spinning slowly or not at all? Do you have concerns about bearing quality? Are your bearings corroded very rapidly? Then you’ve reached the right place. If you’re unfamiliar with bearings, I’ll explain what they are, their greatest goods, and how to use or clean them. Bearings are actually little spherical balls that are inserted into the wheels. Their primary goal of good skateboard bearings is to boost your board’s speed and smoothness. Bearings come in a wide variety of forms and dimensions, depending on the material they’re made of. Steel, titanium, or ceramics are used to make the majority of bearings.

During international contests and practices, many skateboard pros employed various types of bearings for their wheels. With the assistance of these professionals, we can choose the best skateboard bearings that will endure a long time and perform well.  Furthermore, cleanable bearings should be evaluated. When purchasing, the length and size are also important considerations.

12 Best Bearings For Skateboard (Top Reviews)

Despite the fact that many brands sell out of their merchandise. However, choosing the most appropriate and attractive things from among them is not an easy task. Furthermore, the product’s price isn’t the sole consideration; quality, safety, and cleanliness must also be evaluated. Do you want to get the best skateboarding bearings but aren’t sure where to begin? Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, I have products that will improve your skills and make your ride more enjoyable. I’ve produced a list of the top 10 skateboard bearings for your comfort. You make a purchase and pursue a new adventure.

Image Product Details   Price
Bones Bearing Super Red Bones Bearing Super Red Color: Red
Type: Ball Bearing
Weight: 0.1 Pounds
Material: Alloy Steel
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Yellow Jacket Premium Yellow Jacket Premium Color: Jungle Green
Material: Premium Steel
Precision: Highest 
Check Price
Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings Brand: Bones
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.2 Pounds
Type: Ball Bearing
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Bronson Speed Co Bronson Speed Co, G2  Skateboard Bearings Brand: Bronson Speed Co
Material: Ceramic
Weight: 1 Gram
Size: One Size
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Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings Brand: Bones
Material: Alloy Steel
Weight: 1 Gram
Specification Met: ABEC 9
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Zealous Bearings Zealous Bearings Color: Steel
Brand: Zealous
Material: Alloy Steel
Weight: 0.3 Pounds
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Rollerbones Bearings Rollerbones Bearings Color: Black
Brand: Rollerbones
Material: Alloy Steel
Type: Ball Bearing
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Heady Shake Pro Heady Shake Pro Color: Darkside
Brand: Heady Shake
Material: Nylon, Steel, Titanium
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Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings Brand: Mini-Logo
Weight: 0.1 Kg
Type: Ball Bearing
Size: One Size

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cordlessblower Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings Brand: Oldboy
Material: Ceramic
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Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings Brand: Bones
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 5g
Cleaning: Easy
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KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings Color: Blue
Brand: KVENI
Type: Ball Bearing
Material: Ceramic
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1. Bones Bearing Super Red

Bones Bearing Super Red

High quality, steel races, long-lasting grade ball, and awesome product. These are easy to clean, moisturize, and performance-wise the best product. Their surface is well polished and looks lucid and vibrant.

Crucial Points

Super red bearings are manufactured with a steel alloy that gives them strength. While steel will not rust quickly due to its quality. Their surface finish is shiny and smooth.

Moreover, the black shield is made with rubber that is easy to remove and reduces friction. Due to shield elasticity, it does not wear easily and does not contact any surface.

Meanwhile, the nylon balls decrease the abrasion and do not require any lubrication. Therefore, nylon balls boost up speed and longevity.

The plus point of Super red is that these are already lubricated with super cream that gives your board more speed and you never need to spend more for cream or moisturizer.

Moreover, these provide you with more acceleration whether you skate up or from the hills. These are light in weight and never add more weight to your board.

All the bones products offer guarantees. So if you feel any defect related to your product you may clearly ask for it.


  • Prime quality
  • Endurance and light-weighted
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Offers Guarantee
  • Not wear and tear easily
  • Noiseless


  • Get dusted rapidly
  • Spinning issue

Final Thought

In comparison to other products, Bones super red bearings are less expensive and more robust. They never produce any sound and are highly smooth. You can easily roll and enhance speed. I always enjoy using super red in my skateboard wheels.

2. Yellow Jacket Premium

Yellow Jacket Premium

Yellow Jacket premium bearings are efficient in speed along with high precision. These are excellent for all types of skateboard styles like simple skateboards, longboards, electric boards, cruiser boards, etc. They are durable and come in a range of hues. These are available in stingers ABEC11 and striped ABEC9.

Crucial Points

  • Stingers ABEC11 

The best-rated skateboard bearings in the world are Yellow Jacket premiums. They are made in Germany with premium steel, which improves their quality and strength.

Furthermore, superior manufacture protects the steel from rusting and extends the bearing lifetime. The bearings allow the rider to spin and do a plethora of stunts.

While the stingers ABEC 11 bushings are available in seven beautiful colors that protect them from crashes, grime, and abrasion. As a result, they’re critical to the product’s long-term viability and effectiveness.

One of the finest things for a customer is that if they are dissatisfied with their chosen product, they are free to return it without question. There are also many other bearings that are more expensive but have the same characteristics and quality as the yellow jacket premium.

Then it is a fantastic opportunity for you to come in and acquire a high-quality product for your skateboard wheels at a cheap price. ABEC 11 gives you incredible control and helps you to get more grip and complete adherence from your wheel.

  • Striped ABEC 9

For each model of the skateboard, striped ABEC 9 bearings are also employed, allowing your skateboard to be efficient for racing and other tricks.

Additionally, the lubricant is pre-lubricated, and the shield keeps it between the bearing and the wheel. This diminishes the skater’s voice and allows for smooth and comfortable skating.

Dark hues protect the bearings from dirt and debris while also making them more bright and colorful. These are inexpensive and provide excellent results, as well as a warranty and a complete refund.


  • Smooth and faster
  • Variety in colors
  • Already lubricated
  • Never absorb dust or rubbish
  • Fully refund


  • Little bit noisy
  • Take time to stop

Final Thought

These bearings are the best, are inexpensive, and are available in a number of colorways. Their construction is designed with high-caliber steel and lubricants. They run quite smoothly and at a high rate. The skater has entire authority over your spinning and rolling motions. Overall, these are the best skateboard bearings ever.

3. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

These bearings are larger, smoother, and have a distinctive appearance. They’re already lubricated and polished with super cream, so they’ll last a long time. With a lifetime guarantee and fantastic quality, it’s a no-brainer.

Crucial Points

A most renowned brand with many years of experience and offers decent products of skateboards. 

Bone super swiss 6 bearings are lightweight and constructed of hardened steel. Their steel is of the highest quality, thus it never corrodes quickly.

Lubrication is another factor that prevents the bearings from eroding. Super swiss pre-polished bearings are able to withstand environmental changes and remain rust-free even in the worst conditions. 6 bigger balls with a diameter of 8mm allow your wheels to be fast, strong, and gain momentum.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a detachable rubber shield makes cleaning a snap. Super cream aids in increasing speed and reducing friction. Nylon balls stiffen them and reduce their voice when skating.

Moreover, they can boost their endurance and performance with the skate rating. Because of them, you can spin, flip, and perform stunts with your wheels. They are rather noisy at first when you push them and gently press, then you gradually overcome the voice.


  • Awesome style with six balls
  • Demountable rubber shield
  • Well moisturized with a cream
  • Efficient in speed
  • Best for spin and tricks


  • Expensive

Final Thought

The Bone super swiss 6 bearings reduce friction and strain, permitting users to ride more quickly. My friend is a big guy, and he loves them because they can take a lot of weight and keep your board light, which doesn’t slow you down.

Despite the fact that you spend a little more, they will always meet your expectations, and you will never be dissatisfied.

4. Bronson Speed Co, G2  Skateboard Bearings

Bronson Speed Co Bearings

Bronson Speed Co manufactures high-quality skateboard bearings made of ceramics. Because they are simple to handle and control, they are suitable for novices. These are quiet and sturdy.

Crucial Points

G2 skateboard bearings are another popular and well-reviewed item. These are made from ceramics that are of the highest quality and are rust-free.

Damage and breakage are avoided courtesy of the deep groove racetrack. Because of the deeper raceway, when wheels roll in the deep area, they maintain control and do not shatter.

Raceways also eliminate friction, control turbulence, and are quieter. Their edges are straight and bright orange in color, making them attractive while controlling resistance.

Moreover, the shield averts particles from entering the bearings, as well as retaining residual grease or oil inside. Even when moving at high speeds, they are readily controlled. 

Another vital role of shields is to maintain your bearings clean and decent by protecting them from gravel and dampness. The oil functions like a lube, extending the life of the ceramic and making it more versatile.


  • Good skateboard bearings are best for beginners
  • Easy to control and manipulate
  • High-quality Ceramics construction
  • Excellent deep raceways
  • A nice shield that protects bearings from dust


  • May evoke noise
  • Sometimes, they may lose and unsteady

Final Thought

Overall, Bronson Speed Co is a fantastic genuine product with excellent quality at a fair price. These are lovely, quick, silky, and illustrious.

When purchasing on Amazon, they also provide free shipping. What’s more appealing about them is that they’re Amazon choices, which means they’re assured to be reliable. 

5. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

Bones’ red bearings spring to mind when you think of the most reliable product. They are always a favorite among skaters due to their superior performance and fair price.

Crucial Points

Bone’s bearings are strong, spin efficient, and ever surprise you with their execution. The single removable rubber shield makes it simple to clean the bearings and makes them non-contact, lowering resistance and increasing acceleration and momentum while skating.

In addition, the balls are synthesized with nylon which enables them to be more sturdy and enables to increases their speed. Red bearings fit all types of skateboards but these are excellent for cruise and roll.

Meanwhile, these are already polished with lubricant super cream that protects them to survive in a harsh environment. They provide an all-inclusive bundle that includes eight bearings, eight washers, and four spacers.

Additionally, they also sent you stickers that are put in the bearing portion packing. One of the best features is that they are enough for a maximum of four skateboards.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Long-lasting and lucid
  • Best for cruising
  • Give stickers
  • Cleanable and reliable


  • Be careful from fraud
  • Require extra lubrication

Final Thought

I adore the Bones brand because of its outstanding and well-designed products. They’ve been in my possession for two decades and are still going strong.

When I skate, I have the impression that I am flying through the clouds. These also add to my skateboard’s appeal, and they stand out among my friends’ skateboards.

6. Zealous Bearings

Zealous Bearings

The zealous skateboard bearings are super steady, long-lasting, and have multiple abilities. High-level grease protects them from damage and gives them a vivid look. They are appealing for sliding and engraving due to their superior design.

Crucial Points

The zealous bearings are highly versatile, charming, and awesome designs.

Moreover, they’re the best skateboard bearings for beginners because they’re simple to put together and control.

The rider can mount the wheel more easily with the 0.5mm speed rings and axle holes. These are composed of premium steel, which adds to their life and prevents them from rusting quickly. Meanwhile, they are dust- and water-resistant thanks to the Archoil nanoceramic grease.

Because grease is thick, it produces heat, increases roll speed and improves overall performance. You may also roll them quickly and execute various acrobatics with them.

Furthermore, these operate on both skateboards and longboards. Due to the grease’s water repellent properties, you can also go in the downpour.

These are perfect for downhill skating due to their efficient speed, and they’re also great for streets and difficult terrain. These make your ride more pleasurable and frictionless.

Moreover, they’re also simple to cleanse courtesy of the flexible rubber covering, but due to their vibrant green color, they don’t need to be cleaned very often.


  • For all types of skateboards
  • Swift speed
  • Affordable
  • Damp-proof and trust-worthy
  • Have axle holes and speed rings


  • Less variety in colors
  • Take time to stop

Final Thought

The zealous bearings are high-quality, quick, and cost-effective. The great quality, lucid design, smeared with grease, and vibrant hues are the main lures, and all of this is available at a reasonable price. If you have a limited budget and are searching for the best bearings then this product is mainly for you.

7. Rollerbones Bearings

Good skateboard bearings

Rollerbones are a good, smooth, and consistent product. Super cream decreases friction and speeds up the process. They last a long time due to their high-quality manufacture, and one box contains 16 bushings.

Crucial Points

Rollerbones are 8mm long and come in a bundle of sixteen, which is practically enough for two skateboards. These are really inexpensive and provide excellent performance.

Due to its efficient speed, you can effortlessly spin and cover enormous distances in a short amount of time. Bone speed cream lubrication strengthens them while also protecting them from environmental changes and moist environments.

Furthermore, the bearings are totally held in place by a nylon ball cage, which also retains the radial spacing. Nylon ball cages also improve speed and are simple to remove. These bearings may be readily removed, cleaned, and then reinstalled.

While, there will be no rolling resistance, and the ride will be wonderful. These are great for the outdoors and they’re also beautiful.

Additionally, these do not quickly absorb dust or debris, allowing you to clean them off and on. Rollerbones bearings are a great alternative to other pricey manufacturers.


  • Cheap
  • Amazon choice
  • Endurance and efficient
  • Pre-lubrication
  • Nylon ball cages maintain the bearings
  • 8mm length and have the best performance


  • Issue related to smooth spinning

Final Thought

Owing to their reasonable pricing and long-lasting qualities, my friend John always utilized and preferred Rollerbones over other bearings. Meanwhile, He always praised them and encouraged co-skaters to try them out. After hearing too much appreciation and worth, I purchase them for testing and discover them to be exactly what I need for my skateboard wheels.

8. Heady Shake Pro

Heady Shake Pro

Heady shake pro bearings are incredibly smooth and quick. They are more appealing and vivid because of the fascinating designs and superb workmanship. Along with bearings, they also provide waterproof stickers and contentment assurance.

Crucial Points

The awesome design and excellent quality of the heady shake pro constantly entice skaters to get them. These receive an ABEC 9 rating and are of exceptional quality.

When you open the box, the bearings are already oiled with the optimum lubricant, which protects them from harm and allows them to last a long time and look nice.

Furthermore, the lubricant also contributes to increased speed and control fraction, as well as smoother and flashier surfaces. They are silent, have the capacity to rotate and spin quickly and provide complete support to the rider.

You can utilize them to accomplish various tricks on any sort of skateboard (roughly inline, roller skates, longboards, kick bikes, skateboards, and so on). Meanwhile, they also include four spacers in addition to the eight bearings and stickers, which help to keep the rider balanced and smooth.

Steel, synthetic fibers, and titanium are used in their construction, which improves their efficiency and durability.

The favorite aspect would be that this item comes with a warranty that is just for your delight and trustworthiness. If a customer has a problem with their goods, he or she can return them and receive a full refund.


  • Already lubricated with oil
  • Charming design and quite
  • Convenient and efficient
  • Water Repellent stickers
  • Design for all forms of skateboards
  • Trustworthy and offer a guarantee


  • High-priced
  • Don’t have washers

Final Thought

Overall, heady skate pro is the greatest bearings since they work well and practically meet all of the buyer’s needs. These 608Rs titanium bearings are amazing for twisting and sliding. These help the rider push and glide while overcoming the weight.

9. Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings

Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings is a high-performance 608 bearing. These bearings practically have all of the features of the greatest bearings and are of premium grade. These have a maximum speed, incredible robust shields, and are economical.

Crucial Points

Skateboards with Mini-Logos Bearings are accurate and contain 608Rs, making them effective for cleaning and pushing. Additionally, make your skateboard wheels exceptional for acceleration and spinning.

Because they include a detachable rubber and metal cover that protects them from dirt and dust, they are easy to maintain. The rolling element’s distance is maintained by the molded ball retainer.

Moreover, their primary function is to support bearings. For their production, chromium steel balls are employed. These steel races and balls are composed of 50100 steel, which is strong, durable, and resistant.

Furthermore, these are pre-lubricated with super bone speed cream, which protects them from extreme climates and allows them to perform for longer periods of time.

The shields above and below the bearings give additional protection. They also provide a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. You have the right to ask for assistance whether you have an issue with the good or service.


  • Have super races
  • Simple to clean
  • Super quality Steel construction
  • Offer lifetime guarantee
  • Lubricated with bine super cream


  • Packing needs to improve

Final Thought

Despite the lack of decent packaging, their speed and performance outweigh the lack of charm and provide the buyer with joy and pleasurable skating. Furthermore, because they are made of high-quality steel, they do not corrode quickly.

10. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings are elevated ceramic bearings with a cool appearance for skateboard wheels. These are protected from mechanical damage by being moistened with a thick lubricant.

Crucial Points

These are extremely soft and comfortable. When you spin or rotate them, they never make noise and always provide a consistent product.

They are protected from harsh situations and have water resistance owing to the thick lubricant.

Because they are incredibly strong and solid, they allow you to ride and do a variety of stunts. You can also use them if you are an expert or wish to skateboard for a long time. Nylon also allows them to be frictionless, tolerant, and easy to bend for a variety of applications.

Moreover, Ceramic balls outperform steel balls in terms of endurance and strength. As a result, after purchasing these, you will be free of rust and damage.

Additionally, eight bearings are included in each box, as well as two free stickers. These are fantastic for both short and long skateboards. The 608RS also adds new features to them, making them the most efficient and productive for professionals.


  • Quick and silent
  • Most smooth and nice appearance
  • Easy to rotate and spin
  • Best for standard and longboard
  • Have worth of money


  • Problem-related shield

Final Thought

Premium Ceramic Bearings from Oldboy is the gold standard in terms of speed. Although they are a little difficult for beginners to operate, these are fantastic goods in general. Everything that is used in the formation process is ultimate. These are great for cruising and skating on the street.

11. Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings

Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings

The Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings are a new Bones item. These, like other bone bearings, are consistent and decent. The spinning duration is longer in order to cover the maximum distance in the shortest amount of time.

Crucial Points

In comparison to conventional minimum size bearings, these 6 ball bearings are 17 percent larger and more efficient. They roll through gravel and dirt at a high rate, where little balls would be ineffective.

The product’s design is remarkable and enticing. Because of these bearings, your skateboard stands out from the crowd. These are quite hard-wearing, and they last a long time.

Furthermore, these are lightly weighted; hence, if you are bulky and have troubles with dragging, Big balls are the right choice for you because they overcome the weight and allow the board to skate rapidly.

Meanwhile, these are made of high-quality steel, ensuring that they are both sturdy and lengthy. Their protection is provided by a high-quality hydrating cream.

In addition, they do not collect dirt readily and can be used for a long period without needing to be cleaned. On The other hand, it is not difficult to clean them.


  • Accurate and instant
  • Nice looking
  • Endurance and lightweight
  • Lubrication enhance smoothness
  • May suited for your budget


  • Not good for electric boards

Final Thought

In general, Bone’s big balls are attractive, stylish, and long-lasting bearings. These feature a quicker response and a smooth, comfortable experience. These are alternate versions of Swiss 6 that are reasonably priced. Furthermore, these are ideal for sticker collectors because they offer you stickers with bearings.

12. KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

KVENI Bearings also ranked first among the best-rated commodities on the list. They’re more durable because of the chrome steel frame and ceramic balls. Their beauty and appeal are also enhanced by the brilliant blue color.

Crucial Points

The mixture of ceramic and steel made them more durable and brawny. These are very fast, have efficient speed, and reduce friction.

These are incredibly gleaming and meet high standards, making them more secure and comfy. KVENI is likewise 608s in size, which is perfect for rolling and spinning.

These bearings are almost universally applicable to all types of skateboards and wheel designs. The vibrant blue color repels water, protecting them from rust and silt absorption.

Furthermore, they are simple to open and close for cleaning. They preserve the bearings from injury by lubricating them with appropriate oil, which extends their life and improves their pinpoint accuracy.

Moreover, they deliver your desired product quickly, and if you have any issues, you can ask for a refund or request a change. They also offer you a money-back guarantee.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rubber shield
  • Lubrication with speed oil
  • Water Repellent ability
  • Nice color and design
  • Best for beginners
  • Stainless steel balls and ceramic construction


  • Take some time to stop

Final Thought

KVENI Bearings are rising, have a great design, and are simple to operate. These are ABEC 9 skates with superior characteristics that are great for downhill skating. They are extremely quick, affordable, and long-lasting. These are also accessible in a sufficient quantity. 

Buying Guide For Buying Best Skateboard Bearings

Although there are many other excellent bearing products available. But I’ve listed all of the ones that I consider to be the greatest, along with their ratings. Your priority comes first, and if you’re not sure which bearings are finest for you, I’ve written a shopping guide to help you choose the best bearings for you.

  • Best Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Bronson speed pro is the best design with ceramics and also has well outstanding standards. 

  • Best Stainless Steel Skateboard Bearings

Swiss 6 bearings are most popular and constructed with stainless steel and have ultra-fast speed and a decent appearance. These are also the best bearings for tricks.

  • Best Cheap Branded Skateboard bearings

The most reliable, durable, and reasonable bearings are Bones red’s skateboard bearing. These are super, resistance-free, and have vibrant colors. These are also the greatest cruising skateboard bearings. 


In which component a skateboard bearing is made off?

Although the bearing appears to be small, it is made up of numerous little elements that are coordinated to form a bearing. As a result, it’s important to understand their components so that you can properly attach these sections when you separate them for cleanliness.

The C ring is linked to the bearing’s outer ring by a groove. Meanwhile, C ring’s primary function is to secure the shield inside the bearing.

A shield bearing that is somewhat larger than a C ring is the second item. The shield protects the bearing from dirt, holds the ball in place, and prevents oil leakage.

The outer ring protects the inner ring and holds the other bearing components in place. On the other hand, an inner ring composed of steel sits inside the outer ring and secures the axle.

Steel balls, which are the most significant portion of bearings high-strength steel or ceramics and aid in rolling and twisting, are located next to the inner ring. Moreover, these are water-repellent and protect the bearing from corrosion.

Separates and protects the ball bearings with a ball retainer or ball separator. Ball retainers also help to keep the regular shape.

Another feature is a rubber shield, which offers bearings flexibility and allows them to be removed for cleaning. They also provide dirt and particle protection.

Which ABEC is ideal for skateboard bearings?

Before you look at or buy bearings, you should understand what ABEC stands for and what the different ratings mean. ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) creates proper precision standards for bearings so that they can be easily identified and separated.

A higher rated value indicates greater consistency and validity. While the grading of ABEC starts from 1, 3, 7, 9, and 11. The table that follows may assist you in comprehending the term and its values.

ABEC 1: They are economical, of mediocre quality, and have a finite lifespan. The steel utilized in their construction is of poor grade, therefore it corrodes quickly.

ABEC 3: These are a little more pricey than ABEC 1. Although they are of higher quality than ABEC 1, they are not more concise.

ABEC 5: These bearings are good because they are fast and have little friction. These are more expensive, but they provide superior results.

ABEC 7: These are smoother, quicker, as well as have been pre-lubricated to reduce friction. However, you might even have to pay a little more for them.

ABEC 9: These have the fastest speed, smooth, and are also suitable for all sorts of skateboards. These are wonderful for downhill skating, and any other type of stunts with them but they have a hefty price.

ABEC 11: These are of excellent grade and are new to the market. These are the quickest and smoothest. They provide you with complete control when turning and rotating.

All companies do not follow the logarithm like Bones bearing is the world’s best skateboard bearing brand. Furthermore, there are numerous other elements that influence bearing efficiency.

Other Thing To Consider

The materials used in the manufacture of the best skateboard bearings are the most significant factor to take into account. Bearings’ strength, durability, and accuracy are all determined by these substances.

What type of steel is used in bearings, and what is its quality?

Steel is a metal alloy that is used to make a variety of items. However, steel quality is also important. As a result, before purchasing a product, you should carefully inspect it and verify the steel’s strength. Money and quality are interconnected. If you spend more money, you will receive better results, and vice versa.

But, sometimes, it’s all about the brand; if you buy a product from a well-known brand, you can rest assured that it will be of excellent quality. Steel’s primary duty is to provide bearings with strength, temperature resistance, rust rigidity, and friction barrier properties. But there is one thing you should do: take care and protect them from anything that could harm them.

What are ceramic balls and how good are they?

The ceramic balls are newly synthesized by companies. The bearings that formed with ceramics are most durable and have many strengths. These bearings have many qualities and are superior to steel balls because they are not rusted, have heat resistance, reduce friction, and are super smooth. Although these are super excellent, they are also expensive as compared to steel. But one time you pay for them, and then you will have no need to overspend on them over and over again.

What are bearing spacers and how should they perform?

Bearing spacers are tubular rods that are inserted between two bearings to keep the weight of the bearings balanced. These improve the smoothness as well as stability of your board. Although spacers are not required on most bushings, their presence makes your ride more efficient and enjoyable. However, if you are a heavy rider or want to perform certain tricks, you will need spacers in your bushing. Bones bearing red offer spacing in their bearings. 

What are washers and are they necessary for bearings?

Washers are tiny, rounded metal bits that lie between the nuts, the core of the bearings, and the axle. These give metal rings their appropriate shape meanwhile allow them to spin at their optimum. Although they are not obligatory, their presence improves the functionality of bearings. Bearings with washers, such as Bones bearing red goods, are available under the Bones brand.

What kind of skateboard bearings is the best?

608RS and 6083RS are the best as well as the most ideal for quick rolling and skating. The double shields on the 2RS value bearings also make it harder to push and clean them. As a result, the 608RS is the best option for you due to its simplicity to wash and transport.

What is the purpose of speed rings, and how do they perform?

Speed rings are extra outer covers of bearings that control the friction. They completely grip the entire parts of bearings and fix them at their place. If you want speed ring bearings then Zealous bearings are the best option for you. 

What is the ideal skateboard-bearing lubricant?

Bushings can be lubricated with a variety of different lubricants. However, you must be careful to identify which is the correct one, otherwise, your bearings may be damaged. Lubricants such as oil, grease, or super cream are normally employed. Oil can be petroleum-based or synthetic-based. Sewing machine oil is also applied to them. As WD-40 oil is so thin and light, it should not be used. There are several types of grease available, each with a particular thickness level. Bones speed cream, saber bearing lube is an excellent bearing lubricant.


Bearings are an integral part of wheels, therefore choosing the best product is not a simple process. However, I designed my article in such a way that it provides thorough guidance and genuine reviews, so you never have to second-guess your product choice. Furthermore, I have included a shopping guide above that may be of assistance to you.

I hope that after studying this article, you will be able to purchase the most appropriate bearings for your wheels. Because I gathered all of these reviews from both senior skilled skaters and regular skaters. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best skateboard wheels for your bearings, SkateGuides is available for your convenience. I’ve always looked forward to hearing from you, meanwhile if you require any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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