15 Best Skateboard Brand Decks Reviews 2023

Are you looking for the best skateboard deck brands or want to learn about the best brands in the world, their logos, and their designs? With these considerations in mind, I’ve come to guide you to the top skateboard companies in the world, their designs, features, and quality. There are a plethora of skate brands to choose from. Choosing the ideal deck brand is a difficult task for anyone. Some companies have been around for a long time, while others are fairly new. However, due to their excellent products, some skater brands are consistently reliable. If you want to skate on a grassy or concrete surface, or if you want to downhill skate, you must first learn about the brands that offer specific types of skating before buying a product. 

According to specialists, the quality of wood used for deck construction, such as Maple and bamboo, is determined by the brand’s reputation, which is based on the product’s sturdiness. However, another thing to consider while buying the best-branded skateboard deck is that it also depends on the way of use, as well as the care and safety precautions.

15 Top Best Skateboard Deck Brands

There are numerous pros who prefer specific brands and can help us decide which is ideal for us. I’ve listed all of the best skateboard deck brands that are either recommended by professional skaters or are used by them for this purpose. These skateboard deck brands are ideal in terms of quality, pricing, durability, and client service.

1. Element Skateboard

Element Skateboard

Johnny Schillereff created the Element skateboard brand in 1992. It appears to be ranked first among the greatest skateboard companies. This company also sells decks, rails, clothes, wheels, grip tapes, flat bars, and shoes. Lucas Xaparral, Madars Apse, Mark Appleyard, and other elite skaters are team members of indie skateboard manufacturers. Nyjah Huston, a professional skater, used it in international competitions. The famous Element Skateboards are

  • Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete
  • Magneto Kids Complete 
  • KPC Complete 
  • [CSS] Skateboard 
  • Magneto mini cruiser longboard
  • White Fang  Skateboard for beginner
  • Cal7 Complete Standard 
  • Minority 32-inch Maple 

Element Brand Skateboard Decks Review

A sturdy and relaxing deck that comes in a variety of distinct sizes and colors. Element skateboards are decorated with It has a great design with beautiful wheels and a truck that makes it stand out.

If you’re new to skating, element skateboards are the greatest option. A large variety of designs like shortboards, blank boards, penny boards, long skateboards, etc are designed by the Element label.

Completely adventurous skateboards are offered by Element. High-quality 7ply maple wood is used for construction. The construction material that is used for the board and their parts manufacturing is trustworthy and awesome which makes the board more durable. These boards are light-weighted, therefore easy to ride.

Some brands are designed for specific persons but the Element trademark is beneficial for beginners, experts, ladies as well as kids. Overall, the best features, quality, reasonable price, and ease of assembly enable it to remain on the list of top brands.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Trustworthy and durable
  • Best for tricks and learners
  • Best premium construction
  • Multiple sizes and designs
  • Available for every age skater
  • Reasonable price

2. Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards

In 1988, Mark Gonzales, a professional skateboarder, and Artist of America invented a new brand known as blind skateboards. But today, following Gonzales’ departure from the organization, it is the upkeep of Dwindle Distribution. After the release of the first video in 1991, the blind brand became famous. The team members of blind brands have launched a vast number of well-known cool skateboards. Some of the renowned blind chops are:

  • Mark Gonzales Old School deck
  • Micky Papa
  • Kevin Romar
  • Premium Complete
  • TJ Rogers
  • Sewa Kroetkov
  • Sam Beckett
  • Reaper Dagger complete

Blind Brand Skateboard Decks Review

The product is as wonderful as the skateboard’s unique moniker “blind.” Its popularity grew as a result of its resilience and excellent steeply concave shape. Its all-maple construction with epoxy resin adhesive adds to its beauty and versatility.

The shape, craftsmanship, and graphics on these boards are exceptional. The concave design of the blind skateboard makes it ideal for street riding, which is vital for both professionals and amateurs.

The 8-ply maple provides an increased appearance as well as a long lifetime. Due to the best level of thickness, the skater is able to do a variety of tricks. Wheels, trucks, decks, and other equipment are also accessible from the blind.

Enchanting Attributes

  • 8ply maple construction
  • Street skateboard
  • The best steep concave shape
  • Reliable brand
  • Affordable

3. Plan B Skateboard

Plan B Skateboards

In 1991, a superteam composed of Mike Ternasky, Jackson Kontzer, and Brian Johnson founded the Plan B Skateboard brand. Plan B is named for Mike Ternasky, who died in a car accident in 1994. Colin McKay and Danny Way re-established Plan B around the year 2005.

They had some difficulties at first, but they eventually overcame them and positioned their brand among the finest boards on the market. Dany Way, Chris Joslin, Pat Duffy, Tommy Fynn, and Rodney Mullen are among the Plan B brand team members.

Plan B is also well-known on social media and is well-liked by its fans. The most popular products of  Plan B earmarks are listed here.

  • Packing Block 
  • Hikoli Skateboard
  • Toyerbee Skateboard
  • Krown Rockie Animal 
  • SANVIEW complete mini cruiser 

Plan B Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Plan B skateboards are regarded as the greatest due to their diverse range of styles and colors. It’s also well-known among art enthusiasts for its stunning aesthetics and graphic on the skateboard.

Despite the fact that Plan B wheels and trucks are not of the same superb value as those offered by other brands, they are adequate for novices.

It does not break easily and may be used for a long time because it is made from premium wood. One of the most crucial factors contributing to its appeal is its affordable price. There are a variety of sizes (7.3 for children and 8.75 for adults) and colors to choose from.

Furthermore, 6 or 7 Maple manufacturing extends the lifetime and adds sturdiness. You may do any type of skating you desire with these roller skates. Plan B also offers jeans, skateboard storage, and other skateboarding accouterments. 

Enchanting Attributes

  • Eye-catching design
  • 100% Maple construction
  • Nice Graphics
  • Longboard
  • Sizes available for kids and adult

4. Birdhouse Skateboard

Birdhouse Skateboard

Ex-Powell Peralta and famous skater Pros Tony Hawk and Per Welinder organized a world-famous brand in 1992. Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, David Loy, Sane Hale, Reese Salcon, Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, and others make up the squad.

These are the best skaters in the world. Birdhouse skateboards are steadily increasing in popularity across the country, and eventually around the world, owing to the Hawks video gaming franchise.

He not only designed the glissades that are ideal for vertical skating but also introduced numerous sizes of skateboards for multiple sorts of skating. Here is a list of the top Birdhouse skateboards.

  • Retrospec Quip 
  • Caroma Skateboard for Beginners
  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete 
  • Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete 
  • Powell Peralta 
  • Sakar Tony Hawk 31” Complete Cruiser 
  • Magneto Mini Cruiser 
  • Skateboard Complete 22-inch Mini Cruiser Retro 

Birdhouse Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Birdhouse is a fantastic skateboard brand that is well-known for its unique shapes. It not only sells skateboards, but also clothing such as hats, t-shirts, and other items.

It is famous among daring skaters because of its medium concave design, which allows the skater to perform a variety of feats. Furthermore, its kick is superb, which adds to the pop. It has a great breadth that gives you a good grip on the skateboard deck.

It is the most beautiful among the skaters due to its 7 layers of Maple, amazing pop, and wonderful steep shape. Because birdhouse skateboards are neither heavy nor light, they do not cause wood to chip. 

One of the best things about birdhouse is that if you’re a lady seeking the best skateboard, birdhouse is the place to go because Lizzie Armanto is a member of the birdhouse brand.

However, one of the disadvantages of the birdhouse is that some consumers have reviewed its durability. They claim that their products are wrapped down quite simply. Overall, though, it is the greatest option for beginners.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Medium concave shape
  • 7 layers of Maple
  • Complete grip
  • Heavy than others

5. Zero Skateboard

Zero Skateboard brand

Jamai Thomas, a Californian, designed the Zero skateboard in 1992. In 2014, Zero brands were distributed by Dwindle distribution Company and Thomas started operating it separately in 2016. After competing against world-famous brands, Zero was awarded three times.

Zero was awarded because it competes with world-famous brands. This brand came into being after releasing seven videos gradually in 2013. Tommy Sandoval, Chris Wimer, Winsdor James, Forrest Edwards, Adrian Lopez, Tony Cervantes, and others are among the Zero skateboard brand’s team members. For skateboard enthusiasts, the top skateboards are mentioned.

  • Retrospec Quip 
  • Teamgee H5 37” Electric 
  • Magneto kids Complete
  • WeSkate Beginner Skateboard for Teens, Adults, and Beginners
  • Whitefang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete 
  • KPC Complete 
  • Krown Rookie Checker 

Zero Brand Skateboard Decks Review

People consider Zero skateboards to be the best in terms of quality, style, and loveliness. Its construction of Canadian Maple strengthened it and made it more durable and adaptable. Its appearance and charm are further enhanced by the skull logo and superb graphics.

The medium concave design aids instability and makes it ideal for novices and pros alike for street skateboarding, as well as allowing for several tricks with various styles of skating. Their beauty is enhanced by the use of superior standard materials, soft trucks, wheelbases, and the most vibrant colors.

Zero brand skateboards are light in weight, which helps with pop and challenging riding. You can ride for an extended period of time without becoming exhausted. A more appreciated thing is that zero brands even threw free stickers among the buyers.

However, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with their transportation. T-shirts, shoes, helmets, hoodies, and other accessories are also available from the Zero brand.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Stylish and premium
  • Durable and versatile
  • Best for every age skater
  • All accessories are good

6. Almost Skateboard

Almost Skateboards

In 2003, Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song founded the Almost brand, an American skateboard company. It was released in 2014 under the Dwindle label. Almost  brand has also launched a YouTube series called “Tony Hawk’s.” Yoness Amrani, Rodney Mullen, Tyson Bowerbank, Yuri Facchini, Max Geronzi, and John Dilo make up the professional team.

The following are some of Almost Brands’ best-known skateboards.

  • Scientoy Skateboard, beginner 
  • Gonex Standard Skateboard, for Teens, Adult, Beginners
  • Whitefang Skateboards for Beginners
  • Beleeve Skateboards for Beginners
  • Toyerbee Skateboard
  • ChromeWheel 31 inches 
  • Krown Rookie Checker 
  • WHOME Pro Skateboard Complete

Almost Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Almost brand skateboards are of good quality, with 7 or 8 layers of Maple wood construction, and are light in weight. It also sells apparel, decks, wheelbases, and trucks, as well as backpacks, shoes, and other items.

The most endearing aspect of the Almost brand is that they provide a 30-day warranty. With complete longboards, Almost skateboards are too nice and snippy. It’s better ideal for novices because of the wonderful funniest concave shape.

Their performance is aided by acrylics and carbon fibers. If you’re new to skating or a seasoned pro, Almost brand skateboards are ideal since they provide a smooth ride and are not easily broken.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Vibrant Logo and Graphics
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers Warranty
  • Loved by People

7. Enjoi Skateboard Deck Brand

Enjoi Skateboard Deck Brand

Enjoi skateboards, an American company founded by Mark Jhonsen and Rodney Mullen in 2000, created a panda logo. The caustic aesthetic of Enjoi skateboards has kept them popular all around the world.

Its team members are Clark Hassler, Jackson Pilz, Louie Barletta, Zack Wallin, Enzo Cautela, etc. They sell skateboards, as well as decks, clothing, and other accessories. Some of the most well-known Enjoi skateboards are listed here.

  • Enjoi Whity Panda Complete 
  • Skateboard Complete Rasta Black
  • Rasta Panda Skateboard Deck
  • Enjoi Skateboard Deck Spectrum Black
  • WhiteFang Skateboard for Beginner

Enjoi Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Enjoi skateboard deck brand is primarily for you if you’re seeking a fun, elegant long-lasting skateboard. The most appealing features of Enjoi skateboards are outstanding graphics, awesome design, and various sizes.

The medium concave profile helps the skater to perform a variety of tricks and is ideal for street riders. Enjoi skateboards, like the other manufacturers, made a video series in 2007.

Their inexpensive prices, which are usually less than 120 dollars, are one reason for their ubiquity. The use of 7 resins in the Maple manufacturing process makes it more robust and lightweight.

However, several consumers reviewed that they were too light, which could cause problems. In any case, the feedback has been generally positive. It is ideal for both beginners and experts.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Medium Concave shape
  • Admirable Graphic
  • Affordable

8. Powell Peralta Skateboard

Powell Peralta Skateboard

Powell Peralta Skateboards is a skateboarding brand founded by two Americans, George Powell and Stacy Peralta, in 1978. This brand competes with other well-known brands on a regular basis and continues to be successful among them. Jami Godfrey, Kevin Harris, Chad Goodman, Tony Hawk, Mike MicGill, Ray Barbee, and others are part of the skateboarding squad.

In 1982, they also produced a number of skateboard-related videos. Skateboard wheels, trucks, and other items are also offered from Powell Peralta. The following is a list of great Powell Peralta Skateboards.

  • Powell Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck
  • Skull AND Sword Skateboard Deck
  • Tail Bone White, 8”
  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Complete 
  • Skateboard Mini Cruiser

Powell Peralta Decks Review

The Powell Peralta Skateboard combines 7-ply Maple construction, durable pop, lightweight, and great pricing into a single package. People find it more appealing because of the modern Popsicle shapes and vivid graphics.

The skater can accomplish a variety of challenging tricks because of the mid-concave deck design, slimmer and lighter board. Carbon fiber also adds to the deck’s longevity. Wheelbases and bearings are a little hefty, but they’re controllable and provide a steady ride.

Skating allows you to feel it thoroughly. The best skateboard deck brand, with outstanding graphics, clear crystal clarity, and performance. Powell Peralta is a good choice for both beginners and experts.

However, It is better suited for learners because it can withstand all sorts of wear and tear.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Authentic and lucid
  • Long-Lasting and snippy
  • Stable for professional practice
  • Admirable two-ply
  • Thin flexible deck

9. Girl Skateboard

Girl Skateboards

In 1993, the Girl skateboard company was formed by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in the US. At the start, it faced handicaps due to fierce competition but as time went on, it got better off because of its high-quality products. The eminent team riders are Cory Kennedy, Niels Bennett, Andrew Broph, Griffin Gass, Mike Corrol, Jeron Wilson, and others.

In 1994, Girl skateboard released its video graphics in different countries, which uplifted its popularity. Other retrofits rendered by the Girl brand are decks, helmets, hoodies, t-shirts, clothes, etc.

The prominent skateboards of Girl brands are described below

  • Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard for Beginners
  • Beleeve Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners
  • Merkapa 22” Complete 
  • ANDREMIX Skateboards-Complete 
  • Skateboard Complete 22 inch
  • PHOEROS Skateboards-Standard 
  • Krown Rookie Checker 
  • Dreambeauty 31-inch Pro Skateboard Complete 

Girl Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Buyers are completely captivated by Girl skateboards’ charming Girl logo. Its 7-ply Maple structure gives it a firm and homogeneous appearance, as well as a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, Grip-tape aids the skater in providing a complete feel and a wonderful ride. Complete skateboards with mellow concave forms are renowned among rookies and street skaters.

It is at the top of the list of best skateboard deck brands due to its vivid designs, women’s toilet emblem, and visual design. Great pop, can do an ollie, and is perfect for women. The majority of people are enthusiastic about Girl skateboards, even though they are ideal for all ages of riders.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Best Graphic and Shape
  • Have Grip-tape
  • Best for ollie
  • Steady and long-lasting
  • Mellow concave shape

10. Santa Cruz Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skateboard Brand

Three experts Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman collectively founded a company of sports equipment known as Santa Cruz in California in 1973. Santa Cruz’s “Screaming Hand” emblem was designed by Jim Philips in 1995.

Santa Cruz also sells trucks, wheels, and clothing in addition to skateboards. Every member of the team is an expert in their field. The following are some fantastic Santa Cruz skateboards.

  • WeSkate Standard Skateboards for Kids
  • Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard
  • Gonex Longboard 
  • Minority 32inch Maple 
  • KPC Complete Skateboard 
  • Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard 
  • Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete 
  • Flow Surf Skate Wedge

Santa Cruz Brand Skateboard Decks Review

The original brand, with 100% Maple wood decks, fantastic rails, and North American Sheet, is depicted and colorful. Its appearance is aided by the use of a variety of colors, vibrant visuals, and well-balanced designs.

It is equally vulnerable for all types of learners; both men and women are team members in awe of this. Its importance is boosted by a substantial skateboard with a good nose and long tail, as well as being lightweight.

Santa Cruz skateboards provide a complete experience with their super-crisp contour and concave curve. Santa Cruz skateboards come in all sorts of distinctive shapes, sizes, and colors.

Despite the fact that it costs a little more than other skateboarding brands, it will pay off more than your opinions.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Old and best quality products
  • Super crisp and concave 
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Ever illustrated among skaters
  • Lightweight

11. Globe Skateboard

Girl Skateboards Brand

In 1983, Three Australian brothers Peter, Stephen Hill, and Mat Hill created an ideal brand, Globe Limited in  Melbourne, Australia. However, Its branches are also present in Nine different countries of the World.

Along with skateboarding, it has wheels, trucks, decks, clothes, and other accessories. Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Sammy Montano, Vincent Milou, Rodney Mullen, David Carrier Porcheron, Jan Petter Solberg, and others are among Globe’s team members.

Many short films on skating and subculture have been produced by the global brand. The most well-known Globe brand skateboard decks are listed here.

  • Magneto Kids Complete 
  • White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete
  • Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard 
  • Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete 
  • Gonex Standard Skateboard for Kids, Teens, Adults Beginners
  • PHOEROS Skateboards Standard 
  • Retrospech Alameda Skateboard Complete 

Globe Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Skateboards from this globally recognized brand are of exceptional quality, provide extensive customization, and are extremely stable. The DSM manufacturer, which is known for its premium quality, designed the decks.

Global skateboard decks are highly inter penetrable and compatible, giving skateboards a professional appearance. It is enlightening and steady because of the epoxy coating glue.

Furthermore, concavity and trucks contribute to their features. Due to its small weight, it provides a complete feel and is easy to manipulate.

The skateboard is more durable and adaptable thanks to the great grip tape and maple wood. The skateboards are efficient and have good pop, allowing the skater to ride smoothly.

Overall, Globe skateboards are fantastic boards with fantastic designs, wonderful trucks, pretty dynamic wheels, and reasonable pricing. It is suitable for all ages and can be used in the street, in the park, or for roller skating.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Lofty quality
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable to use
  • Deck with an epoxy resin glue
  • Light and steady

12. Alien Workshop Skateboard

Alien Workshop Skateboard

Mike Hill, Neil Blender, and Chris Carter launched AWS, a well-known American skateboard outfit, in 1990.  They released different series of their decks and other products that they are producing.

Although it is not among the world’s best skateboard deck brands, it is notable for its products. The following are the most well known Alien Workshop skateboards:

  • KPC Complete 
  • Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete 
  • Gonex Standard Skateboard
  • [CSS] Skateboard Complete-Maple Wood
  • ANDRIMAX Skateboard Complete-Skateboard
  • KO-ON Skateboard Complete 

Alien Workshop Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Alien Workshop has created a fantastic skateboard deck with seven layers of Maple wood to increase pop and provide a sturdy ride.

It’s best for beginners because it’s quick to flip and lasts a long time. The skateboard is also more captivating and wonderful because of the incredible graphics.

Alien Workshop supplies skateboards in three different shapes: standard, pro, and complete. It has a great nose and kicktail, a mild concave shape, a smoother bearing, and is well-assembled, allowing the skater to perform a variety of tricks with it.

Alien Workshop also offers a variety of wheel sizes and stiffness levels. Because diverse diameters of items are available, it is excellent for all types of skaters.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Standard Skateboards
  • Bear Heavyweight
  • Best for newbies
  • Best for street skating
  • Affordable

13. Chocolate Skateboard

chocolate skateboards Brand

Chocolate Skateboards is a skateboarding firm that was founded in 1991 by Girl Skateboard. It is the best skateboard deck brand in the skateboard world. It provides the most versatile skateboards owing to its prestigious workforce. Kenny Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Choco Berene, Jesus Fernandez, and others comprise the professional team.

The most swiss Chocolate skateboards are displayed below.

  • WeSkate Standard Skateboard for Kids
  • Yocaher Pro Skateboard  Blank
  • Scientoy Skateboards
  • Geelife Pro Complete 
  • Skateboards Complete 22 inch Mini Cruiser Retro 
  • WiiSham Skateboards Pro 31 inches
  • Beleeve skateboard for Beginners

Chocolate Brand Skateboard Decks Review

Chocolate standard skateboards and longboards are more popular over the world due to their Awe-inspiring quality and adorable heart motif.

Its 7-ply hard rock Maple wood composition adds to its quality and rigidity. The popularity of chocolate skateboards is due to their dealing with customers, for which they will never charge extra.

Chocolate skateboards are popular among teens due to their lovely colors and cool designs. However, these are fantastic for learning new feats and are hence recommended for novices.

It’s stunning for street skating because it’s well-made, hilarious, and really adaptable. The bearings have outstanding bump and thundercunt characteristics.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Canadian Maple wood
  • Surprising colors and designs
  • Best for kids and beginners
  • Customizable
  • Strong and durable

14. Creature Skateboard

Creature Skateboard Brand

Jason Adams, Russ Pope, Darren Navarrette, and Barket Barrett established the creature skateboard brand in 1996. Decks, trucks, rims, shirts, and other accouterments are also obtainable from Creatures. Creature employs a large number of specialists.

The most renowned Creature skateboards are shown below.

  • Creature Skateboard Complete
  • SANSIRP 17” Mini Longboard
  • Creature Brand Skateboards Deck
  • Creature Logo Outline Large SK8  Complete
  • Runyi 22 inch Complete Plastic Mini Cruiser

Creature Brand Skateboard Decks Review

The Creature Guanine Skateboards are well-liked and perceived by the people. Their top objective is to provide the finest possible service to its customers and to thoroughly please them.

The board’s cartoon motif patterns are fascinating and well-liked by art enthusiasts. It provides a steady and comfortable ride that is free of exhaustion.

Its concave design and great pop deck make adventurous tricks effortless. Creature skateboards offer a great aesthetic, excellent craftsmanship, and excellent performance.

Skateboards for park and street skating have always been a passion of mine. Creature skateboards have a nice nose and double kicktails, small wheels, and a balanced ride.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Popular in customers
  • Nice pop
  • Double Kicktail
  • Comfortable ride
  • Little bit heavy

15. Baker Skateboard

Baker Skateboard Brand

An expert skateboarder Andrew Reynolds introduced a skateboard company in 2000 in America. The current team members of Baker skateboards are Theotis Beasley, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Tristan Funkhouser, Tyson Peterson, Sammy Baca, Rowan Zorilla, Elisa Steamer, and others. From 2002 to 2019, Baker launched Ten different videos of their products.

Here are some of the most reviewed Baker brand skateboard decks.

  • Skateboard 31” X 8” Pro Complete 
  • Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete 
  • Electric Skateboard Complete 
  • X Free Skateboards
  • Baker Skateboard Deck
  • Logo Black Baker Deck

Baker Decks Review

Awesome board with a nice pop, easy to assemble, nice grip tape, and really comfortable for skating. Baker skateboards are not too hard, more flexible, and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Its truck is highly appropriate for beginners and gives them a fantastic ride. Available in multiple sizes, shapes, and cool skateboard designs. There is no need to worry about its quality because a hundred percent sturdy wood is used for its construction.

Baker company decks are always popular because of their best size, mild concave shape, and decent nose and tail.

Overall, the Baker skateboard deck brand is globally very popular and people felt happy after they were used.

Enchanting Attributes

  • Nice pop
  • Cheap 
  • Best decks
  • Best for Street
  • Not too much hard

Best Vs Worst Skateboard Deck Brands

Top BrandsWorst Brands
Santa CruzWalmart
Powell PeraltaMongoose
ZeroWorld Industries
CreatureZoo Yolk

Which Do Things Need To Consider While Looking At Best Skateboard Deck Brands?

If you’re new to skating and want to buy the best skateboard deck, there are a few things you should know about different skateboard manufacturers to select the optimal product for you. The first thing you need to figure out is where you want to skate.

What is your budget, and what do you wish to buy? Do you have a dearest brand, team, or product? 

Are you a fan of art or wish to use your own artwork on a skateboard deck? If so, what type of deck would suit you best? 

Many brands have expert skateboarders on their staff who work tirelessly to help them create the finest skateboard possible. For the creation of each brand, high-quality wood is used. They usually get this wood from well-known woodshops. Alien Workshop, Baker, Birdhouse, or Zero Skateboards are all produced by the BBC. P.S. Stix creates Element or Girl Skateboards etc. All of these skateboard deck brands are incredibly vibrant and legendary, and they come in a range of sizes and forms.

Which Are The Best Skateboard Truck Brands?

Trucks are T-shapes that serve as the guts and pulse of the skateboards. Trucks are a great way to extend the life of your board, even if they are a little pricey. You must consider the width and size of your skateboard deck and wheels while selecting a truck. Like other items, trucks, come in a variety of brands, some of which are highlighted below for your convenience. Venture, Thunder, ACE, Film, Royal, Destructo, Krux, Tensor, Independent, Venture, Thunder, ACE, Film, Royal, Destructo, Krux, Tensor.

Independent Truck Brands

Santa Cruz NHS, Inc. founded Independent Truck in 1978. Richered Novack and his colleagues make them in China. Jim Philips created the Iron cross logo. Independent company trucks are of extremely high quality and are difficult to break. Furthermore, they are totally appropriate for various skateboards. They appear to be simpler and bulkier than other truck models. It provides assistance while twisting and makes you feel at ease and calm while riding.

Venture Truck Brands

In 1986, Fausto Vitello and other team members developed Venture truck skateboards in San Francisco. Venture truck skateboards are very attractive as well as give a smooth, comfortable ride for parks and cruiser skating. They are elegant and lightweight. Moreover, on pavement, pebbles, and grindy surfaces, they are easy to manage and glide.

Which Are The Best Skateboard Bearing Brands?

Bearing is another critical part of skateboarding. Axle and wheels are connected through bearings, which are round pieces. Steel or ceramics are commonly used in Bearings manufacturing. However, some are formed with Titanium, which is low weight, corrosion-proof, and silky. Bearings come in a wide variety of brands. For your convenience, we’ve included a list of some of the most durable and outstanding bearings. Bones Swiss Ceramics, Bone Super Swiss, Spitfire Burner Bearings, Zealous Bearings, Yellow Jacket Premium, Bronson G3 Single Set, Bones Super Red Bearings, Bronson Speed Co Bearings.

Bones Swiss Ceramics

These bearings are formed with ceramics that are powder-coated, lightweight, fast-moving, and easy to clean. You pay for it, but it literally pays you back more. The inclusion of nylon balls adds to their longevity and reliability. Furthermore, the favorite aspect is that Bones Swiss Ceramics grants a lifetime warranty.

Bone Super Swiss

Bone Super Swiss is popular due to its designs. The finest nylon retailer, with a diameter of 7 to 8mm and 6 huge balls, outperforms it in terms of power and stability. Varnish with a speed lubricant that aids in variable speed. Furthermore, Bone Super Swiss offers a warranty, which you may claim if there is any breakage.

Spitfire Burner Bearings

Jim Thiebaud made a spitfire wheel company in 1987 that is also recognized for its bushings. These bearings are the most affordable. Furthermore, these are very famous due to their quality and aesthetics. Steel that is extremely heat resistant.

What Are The Best Grip Tape Brands For Skateboards?

For challenging skating, the most important facet is the grip tape. A good grip tape on the deck is necessary for flipping or effective skateboarding. The type of grip tape you use mainly depends on the maneuver where you wish to perform. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so you may have whatever you want. However, you should consider the roughness and durability of the grip tape before choosing it. Here are some of the greatest grip tape brands to help you choose attractive grip tape: M.Pen Grip tape, Mob, Jessup, Mob Clear, Black Diamond Sheet, Black Widow

Mob Grip Tape

NHC’s most well-known brand is the Mob Grip Tape which is famous for producing high-quality products. These are inexpensive, readily accessible, and feature openings allowing air to escape, which encourage skater activity. Mob designed grip tape for vert, street, and park skating. While it repels water and can withstand weather fluctuations.

Jessup Grip Tape

Jessup grip tape is economical, vibrant, and designed primarily for beginners. It provides complete adhesiveness, allowing your shoes to grasp the deck completely. It has a versatile, magnificent design, as well as optimum holes to endure wear and tear.

Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape

Black diamond sheet grip tape comes in a variety of styles, hues, and dimensions. It allows you to optimize your speed, resilience, and endurance. Its hydrophobic and break-resistant surface is made of silicon carbide with many pores.

Bottom Lines

In short, I keep an eye on the best skateboard deck brands, but there are vast lists of enterprises and their products. Whatever brand you choose, rest assured that it will be beneficial to you and increase your productivity. All of these decks brands are eco-friendly, have vibrant graphics, as well as highly recommended by professionals. Because your concern is my first priority, I put together a useful package in a single piece for you. Overall, it is entirely up to you to decide which type of product and company will best meet your needs.


What Are The Good Skateboard Brands For Streets?

For street skating, mostly those skateboards are appropriate that are mellow concave or a little bit flat, have small wheels, popsicles shaped. Smaller skateboards are more desirable for Street skating rather than long or cruiser skateboards. The Best street skateboard deck brands are Alien Workshop Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, and Creature Skateboards. 

What Are The Best Skateboard Brand For Beginners?

Are you a novice seeking the best brand to meet your requirements? I’ve highlighted five of the top Skateboards brands that are ideal for learning: Almost Skateboards, Blind Skateboards, Enjoi Skateboards, Element Skateboards, and Globe Skateboards are some of the brands that are available.

What Are The Best Skateboard Deck Brands For Kids?

Which brand is appropriate for kids? Kids must require more adaptable roller skates. For this purpose, I recommend some of the best kids’ brands Globe (Amrgot Skateboards), Almost (Beleeve Skateboards for Beginners), Zero (WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners), etc.

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