10 Best Skateboard Decks Reviews And Buying Guide 2023

Are you concerned about the quality, durability, or other aspects of your skateboard deck? If you are a beginner from scratch or an expert in skateboarding, we recommend a fair crack best skateboard deck to help you to improve your skills. Before purchasing a skateboard deck, it is necessary to understand the several types of skateboards, their quality, comfort level, balancing level, weight, size, and adorable qualities. We also prescribe a shopping guide in this regard.

Manny Santiago is a professional skateboarder who mostly loves modern-shaped skateboard decks due to their smooth skating in street. Here I covered those skateboard decks that are recommended by professionals or expert riders. There are huge numbers of brands that manufacture the deck of different styles and graphics. Among them, it’s a hard task to select the best them. After a year of personal skating involvement, I’ve whittled down the top ten skateboard decks for you.

Our Top Picks

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape

Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks In 2022

However, each person has his or her own criteria for judging the quality or longevity of a skateboard. Some people preferred shaped decks, whereas others wanted pro skateboard decks. Some people are interested in adaptable styles, while others are more interested in brands. It’s all a matter of personal taste and wants. Self-care, water protection, and anything else that could shorten its lifespan should be avoided. Personal protection can give your deck a boost. You should no longer be concerned about the quality of your skateboard. 

Following my personal experience with these decks, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten most durable and high-quality skateboard decks.

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Santa Cruz  Skateboard Deck Color: Rasta
Width: 8 Inches
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Enjoi Skateboard Decks Enjoi Skateboard Decks Color: 6 Variants
Size:  6 Variants
Width: 7.75″
Material: Maple Wood
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Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic Bamboo Skateboard Green Fish Graphic Color: Multiple
Style: Green Fish
Material: Maple
Length: 80″
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Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape Color: Black
Size: Various
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[CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Color: Mint
Shape: Classic
Size: Various
Wood: Canadian 7 Ply Maple
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Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Deck Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Nebula Deck Durability: Long Lasting
Material: Maple
Deck Length: 80cm
Deck: Deep concave
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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard Color: Diamond Dragon 3
Width: 7.5″
Material: Maple
Weight: 4.4 Pounds
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Moose Blank Skateboard Deck Moose Blank Skateboard Deck Brand: Moose
Color: Dipped Black
Size: Various
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ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple Brand: Moose
Color: Dipped Black
Size: Various
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NPET Blank Skateboard Decks NPET Blank Skateboard Decks Holes spacing: 1 5/8” X 21/2″
Size: 31inch x 7.75inch
Material: Canadian Maple
Shape: Double Kick Concave
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1. Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz skateboard decks are of good quality and have a nice appearance. It seems to be too firm, crispy, and light in weight.


In 1973, the Santa Cruz brand was established. Its third generation is currently running out. It’s gradually upgraded and improved upon. Santa Cruz’s initial generation has a cuspated and progressive form. Its second generation has a giant rounded tail that is more snippy. While the current version (Santa Cruz VX) has a fantastic massive tail, the tip and tail assist it to resist twisting.

Crucial Points

The entire skateboard measures 8.8 by 27.7 inches, with an 8-inch deck width and a highly flat and concave deck. The concave curve of the decks adds to its charm and provides the user with a firm grip for maneuvering up and down the rough tracks. Because maple wood is used in its construction, it is more durable. The corkscrew on the base of the desks makes it easier to grab. Cruz offers relaxing beach rides in addition to providing the smoothest riding on both concrete and grassy surfaces. You’ll be able to handle it because it’s both easy to shatter and flip. Cruz desks are firm enough to provide you with secure and robust feelings.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to flip
  • Long-tail
  • Fantastic concave shape
  • Light-weighted
  • Super crisp


  • Less design
  • Less variety available

Product Analysis

Long drives benefit from Santa Cruz skateboard decks because they prevent fatigue. It would be quite handy for those who enjoy flytecc.

2. Enjoi Skateboard Decks

Enjoi Skateboard Decks

The Enjoi skateboard measures 31.3 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches, is 7.75 inches wide, and weighs 2.2 pounds. Due to the lightweight, the rider feels happy and comfortable.

Crucial Points

Enjoi skateboard decks are composed of 7-ply maple and come in a falcon red color. 7 layers of wood provide more flexibility and resistance to breaking. The seven-layer sheet of wood made the mystery lighter and easier to tackle. The popsicle shape made it more adaptable to skating on the street or in a professional setting. The top of the desk is quite attractive due to the graphite color. It possesses the best-rounded edge, which aids in popping and propels the rider against the ground. One of the standard features is that it has a high worth at a low price. It enhances skateboarding’s allure and fascinates the rider. Whatever you want to use the skill, you can easily do with it.


  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy decks
  • Easy to pop
  • Awe-inspiring maneuver
  • Ideal body structure


  • Tail with no grip
  • Issues with the shape of the popsicle

Product Analysis

Enjoi skateboard decks are personally best for beginners and painting lovers. You can use it constantly and make any kind of jump and trick with it.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic

Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic

The highest level of quality, endurance, and reliability can be found in the bamboo skateboard green fish graphic. It is equally suitable for beginners and experts due to its exceptional performance.

Crucial Points

The fact that the bamboo skateboard green fish graphics is made of 6 plies of both bamboo and maple wood is one of its distinguishing features. The combination of both types of wood enhances the durability and performance of the product. The deck is 80 centimeters long and comes in several sizes (7.75″ x 31.5″, 8″ x 31.75″, and 8.25″ x 32″) and it’s model number is 1-01-022-03-01. It has a fantastic concave body, a U-shaped/rounded nose, and a short oval or odd-shaped tail. The concave shape allows the rider to perform various tricks such as flytecc, which differentiate it from other good skateboards. Its design can withstand weight as well as provide the rider with extra protection that assists the rider to get more pop during skateboarding. Moreover, this deck is quite light in weight, it aids in tricking.


  • More flexible and versatile
  • Super light pop
  • Nice graphic and super sturdy
  • Durable
  • Average price


  • Problem-related to the oval odd shape

Product Analysis

This skateboard deck possesses all of the desired characteristics. Bamboo skateboards are reasonably priced as compared to other heavy skateboards. Its pops are the best and most long-lasting. And, of course, the best skate decks for sharpening your skills and gaining expertise.

4. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape

Cal 7 blank skateboard deck with grip tape is a great maple wood skateboard deck that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Crucial Points

Cal 7 grip taped blank skateboard decks come in a number of sizes. On Amazon, you may acquire these decks in four different sizes (7.75, 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 inches). It is made of 7-ply Chinese maple wood and comes in 5 distinct hues (natural wood, black, blue, green, or red) that boost its value and weigh 7.74 pounds. You can also make it more appealing by using various sorts of stickers to decorate it. Maple wood made it more durable and beautiful. Grip tape on the decks provides a grip for the rider and prevents them from sliding off. If the grip tapes are worn out, replace them with fresh ones. 

The good-quality grip tape is easy to replace and gives an art-conscious style to users. The grip tape on the skateboard folds as well, making it easy to pack. The skateboard deck has a symmetrical concave popsicle form that allows riders to do more acrobatics and have more pleasure. It is ideal for skaters of all ages due to its concave form. You may enjoy it on the street or in a park, whether it’s goofy or conventional riding.


  • Colors variety
  • Best pop and shape
  • Grip tape available
  • Goofy concave shape
  • Reasonable price


  • Grip tape wore out

Product Analysis

The Cal 7 blank skateboard deck with grip tape is attractive and capable of supporting flatbed trailers. Have a fantastic snap and pop that adds to the pleasure. It would be the most efficient and trustworthy product available.

5. [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

[CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

CCS blank and graphic skateboard decks make excellent gifts for skateboard enthusiasts. Its body structure is excellent, and you will find it to be a vivid and admirable product.

Crucial Points

CCS blank and graphic skateboard decks are made of 7-ply maple wood from Canada. The rider crooks and rigor are provided by the maple wood, which is classic and robust. The cool skateboard deck’s eye-catching form makes it ideal for drifting and being awkward. The deck’s stain is vibrant, which enchants by appearance and makes it more appealing. The flat ground and rails prevent the board from flexing, making it ideal for popping.

The CCS skateboard deck comes in a variety of colors, including Mint, Blue, Evergreen, Furry letter black, Furry letter yellow, and more. Gel at Friends, Ghost, Natural wood, Pink, Purple, Ray Anton and Roberta, Red, T-Rex, Trophy column, Wavy times orange, Wavy times white, White and Yellow, Wavy times orange, Wavy times white, White and Yellow. CCS blank and graphic skateboard decks are currently accessible in six distinct sizes (7.0, 7.50, 7.75, 8.00, 8.25, and 8.50 inches). The graphic of the board is unaffected by either riding or grasping the board. As a result, it is unlikely to discolor the board. It is suitable for both novice and experienced veterans.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect mounting holes
  • Stable and solid
  • Variety of colors and sizes


  • No grip-tape

Product Analysis:

To impress the rider, the board’s edge is properly routed and sealed. When you put the board properly, you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s ideal in terms of shape, size, magenta, and length.

6. Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Deck

The nebula-style bamboo skateboard graphic deck is now available. The coolest decks have a range of sizes, an exquisite concave layout, and a blend of maple and bamboo wood construction that makes it more appealing and eye-catching.

Crucial Points:

The 3-pound weight of the bamboo skateboard nebula graphic decks makes it lighter and more efficient. 1-01-022-03-01 is the model number. The bamboo skateboard nebula graphic decks crop up in three sizes: 7.75 x 31.5, 8.0 x 31.75, and 8.25 x 31 inches, with a deck length of roughly 80 centimeters to give it a broader look and much more action. Its longevity is enhanced by the use of bamboo and maple wood decorations, which allow it to do a variety of stunts and steep hops. Six layers of maple and bamboo wood make up this piece. The motifs are made up of four sheets of maple wood and two layers of bamboo. 

Great pop is created by the combination of a steeper nose and tail plus a decent punch. The deep concave design aids in superior control and allows the rider to perform innovative tough acrobatics that is difficult to accomplish on other skateboards. On the bottom of the board is a magnificent graphic. The board’s length is ideally matched to its body construction, giving the rider an incredible sense of balance.


  • Excellent Style
  • Feels flexible
  • Best pop
  • Enduring
  • Variety in size
  • Flimsy
  • Inexpensive


  • Bamboo will be ripped if run on bumpy space
  • No grip-tape
  • It will become soggy and shatter in damp situations

Product Analysis

The material of the nebula-style bamboo skateboard graphic deck is flexible, and it will provide you with the best pleasures, fun, and satisfaction. The skateboard deck’s modest weight makes it easy to run, and it’s well worth the money and time.

7. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Complete skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

Powell golden dragon flying complete skateboard decks are the prime option for you if you are looking for the best skateboard decks based on quality or features, or if you are a novice or veteran seeking great skateboard decks.

Crucial Points

Its maple wood construction reinforces it, making it more sturdy and challenging. It has a width of 31.38 inches and a length of around 31.375 inches, giving it a broader appearance. Skateboard decks have smaller wheels, which is advantageous since they are closer to the ground, making it easier for the rider to control the ride, and their wheels are made of hand-cast polyurethane, which is ideal for street skateboarding. The skateboard’s color is diamond dragon 3, which is a stunning hue, and its model number is DAGCDD312412B.

Furthermore, the concave 12 form is not a problem for the rider, and the cool and comfortable top of the grip tape gives users a magnificent sensation. Its weight is 4.4 pounds, and it can extract up to 200 pounds of weight. Aluminum trucks, which are both sturdy and lightweight, are one of the deck’s most crucial components. It’s great for tricks because of its sturdy and hard body.


  • Best hard wheels
  • Complete grippy
  • Stiff and hard
  • Best attractive design
  • Have warranty


  • Not good for coaster areas
  • Not bear weight more than 200 pounds

Product Analysis

Powell Portal is the greatest skateboard deck for individuals who seek high quality at an affordable price. It is well-liked by the public due to its superb specifications.

8. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

The Moose blank skateboard deck appears to be rather beautiful, lightweight, and cost-effective. Beginners who are learning new tricks will benefit from it. Its various hues and sizes appeal to me.

Crucial Points

For beginners, Moose blank skateboard decks are ideal. Its 7-ply maple wood structure makes it more solid and long-lasting. To me, its greatest kick, medium concave shape, and amazing attributes are worth noticing. 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood make it incredibly flexible and provide a relaxing ride for the rider. Moose skateboards have almost the same level of stability as other top skateboard decks. It comes in nine different sizes ranging from 7.5 to 8.0 inches, making it suitable for both teenagers and teens.

Furthermore, it includes both dipped and stained colors, making it an excellent gift for color enthusiasts. The paint colors are typically permanent or slightly separated from the curve. The blank plain of Moose skateboard decks makes them even more alluring to people who wish to craft their own pieces of artwork. Skateboard decks with a medium concave shape have a fantastic aesthetic and a steep touch that gives the skater a balancing ride with a lot of pop. The rider can’t snipe because of the concavity of the curve. Due to the lack of grip tape, it is a less dependable deck while manipulating. The contour of the nose and tail, on the other hand, complement its features and have an aesthetic framework.


  • Best for beginner
  • Lightweight and stable
  • 7ply Canadian maple construction
  • Size and colors variety
  • Affordable


  • compression cracks
  • Paint scratch-off from a curve
  • Does not come with grip-tape

Product Analysis

Most people review its quality so that it quickly deteriorates. However, in my experience, I have never felt any glitches. It solely relies on the user’s skating style. Apart from that, it’s a great skateboard deck with a high caliber.

9. ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple

ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple

ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple is robust and long-lasting, with a superb shape. It has a sturdy feel to it while skating and is reasonably priced. Shapes and colors are also available in multiple forms.

Crucial Points

It’s made of 7 ply Canadian 100 percent Maple wood, which makes it sturdy and hard. It is strengthened and improved by the use of maple wood. Medium Concave has a symmetrical shape that is ideal for all skating styles. The medium form helps to firmly grasp the decks and provides a pleasant ride. A rider can do any steepy acrobatics in the park or on the street, as appropriate for both. The Dragon skateboard deck’s dual nose is well-made and does not seem flimsy, but it will take a little practice to master. The length of the tail and nose are pretty much the same. 280 pounds weight that is easy to tackle and enables it to do flipping tricks. 

ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple consists of 3 tints (Blue, Natural, and Pine-apple), as well as three sizes (8.25″, 8.0″, and 8.375). Beautiful artwork is also placed on the surface of skateboard decks, increasing their fascination. The truck axle width is 8.25 inches and the length is 31.85 inches, which is best suitable for high-quality coldest decks.


  • Best tricky board
  • Dual nose
  • The Awesome symmetrical concave shape
  • High-quality
  • 100% Canadian Maple wood


  • Paint delamination occurs after long use

Product Analysis

According to me, ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple is a high-quality deck that is extremely strong and durable, and it is an excellent board for gaps and shifts.

10. NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

NEPT skateboard decks are sturdy, resilient, and have a long-lasting pop. Designed with a good layout and embellished with your own interest in art. The best shape, longer pop, and excellent craftsmanship make it even more appealing to skaters.

Crucial Points

NEPT skateboard decks come with high-quality blank skateboard decks that you can manipulate according to your own choice. 7ply Maple construction makes it more flexible, providing resistance to overcome pressure cracks and light weight. On the baseplate, there are 6 holes spaced 4cm apart to provide the rider extra space to perform various acrobatics. These holes are very precisely drilled and have a glossy coating to protect the timber. The natural color of wood, double kicktail, and concave shape enhances its look and are adorable for skaters.

The most intriguing part of the NEPT skateboard deck is that it has a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds, but you should probably evaluate the width to see whether it is appropriate for you. For optimal performance, length and width are crucial. The best skating requires an appropriate length and width of skateboard decks that equally support the body and can be manipulated to do various tricks. The deck’s length is 31 inches by 7.75 inches, which is great for novices since it gives them a pleasant feeling and is perfect for learning new feats and flips. You may make it more charming by exhibiting numerous stylish arts and using various colors and stickers.


  • High-quality Canadian Maple wood
  • Smooth shiny covering
  • Variety in sizes
  • Well-built and durable


  • Have no imperfection

Product Analysis

Because of its exquisite style, quality, and features, I recommend NEPT skateboard decks to everyone looking for the best blank skateboard decks. It feels smooth to the touch, has a superb sparkling luster, a smooth rounded edge, and nearly no distortions or imperfections.

Buying Guide:

Every person has their own preferences and choices. You have the option of selecting a product that piques your interest. However, the objective of buying a guide is to provide you with the finest skateboard decks and to assist you in choosing outstanding skateboard decks.

Best Blank Skateboard Decks:

NEPT skateboard decks are the best blank skateboard decks that are available at a reasonable price and have the best features and quality.

Best Popsicle shape:

Enjoi Skateboard Decks and Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape are skateboard decks with a modern popsicle shape that provide a platform for performing tricks.

Best Street And Park Skateboard Decks:

ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple is an awesome choice for skaters who want to skate in the street as well as in parks.

How To Select The Best Skateboard Decks? 

Skateboard decks come in a variety of styles and brands, which may be found in stores or on Amazon. Now, it is critical that you have a basic understanding of the various types of skateboard decks. This will aid you in finding the best skateboard deck for your requirement, as well as ensuring that it is appropriate for your expertise and that you are able to perform various tricks based on your specific sites. For this reason, I’ve written about the many types, brands, and body structures of skateboard decks, along with their features and specialties, to help you choose an outstanding deck.

Main Types Of Skateboard Decks 

According to IASE, there are over 300 brands representing various companies and manufacturers who market their modern skateboard products. However, there are three different forms of skateboard decks available in the markets.

  1. Pro decks (Popsicle pro and Unique shaped pro)
  2. Longboard
  3. Cruisers

1. Pro Decks

Pro decks are modern types of skateboard decks that are available in two different types either Popsicle pro and Unique shaped pro.

  • Popsicle pro

Popsicle skateboard decks are contemporary, standard skateboard designs that are mostly used for doing technical feats. It adds a nice flair to the ride while also seeming lovely. Its fantastic shape, concave nose, and tail add to its creativity, and it’s perfect for both “regular” and “switch” stances. It has a width of 7 to 9 inches and a length of 30 to 32 inches, which is ideal for a nice skateboard. While some professional decks are small, others are wide. For street skating, narrow decks are optimal, while wider decks are best for bowl and outlet riding. Because of their superior design, popsicle skateboard decks are perfect for beginners.

  • Unique Shaped Pro

Shape skateboard decks are a modified version of the popsicle pro, and their shapes are unique. The noses and tails of these decks are optically shaped, with thin, concave, uneven, cut, or enlarged noses and tails that aid transitions and excellent skating skills. Speed pro is the greatest option for enthusiastic guys who want to try something different with their skating. However, some stunts are not performed on it bowing to the shape style.

2. Longboard Decks

Long skateboard decks, as the name indicates, are longer than ordinary skateboard decks, making them easier to flip and boost efficiency. Longboard decks are longer than 34″ and occur in a range of shapes and sizes. A skater cannot perform different tricks due to the lack of a double kicktail. However, it provides a smooth ride and is wonderful for skating across the hillsides. It is great for transport because of the big deck and wheel.

3. Cruisers Decks

Between pro skateboard decks and long decks, there are cruiser decks, which are well-known for their innovative shape. It has an inverted tail but not an upturned nose, is a little wider than long and has popsicle decks that provide a lot of grip for the skater. As a result, skaters can do a variety of tricks and are especially suitable for the street, park, or any plane concrete. Designed for local driving, it’s more versatile but requires a little more balanced, and it’s convenient to transport.

Deck Size

Type Size Specialty
Pro Skateboard Decks 30-32 inches length, 7-9 inches width Modern, Double kicktail, Best for beginners and tricks
Long Skateboard Decks 38-52 inches long, width more than 9 Easy to flip, best for long driving, Easy to transport, used for mountain skating
Cruiser Skateboard Decks 25-32 inches long, 7” to 9.5” width Superb innovative shape, best for street, parks


A skateboard’s length is usually measured from nose to tail. The ideal skateboard length is often between 25 to 32.5 inches. The long skateboard, on the other hand, is more than 32 inches long. When choosing a skateboard, you should consider the length of the skateboard in relation to your age and the location where you wish to skate. Because they are used professionally, street skateboards are usually narrow and medium in length, whereas long skateboards are wide. Long skateboards allow you to go on long drives and have a greater surface area to grip. But if you want to do various tricks and styles then you should prefer short skateboards because these are light in weight.

The table below will assist you in determining the length of the deck that is appropriate for your height.

Deck LengthDeck Height
Full Size5’3” to more
Medium Size5’3″ to 5’6″
Little Size3’5″ to 4’2″
Mini Size3’5″ to 4’4″
Micro Size3’4″ to less


The width of a skateboard is usually measured from one side to the other. The majority of skateboards are 7 to 9 inches wide. However, it could also be determined by the size of your shoes and the trick you wanted to perform. Wider decks have a higher top speed, but they are also heavier and more difficult to flip. Short-width skateboard decks, on the other hand, are less in weight and allow the rider to carry out various skating spins.

This table will assist you in selecting a shoe that is an exact match for the width and length of your skateboard deck.

AgeShoe SizeDeck Width
16 years older or more9 or up7.7” or large inches
13-14 years older7 to 87.5” to 7.6” inches
8-12 years older6 to 77.3” inches
6-7 years older4 to 57.0” inches
3 or less3 or smaller6.5” to 6.75” inches

Nose And Tail:

The majority of newbies and non-experts are unable to distinguish between nose and tail. The nose is the point of the board, and the tail is in the back. Most of the time, we can figure it out just by glancing at their graphics. The main difference between them is that the nose or tip had a bigger kicktail, whilst the tail had a narrower kicktail.

Construction Of Skateboard


Ply is the term for the layer of wood used to make the skateboard deck. The most common wood used to make plywood is Maple, Aluminum, or Bamboo. The majority of modern skateboards are 7 or 9 ply. These cross layers of wood never add weight to the deck, but rather make it more resilient and long-lasting.


A rail is a thin strip across the edge of the deck that runs the length of it. Rails aid in the sliding of the artwork while also protecting them. Different varieties of rails are available, each with its own shape and price. Some are rounded, some are blunt, and some are gas pedal rails. Modern gas pedal rails lessen the concaveness of the pedal, enhancing speed.


The space between two pairs of mounting holes on the trunk is known as the wheelbase. Some decks have only one couple of wheelbases, while others have multiple; they vary from deck to deck and according to personal preference. If you’re a little person, a shorter wheelbase is advantageous because it allows you to make tighter turns. Taller persons, on the other hand, can benefit from broader wheelbases since they provide a more balanced ride, although it may be difficult to handle.

Level of Concaveness

Some people aren’t aware of how concavity impacts their skating technique. Concave decks come in a range of shapes, depending on the brand. The medium concave is distinct in that it offers a comfortable ride, whereas the flat concave is less steady for beginners. Other concave shapes offer advantages and disadvantages. But don’t worry; I’ve distinguished them based on my own personal experience, enabling you to pick a more desirable concave form for you.

  • Flat Concave

A skateboard deck with low concaveness is referred to as flat. Flat concaves are usually planes that allow more area for shoes, enhancing the rider’s overall grip and assisting in increasing speed. However, because the wheels are too close to the ground surface, they pose a risk of causing issues.

  • Mellow Concave:

Yuto Horigome, a professional skater, prefers mellow concave decks. Mellow concaves are concave decks of medium size that are neither too deep nor too flat, but somewhere in the middle. It usually makes the deck easier to flip and more flexible for skaters. It’s designed for street skaters, allowing them to perform spin and transitional stunts. It offers capacitive resistance and is quick to break.

  • Deep Concave

A deep steep concave is perfect for extreme twisting. You’ll have more room to put your feet and it’ll be easier to flip the deck. The steeper provide complete grip and provide a thrilling ride. However, one disadvantage is that you may become quite fatigued very soon.

  • Radial Concave

For all sorts of skating, U-shaped decks with more curved edges and stronger grip are preferred.

  • Convex

The counterpart of the concave is the convex shape, which has an outward curving slope and is only good for downhill skating.


We do our best to cover all of the greatest skateboard decks for you and give you the opportunity to search for skateboard decks that are of particular interest to you. If you are a newbie then I suggest the best skateboard and if you are an expert we offer an awesome choice for you. Now is the time to search, purchase, and embark on a new adventure. You will experience incredible and fantastic pleasure after using that product. 

You are free to ask any question you want about any product. We’ll be waiting for your positive response. If your skateboard is damaged then you can make skateboard wax at your home and make your skating deck new. Be attached to me for further updates. Thanks.

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