10 Best Skateboards For Beginners (Top Reviews 2023)

Skateboarding is a fascinating and illustrious sport that is both entertaining and enjoyable. So, if you want to start skating but don’t know anything about the perfect skateboard or are unsure which type of skateboard is superb for you, you’ve come to the right place. Because the selection of the most standard and suitable board is very important for skating. Furthermore, the board should be highly suited for learning so that you can easily balance and manage yourself. So, in this article, I’ll tell you the best skateboard for beginners, their specialties, and their advantages and disadvantages. The location of your skate practice sessions is the thing that you must be aware of before purchasing a skateboard. Although, most newbies love to purchase a board that is most suited for the street.

However, it is entirely up to you to make that decision. So, because I’m young and have been skating for a long time, I’d want to share some of my experiences with you, such as how I got my first skateboard and how I learned to skate, as well as recommend the best skateboard for a trainee. Different people begin learning in various places that are probably easier for them. However, if you want to do a variety of stunts and ramps, street skateboards are the ideal option. If you are better off than the average person, you can pick any style of board you wish. Moreover, cruising and longboards are the best modes of transportation.

Skateboard Complete 22″ Cruiser

Skateboards Complete 22" Mini Cruiser

Retrospec Quip Skateboard Plastic

Retrospec Quip Complete Skateboard

Top 10 Best Starter Skateboards For Beginners Skaters

Before creating this article, I tried 60 various types of best-brand skateboards for your convenience. Actually, I just want to know which one would be best for a beginner. Then, after a prolonged search, I narrowed it down to just ten. After I chose them, I inquired about their recommendations from my friends as well as other skating companions. But the good news is that they appreciated my efforts and recommended the same option as I did. As a result, these are very outstanding, vivid, and appropriate products for you. All ten products are high-quality, so you may buy them with confidence. I have covered those skateboards that are nice for streets, parks, tricks, transition, cruisings, and bowling, as well as are the finest in their performance. If you have no idea, a purchase guide can also help you get started in the skateboarding world.

Skateboard Complete 22″ Mini Cruiser Color: American Flag
Width: 6 Inches
Length: 22 Inches
Material: Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic
Brand: Meketec
Check Price
KPC Complete Skateboard Color: Blue Flame
Brand:  KPC
Width: 7.75 Inches
Material: Maple
Check Price
Minority 32″ Maple Skateboard Color: Pineskull
Material: Maple
Length: 32 Inches
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Hikole Skateboard Color: 2: Red pose
Width: 8 Inches
Brand: Hikole
Material: Wood, Aluminum, Maple
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WhiteFang Complete Skateboards Color: Peak
Brand: WhiteFang
Length: 79cm
Material: Aluminum, Maple
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RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard Color: Galaxy
Width: 6 Inches
Material: Aluminum, Plastic
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Geelife 22″ Mini Cruiser Brand: Geelife
Material: Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic
Length: 22 Inches
Color: Rainbow I
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Cal 7 22 inches Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Color: Arcadia
Width: 6 Inches
Brand: Cal 7
Material: Aluminum, Plastic
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Beleev Skateboards for Beginners Beleev Skateboard For Beginners Brand: BELEEV
Color: White
Length: 31 Inches
Material: Aluminum, Maple
Check Price
Retrospec Quip Skateboard Retrospec Quip Skateboard Brand: Retrospec
Color: Seafoam
Width: 6 inches
Material: Plastic
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1. Skateboards Complete 22″ Mini Cruiser – For Kids Boys Youths Beginners

Skateboards Complete 22" Mini Cruiser

Meketech skateboards are high quality as well as specially designed for beginners. These come in about 27 vibrant colors meanwhile have a nice appearance. In addition, art lovers are always drawn to fascinating graphics. These are the greatest skateboards for beginners, according to user reviews.

Crucial Points

Mini cruiser boards are robust, long-lasting, and of excellent quality. These are wonderful for having a good time and are especially suitable for children and beginners. These offer unique brilliant designs as well as brilliant aesthetics, making them attractive for distribution as gifts. 

Moreover, their decks are 22″ long and 6″ wide, making them best suited for learning skills. The deck is made of lightweight polypropylene material with a gleaming finish. Moreover, the 3.25-inch truck is made from aluminum and gives excellent adhesion to the wheels for a balanced ride.  

While, the wheels have a durometer of 78A, which allows you to skate over uneven terrain including rocky roads, streets, cracks, and gaps, among other things. Roller skates with wheels are more grippy meanwhile easy to control.

Furthermore, the wheels are fitted with ABEC 7 bearings, which are extremely smooth, efficient, and pre-lubricated to reduce friction and increase speed and momentum.

Furthermore, they can support up to 200 pounds of weight, so even if you’re a huge guy, you’ll be fine. Because they are well-constructed, they will last for a long time. These are fantastic for enjoying the moment and are also suitable for kids. In addition, you feel cool and never hesitate to learn different tricks.


  • Prime quality
  • Endurance and light-weighted
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Offers Guarantee
  • Not wear and tear easily
  • Noiseless


  • Get dusted rapidly
  • Spinning issue

Product Analysis

In general, Minitech skateboards are fantastic starter skateboards, and their unique design and colors make them more appealing and alluring. When they first hit the market, I gave them a try and found them to be wonderful for the streets. However, these are simple to spin and have a nice grip. These are always enjoyable and entertaining for me.

2. KPC Complete Skateboard – The Perfect Beginners First Board

KPC Complete Skateboard

KPC is a great starter board since it has a lot of cool features and gives the skater a nice grip. Furthermore, twelve distinct colors and an amazing logo design provide you with the option of selecting the best product for you. KPC is a 25-year-old brand that is known for its safe and long-lasting products.

Crucial Points

KPC skateboards are the greatest deal for both beginners and pros. Their products are effective, strong, and trustworthy due to their low pricing and superior quality. The KPC boards are modern and comfy due to the concave curve of the board. Moreover, these are also simple to flip and ideal for tricks. 

Meanwhile, the 7.75-inch deck is perfect for learning tricks for a novice. The 7-ply Canadian maple construction of the deck adds to their performance and makes them light-weighted. While the trucks are constructed of high-quality aluminum with a steel axle. 

Moreover, the 52mm wheels feature a durometer of 99, resulting in a well-balanced ride with a good grip and speed. The wheel’s 99a durability makes it great for skating on hard surfaces such as streets and rocky roads, as well as smooth places, parks, and ramps. 

The smoothness is enhanced by the polyurethane wheels as well as the 7 ABEC bearings, which are already greased. These skateboards are both flexible and rigid. 

Additionally, the grit level is 80, which is good for elite skateboarders. You can add stickers to the bottom of the board to make it more appealing and entertaining.


  • Very smooth and sturdy
  • Reliable and reasonable
  • Modern and stylish
  • Perfect deck size
  • Easy to perform tricks
  • Light-weighted


  • Wheel quality little bit short
  • Bearings are not the most efficient in speed

Product Analysis

Overall, KPC skateboards are attractive, practical, and fashionable. A high-quality skateboard can be purchased at a reasonable price. Because their pricing has no influence on their quality. The essential thing is that I tested it and found it to be superior as well as a more best skateboard for beginners. As a result, it’s a reliable product for recreational skating.

3. Minority 32” In Maple Skateboard

Minority 32'' In Maple Skateboard

Newbies can get decent skateboards from the best-known brands. While they are made to be sturdy and adaptable thanks to the use of high-quality materials and expert assembly. They also have a decent appearance because of the awesome artwork and three distinct hues. Furthermore, they are superior in terms of performance.

Crucial Points

They were made of 100% 7-ply maple, which made them robust and effective. 

While the deck is 32 by 8 inches and is ideal for a variety of tricks. Beginners would appreciate the medium concave shape and deck shape. Also acceptable are the nose and tail. Furthermore, it can support up to 220 pounds of weight, which is ideal for heavier novices. While the trucks are made of pure aluminum and are linked to the board using carbon steel kingpins for added strength. 

The 32mm polyurethane wheels provide a lot of power, so your board only needs a little energy to move forward. They’re great for street skateboarding and rugged terrains because of their 78a durability. 

Additionally, the bearings are composed of corrosion-resistant chrome steel, which increases the wheel’s speed. As a result, the ABEC 9 makes them more efficient, smoother, and suitable for all sorts of skating

The skateboard has excellent grip, which aids in balancing the ride, therefore, they are excellent for beginners. They are ideal for gifts because of their superb appearance.


  • Strong aluminum trunks
  • Corrosion-free carbon steel
  • Efficient Speed
  • Nice colors and design
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Awesome wide deck


  • Wheels absorb dust very rapidly

Product Analysis

Minority Maple skateboards are generally lovely, smooth, and quick. Moreover, everything used in the board’s construction is of the best standard which makes them the best skateboard for beginners. Your board will last a long time and is ideal for all types of performance. The outstanding style adds to its uniqueness and can be given as a gift.

4. Hikole Skateboard Complete Pros And Beginners Skateboard

Hikole Skateboard

Hikole skateboards have been the greatest for 20 years. These are good skateboards for both beginners and specialists at a reasonable price. They have a great look, with brilliant colors as well as modern, fashionable shapes. Their shape is mostly intended for newcomers. As a result, skating is easy for you.

Crucial Points

Hikole skateboards are crafted from the purest materials, ensuring their durability and strength. 

In addition, the bright red color and 31″ by 8″ deck are ideal for those who prefer a spacious deck. However, it’s great for basic feats, rolling, and allowing the rider to do a variety of tricks. Because they are made of 7-ply maple wood, they have a high density for classical performance. While the sturdy construction can support up to 220 lb (100 kg), making it ideal for a healthy person. It is suitable for both adults and children. The board’s trendy concave shape makes it perfect for performance on rough terrain as well as rolling. It’s also the trickiest skateboard because of the two kick tails. 

Meanwhile, the 50mm and 88A durometer wheels are slightly harder and are best suited for beginners, experts, streets, sidewalks, playgrounds, pools, and downhills.

Furthermore, the polyurethane-based ABEC 7 bearings are quick and smooth, providing a more comfortable and balanced ride. Because of the superior grip tape, you can simply manage it. 

Moreover, for a newbie to an expert, the grip tape provides better stability. Furthermore, it has the ability to absorb shock, which is a bonus.


  • Strong deck
  • Well assemblage
  • Best for trick lovers
  • High-performance wheel trucks
  • Double kick modern concave shape
  • Perfect for rough and smooth surfaces


  • Not good for cruising
  • Clean wheels regularly

Product Analysis

Overall, Hickhool skateboards are great, speedy, and stylish. The deck size is ideal, allowing you to easily push and bounce. Hence, the ride is quite smooth, and the tricks are simple to learn. They also feature a very cool hue, shock absorber capability, and reasonable costs.

5. WhiteFang Complete Skateboards For Beginners

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards is the best beginner skateboard with high-end features. They are exceptionally strong, smooth, and long-lasting, as well as they are excellent for becoming a challenging master. While the board’s aesthetic graphic design is superb and eye-catching. Primarily, the board arrives in a fully assembled and fashionable manner.

Crucial Points

The Whitefang skateboards have full-size decks (70cm) that are best for both teenagers and adults. While the seven layers of Canadian maple wood make them more strong and more long-lasting. 

Furthermore, the deck allows the skateboard to carry weights of up to 330 pounds, providing a more balanced and steady ride even in the toughest conditions. The 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks give an additional level of calm and comfort while also precisely attaching the wheel and bearings to the deck. 

Moreover, the high rebound wheels are composed of premium polyurethane and are 52mm long, which raises the level of smoothness. The 95a durometer is ideal for skating on the street, as well as on rough and smooth surfaces. 

While the ABEC 9 bearings feature the fastest speed and the highest level of comfort. As a result, the combination of the best wheels and bearings allows the skater to perform at an exceptional level. 

These skateboards are suitable for transportation, skateparks, ramps, pools, and smooth and bumpy terrain because of their high ground contact. Consequently, the innovative concave form with a double kicktail fits your feet perfectly on the board and provides a comfortable ride. You can quickly learn plenty of new tricks. 

Meanwhile, their graphics are the most enticing aspect. The graphic designs are printed using a thermal transfer printing technology, which has a longer print life. These skateboards come with complete assemblies, so you’ll never have to waste time tightening things. Truly speaking, you just simply acquire and enjoy your fantastic skating.


  • Awesome cool designs and graphics
  • Not cracked or bent rapidly
  • Easy to become a trick master
  • Provide supper balancing ride
  • Best cheap skateboard and worth buying
  • Great skateboard for beginners and skilled individuals


  • Need to improve the bearings
  • Somehow, the trunks need to tighten them

Product Analysis

These are intended for both beginners and experienced users. I feel like I’m soaring across the wind when I skate on the Whitefang skateboard. These are the most current, smooth, as well as convenient skateboards. So, like me, you should try these boards, and I believe you will never be sorry for purchasing this product.

6. RIMABLE Complete 22” Inches Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22'' Inches Skateboard

Rimable skateboards are plastic-made for the best cruisers and come completely constructed. While, the skateboards are of excellent quality, with a large deck, decent metal trucks, and an average weight capacity. The bearings and wheels are very efficient as well as quick. Hence, all the features make them the best skateboard for beginners.

Crucial Points

The RIMABLE brand skateboards are made of plastic with vibrant colors and patterns

Additionally, the deck is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide, providing enough space for a skater to entirely rest their feet on the board. The deck has a beautiful form as well as a perfect nose and tail. Moreover, the textured deck is a good source of treason. The trucks are 3 inches thick and composed of high-quality aluminum. 

Moreover, the ultra-smooth polyurethane wheels are 59mm in diameter, which is perfect for the deck size. Their wheels are modest in weight but heavy in function. The wheels are really quiet and precise. They are great for gravel roads and streets because of their 98a durability, which offers them smoothness. 

Furthermore, the ABEC 7 bearings are constructed of stainless steel and accelerate the rate. 

They can also support up to 198 pounds (90kg), making them ideal for average-weight skaters. Consequently, skateboarding is permitted on roads, parks, and playgrounds. While, the best part is that these designs are suitable for children, adults, novices, and experienced skaters alike. RIMABLE offers a wide range of items at competitive prices.


  • Light-weighted
  • Made with effective plastic
  • Efficient wheels and bearings
  • Best for kids and adults
  • Variety in color and designs


  • Wheels lose quickly
  • Need to adjust trucks for the first time

Product Analysis

Overall, the Rimable skateboards have the best decks that provide maximum grip, as well as economical and lightweight wheels and bearings. The trunk is made of aluminum which is quite large and wide. As a result, it’s the best skateboard for both youngsters and adults.

7. Geelife 22″ Mini Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

Geelife 22" Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The Geelife 22′′ Mini Cruiser is a classic skateboard for beginners constructed of plastic. The 22-inch decks are the best in terms of quality, durability, strength, as well as stability. Geelife plastic is lightweight, portable, along attractively crafted. The brilliant color, as well as superb style, make this piece stand out.

Crucial Points

The tiny cruiser skateboard’s beautiful color combination has a nice appearance along with quite attractive. For kids and beginners, the plastic composition makes them light as well as easy to operate. 

Moreover, the deck measures 22 inches long by 6 inches broad and is well-shaped to fit 3.25-inch metal trucks. The deck’s upper surface is extremely smooth, ensuring that your feet never slip meanwhile you get a complete feeling. Although it appears to be a toy, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 330 pounds, making it acceptable for teens and adults. In the meanwhile, the best part is that Geelive skateboards are lightweight, easy to travel, and handle, making them ideal for kids and adult starting skaters. 

In addition, the 78mm wide extremely smooth polyurethane wheels are sturdy and include high-speed chromium bearings. On the streets, roads, and parks, the wheels perform well. The board’s grip tape has a high water resistance density. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran skater, you can do a variety of simple tricks and stunts. The skateboard is all assembled, so all you have to do is unpack it and start skating. It also includes LED lights at an affordable price.


  • Pre-Assemble
  • LED lighting
  • Super smooth PU wheels
  • Vibrant colors with a stylish look
  • Have smooth and speedy bearings
  • Best for kids, beginners, and expert skaters


  • Some people complain about their smaller size

Product Analysis

Overall, Geelife skateboards are well-made and have a fantastic ability to roll and spin. Favorite hues and lightweight are generally ideal for children and adults who enjoy aesthetics. These are great since they are portable, elegant, and trendy, among other things. Meanwhile, the nicest part is that it’s an Amazon selection.

8. Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 22" Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal mini cruiser skateboards are available in a multitude of colorways and are manufactured of high-quality standard plastic. They stand out as the best skateboard for beginners because of their bright designs and innovative shape. The lightweight aluminum alloy trucks, as well as the portable deck, smooth wheels, and efficient bearings.

Crucial Points

The plastic-made deck measures 22.5″ long by 6″ wide which is lightweight and easy to carry. While, the deck is smooth and durable, and it balances the ride perfectly.

Furthermore, the bearings and wheels are properly attached to the deck by the 3.125″ aluminum alloy trucks. The skateboard’s performance is improved by the truck. 

Meanwhile, the 78 durometers 60mm wheels give adequate grip and are soft wheels that are suitable for rough surfaces, gravel roads, and stony places. The wheels are shock-absorbent and suitable for both beginners and specialists. The ride on these wheels is incredibly smooth and efficient. 

The ABEC 7 bearings are very ideal for wheels because they are effective and pre-lubricated. The skateboard’s components are all of exceptional design as well as good quality.

In addition, the board’s high-quality components make it ideal for everyday use. Primarily, they’re great for carving and cruising.


  • Suitable for your budget
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Good grip tape
  • Lightweight
  • Strong aluminum alloy trucks
  • Superior for beginners and daily used


  • Speed issue
  • Need to improve some quality

Product Analysis

Cal 7 skateboards are the greatest cruising boards since they are inexpensive, strong, and comfortable to ride. Mini cruisers are ideal for all ages of skaters. Because of the vibrant colors and styles, the best size is handy for transportation.

9. Beleev Skateboard For Beginners

Beleev Skateboard For Beginners

The Beleev skateboards are the next most remarkable starter skateboard for beginners. Hence, these are complete assembly boards that come in seven various colors, allowing the consumer to select the best product for their needs. Moreover, for their construction, only high-quality materials and legendary tools are employed.

Crucial Points

The board printing uses a sleek and shiny style with a highly fashionable sense.

The deck measures 31″ by 8.0″ in length, allowing you to comfortably fit your feet on the deck. Moreover, the 7-layer construction of thick Canadian maple wood is extremely strong and long-lasting.

Another good aspect of the board is that it can support up to 220 pounds of weight. The board is lightweight, weighing only 4.7 pounds, making it easier to do various tricks as well as the best skateboard for beginners.

Furthermore, its nice feature is a 5-inch aluminum truck, which makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced riders. The trucks keep the board stable and reliable while also improving performance. 

Meanwhile, the symmetrical double kick concave shape transfers more energy from the heels to the toes, allowing the rider to easily control the skateboard.

The waterproof grip tape keeps your feet securely linked to the board, offering good traction as well as a quick, comfortable ride. Consequently, this skateboard is appropriate for all skill levels and riding styles, and is ideal for cruising, transporting, tricks, and freestyling.

Moreover, the 50mm wide PU wheels with a 95a durability work incredibly well on the highways, and riding on this board is quite pleasurable and relaxing.

Additionally, the ABEC 7 bearings allow for smoother and more efficient wheel glides at high speeds. The bearings have a high shock-absorbing capacity, making them ideal for absorbing all of the road gaps and cracks while providing a smooth ride.

The board’s appearance and graphics are vibrant as well as admirable. Due to the use of a heat transfer printer, the printing on the board lasts a long time.


  • Variety in colors
  • Bear heavyweight
  • Thick aluminum trucks
  • Easy and safe ride
  • Heat thermal durable printing
  • Super shock absorbance ability


  • Tools are not included in the packing
  • Bearings quality need to improve

Product Analysis

Overall, Beleev skateboards are stylish, cutting-edge, and of exceptional quality. I like this product because all of the parts of the skateboards are well-made and operate effectively. The product’s key selling points are its longevity and stability, as well as its smoothness, speed, and safety. They provide heavy-duty service at a reasonable price.

10. Retrospec Quip Complete Skateboard

Retrospec skateboards are beautiful and modern, as well as they’re good for beginners. While, the materials used in the board’s construction are lovely, sturdy, long-lasting, and supreme. Moreover, these skateboards are smaller, more portable, and great for a variety of tricks, all at a very inexpensive price.

Crucial Points

The board is made of highly flexible plastic; the deck is approximately 22.5″ by 6″ as well as is designed to perform effectively. It can support up to 220 pounds of weight. When you twist or turn your skateboard, the nose and kicktail are exceptionally smooth and give you a solid waffle pattern. While, trucks with a diameter of 5 inches provide excellent control, stability, and maneuvering. 

The 60 mm polyurethane wheels are fantastic soft wheels that absorb all road shocks and cracks while providing an incredibly comfortable and smooth ride. Regardless of how long you skate in town, these wheels are durable and comfy. 

While to improve the performance of cruise full skateboards, the ABEC 7 bearings use ultra-high-speed carbon bearings. 

Additionally, the bushings are made of 85a PU, and the metal is robust and of good quality. It comes already assembled, so all you have to do is buy and skate. 

The board is lightweight, weighing in at less than 5 pounds, making it simple to transport and best for beginners. It has a high level of precision. Hence, the Retrospec skateboards are suitable for use on downtown streets, sidewalks, and beachside walkways.


  • Amazon choice
  • Stylish and smooth
  • Flexible plastic construction
  • Portable and durable
  • Best for cruising
  • Wheels size is perfect
  • Best for streets, sidewalks, and beach sides


  • Wheels do not spin freely

Product Analysis

In general, Retrospec skateboards are fantastic, outstanding, and very affordable. While I recently purchased this one and found it to be superior in terms of performance. In addition, the color and design appeal to me more.

Another advantage is its modest weight, which makes transit much easier for beginners. Moreover, in the production of boards, everything is employed. Actually, this is really a board that I absolutely love.

Best 3 Pics

  1. Overall Best Beginner Skateboard: Skateboard complete 22-inch mini cruiser is an excellent skateboard as well as the number 1 best seller on Amazon.
  2. Best Performance Beginner Skateboard: The Retrospec quip skateboard is the best standard skateboard for adult beginners. Its Amazon choice is due to its overall perfection.
  3. Best Durable Skateboard: WhiteFang Complete Skateboard is the finest skateboard for beginners. It has the best rating due to its best durable quality.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Beginner Skateboard (Buying Guide)

There are the following things that must be checked before buying a skateboard for beginners.

  • Quality: The first and most important consideration is the quality of the skateboard you intend to purchase. Because quality matters in the other aspects while skating. 
  • Performance: The foremost factor is performance, which is your major goal. Hence, all of the well-made skateboards perform admirably. Consequently, I verified that all of the skateboards listed above perform at an elite level. Hence, you may buy trustworthiness, and all of them are excellent for newbies.
  • Lifetime: Another crucial consideration is the product’s durability or longevity. Therefore, it’s necessary that you should carefully read the reviews and only purchase those products that can run for an extended period of time.
  • Design: Another step is to consider the skateboard’s design. Meanwhile, you decide whether or not this design is appropriate for your skateboarding. Because the shape and design of your skateboards have an impact on your performance.
  • Printing: For art enthusiasts, printing is crucial. Consequently, the beauty of the skateboard is enhanced with vibrant artwork.

Bottom Lines

Skateboarding is a fantastic as well as a self-assured sport that keeps you energetic and athletic. Beginners may be nervous at first, but with regular practice and the nicest skateboards, you will become an incredible skater. As a result, I’ve chosen the best skateboards for beginners and adults for your convenience. So, if you have no idea where to shop for skateboards, you can rely on the above product reviews because they are all well-rated and premium skateboards.

Moreover, all of the skateboards are the greatest in terms of performance and endurance. In addition, you can purchase the best skateboard Shoes to go along with the skateboards. So, if you have any questions, you can ask them openly. Hence, I’m always excited to hear your response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the finest skateboard for a beginner?

All the skateboards that fulfill all your personal satisfaction are the best skateboards. I’ve compiled a list of the top skateboards for you.

  • Beleev skateboard
  • Cal complete mini cruiser 
  • Rimable complete 
  • WgiteFang complete 
  • KPC complete 
  • Retrospec quip 

Which skateboard brands are the best for beginners?

I’ve selected ten top skateboard brands that are the greatest for beginners.

  • Almost
  • Real
  • Blind
  • Enjoi
  • Antihero
  • Globe
  • Retrospec
  • Toy Machine
  • Element
  • KPC

How large should a beginner’s skateboard be?

It is vital for a newbie to begin skating with decks that are appropriate relative to their shoe size. The deck width for men’s shoe sizes 6.5″ to 9″ should be 7.5″ to 8.0″. A reasonable deck size for 9.5″ or larger shoes is between 8.0″ and 8.5″. If you’re shopping for the best skateboard shoes, skateguides has the finest rated and reviewed skate shoes for you.

Is it safe to ride a cruiser skateboard as a beginner?

Cruiser skateboards are ideal for beginners and longer skating sessions. I choose a retrospec quip skateboard as the best skateboard for cruising. Cruiser boards have nicely contoured decks, soft wheels, and are ideal for a long, comfortable ride.

Which skateboard is the most simple to learn?

Nothing is too difficult. To learn something new, all that is required is consistent practice, because only practice makes perfect. So, in my assessment, all of the skateboards listed above are superior and easier to learn to ride.

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