10 Best Skateboard Grip Tape Ultimate Guide 2023

The best skateboard grip tape is very important for successful skateboarding because it helps you to maintain excellent control of your board. Moreover, it also assists you to control friction between the board and your shoes as a result you maintain your balance.  Thus, grip tape plays the foremost role to protect you from injuries. The grip tape industry has been working since 1970 and a lot of changes have occurred in its productions. So, among the variety of products finding the best grip tape for skateboarding is a very difficult task. Therefore, I have reviewed the top 7 grip tapes that are superior in their performance.

There are a huge number of aspects that you should consider before buying the best skateboard grip tape. Because there is a lot of variety in coarseness, durability as well as other features. For this reason, I have to write complete information about grip tapes, their pros, and cons. I also write more information and share my self-experience with my skateboard grip tape. 

Top 10 Best Skateboard Grip Tape (Top Choice 2022)

In this article, I highlight the best-branded grip tapes that are remarkable due to their high-quality products. I also suggest you top 3 recommendations that also help you to buy the best grip tape. Overall, all of the products are flawless and premium so you buy any product without any hesitation or doubt. Because, I have already tested them all, discussed them with my fellow companions and then I reviewed them for you. So, buy, and enjoy your safe and fantastic skating experience.

1. Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Most grip tapes are relatively cheap therefore these are not good according to their quality. Jessup skateboard grip tape is inexpensive, durable, less grippy, as well as versatile.

Crucial Points

The Jessup brand has been around since 1975 and it is famous due to its superb standard products. Its grip tapes are best for everyone from newbies to expert skaters. 

Moreover, it also comes in a variety of sizes that make it perfect for skateboards, cruiser boards, and longboards. 

Jessup grip tape is long-lasting, as well as authentic skateboard grip tape. It has a superior bonding with the surface of the skateboard deck. Moreover, it provides you with enough grip to comfortably manage your skating. It never loses friction therefore it enhances your amusement level. 

Additionally, it is very easy to trim, adjust, and apply on the skateboard deck. Meanwhile, its surface never produces any bubbles that allow awesome stickiness.

The reliable grip tape roll is formed with Silicon carbide that provides excellent adhesiveness as well as being excellent for tough tricks. It has less grip than Mob therefore it is easy to break while its surface never damages your shoes. 

It provides more traction, adhesiveness, and control, therefore, best for skating in the parks and streets.

  • Excellent grip
  • Easy on the shoes
  • Silicon carbide grit
  • Nice for all types of boards
  • Durable and affordable
  • Variety in size and color
  • The smooth grip that wears rapidly
  • Sometimes it folds at the delivery time

Product Analysis

Overall, I love this grip tape. It has a multitude of varieties in size and colors. It provides sufficient grip and is easy on the shoes. Moreover, it is very affordable and has the best outstanding standard.

2. Black Widow Grip Tape

Black Widow Grip Tape

The Black widow grip tape has been available in the market for decades. It is the best skateboard grip tape and is good for skateboards, longboards, and cruising boards. Moreover, it has marvelous stuff and quality standards.

Crucial Points

The Widow brand has always remained popular among the past generations and the coming generations. Furthermore, it is made up of silicon material that is sturdy and fine. 

It comes with a 9 by 33 inches long sheet and is accessible in a variety of vibrant colors. All colors look charming and attractive but I love the black one.

Moreover, the most appealing thing about it is that it has weather-resistance properties. Meanwhile, it has a firm adhesive quality and therefore remains adhesive on the deck even in extreme temperature conditions. 

Additionally, it has a vivid black logo that is never damaged while folding. It is a very fine grip tape that is perfect for commuting and cruising. It is also nice for high-speed skating and tricky performance. 

Furthermore, it cuts or adjusts very easily so you can simply set it according to your board size.

  • Has a variety of colors
  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Has weather resistance property
  • Best for longboard and cruising
  • Survive even in extreme temperature
  • Not durable
  • Not has a variety in size

Product Analysis

In general, the black Widow is the best grip tape for those who want mellow rough, and smooth grip tape. You remain very comfortable and your shoes never slip on the deck. Moreover, it has a decent, modern, and Amazon choice.

3. Mr. Pen – Grip Tape

Mr. Pen - Grip Tape

Mr pen grip tape is the best tape for your skateboards as well as it is the number 1 seller on Amazon due to its standards. It is excellent for each type of board due to its awesome size. 

Crucial Points

Among the other brands, it is the best cheap and nice brand that fulfills your heart’s desire for a reasonably penny. Furthermore, it is made with quality silicon carbide material that is durable. 

The grip tape size is 10 by 36 inches, which is almost the best for all skateboards. It has high strength because of its strong 1/32 inch thickness. 

Additionally, the superior aspect is its bubble-free application that provides super adhesiveness. It is superb for every season because it never peels down in harsh environmental conditions. 

Whenever I buy,  cut, and trim the sandpaper sheet then it is very easy because it is very smooth. Its smoothness and easy trimming make it nice for skateboards and scooters. 

Moreover, it comes with a foam roller packing that you can also use on uneven deck surface.

  • Cheapest
  • Maximum grip
  • Super adhesiveness
  • Bubble free property
  • Has foam roller packing
  • Not peel on the cold and heat
  • Its adhesive wears down after a few months

Product Analysis

As a result, it is pretty good and you can use it for multiple purposes such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, longboards, handguns, car padding, etc. While it is well grippy, tricky, sticky, as well as perfectly working.

4. ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape

ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape

ZUEXT brand is the world-leading brand due to its high quality and best feature grip tape. I love its packing because it is flatly packed and wrapped with a plastic material so that it does not disturb shipping.

Crucial Points

ZUEXT brand was awarded due to high-grade grip tapes for bikes, skateboards, longboards, and all levels of riders. It has a high water resistance property as well as being easy to trim and cut. 

The size of grip tape is 11” by 50”, which is superior for electric skateboards from kids to adults. Furthermore, it has a multitude of barley size perforation holes that allow the air to pass across it. It also has a bubble-free application that never produces any bubbles while applying the sheet. 

Meanwhile, its thickness is 1.5mm and will never wear and tear rapidly. Moreover, the silicon carbide construction gives it more strength and durability. Its premium firm adhesiveness enables it to never peel in extreme situations. 

Elite-level adhesion and superb grip make it excellent for professional skateboarders. It has a nice grip that is best for tricks as well as providing awesome safety. 

To prevent creases, it comes with flat packing with high protection that retains the grip tape securely.

  • Reasonable
  • Water resistance
  • Offer warranty
  • Super high adhesiveness
  • Outstanding silicon carbide
  • Come with excellent packing
  • Coarse grit
  • It absorbs much dust and dirt

Product Analysis

Overall, it has great quality as well as a great price. It’s a reliable product as you see in the image you will get. It is pretty sturdy, functional, and durable.

5. Rayauto 47″ By 10″ Outdoor Grip Tape

Rayauto 47” By 10” Outdoor Grip Tape

One of the super and premium grip tapes for your electric skateboards and longboards is the Rayauto grip tape. Rayayuto brand’s first priority is the durability and strength of the product. 

Crucial Points

Rayauto outdoor grip tape is well sticky and helps you to provide safe and sound skateboarding. Its awesome design attracts you more and you love your skating hobby more. 

Although it is available in 19 vivid graphics, I like the wave design due to its very attractive color selections. 

It is made with an outstanding diamond that is a nice material and never damages rapidly. The 47” by 10” size grip tape is great for every board. You can easily trim and adjust it according to your board size. 

Furthermore, it has high outstanding qualities such as it has excellent resistance to water. Meanwhile, its surface is not slippy and your feet remain locked on the board deck. It also has wear resistance that makes it remain functional for a long time. 

Additionally, it has a lot of closer particles that manage the friction and provide a safe ride. It is best for cruising and for different tricks.

  • Beautiful and effective
  • High water resistance
  • Easy to curve and trim
  • Amazon choice
  • High-density diamond material
  • Delivery care needs to improve to

Product Analysis

I was worried about my longboard grip tape so my friend recommended this to me. After buying and applying it on my board, I feel that I’m flying in the sky. I never explain my feelings to you until you yourself buy and enjoy it.

6. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

The Mob is one of the best grip tapes in the grip tape world for your skateboard. It provides you elite level grip and no bubbles. Therefore, it performs all the important functions that a good grip tape has. 

Crucial Points

Mob grip tape makes you a pro skater due to its outstanding features that enable you to perform the best ollies, kickflip, and tre flips. Moreover, it has a sharp grip that keeps you firm on the board and prevents you from slipping while performing tricks. 

Furthermore, it is made with high-quality material with a huge number of holes that prevent the air to enter the grip tape and deck while applying the grip tape. So, it has awesome anti-bubble prosperity that is really marvelous. 

Additionally, it is excellent for those riders that want to perform like a pro and do tricky skateboarding. 

While the Mob skateboard grip tape is thin, it sticks to your board very well as compared to thick grip tape. 

It has waterproof, durable, and the best customization qualities but one negative aspect is that the coarse grit damages the shoes quickly.

  • Best for tricks
  • Anti-bubble feature
  • Usable for a long time
  • Well adherence property
  • Waterproof
  • Colors never fade off
  • Damage your shoes
  • Trim it carefully otherwise it will cut your skin

Product Analysis

All in all, the Mob skateboard grip tape is a very useful and premium product. Moreover, it has a nice aesthetic that never fades off with the passage of time. My personal experience of Mob grip tape is superb, fabulous,  and miraculous.

7. Black Diamond Sheet OF Skateboard Grip Tape

Black Diamond Sheet OF Skateboard Grip Tape

If you want a variety of designs and colors then the Black diamond brand is the best choice for you. Meanwhile, it has high customization, durability, sticking power, well grip, and cheap skateboard grip tape.

Crucial Points

The black diamond skateboard grip is accessible in 20 different colors and graphics that attract the buyer at the first sight. It makes your skateboard more stylish, decent, and beautiful. 

Moreover, it has a nice standard size of 9” by 33” is almost the best for different forms of boards. You can also trim it according to your desired size and style. 

Additionally, its surface is made with 80 grit silicon carbide that is heavy-duty and controls friction well. 

The most appealing feature is that it has a high adhesive feature like the glue that fixes on your board wonderfully. It never peels or wears down very quickly. 

Furthermore, it has a nice resistance to water and weather. So you can enjoy your skating in the rain or on a wet surface. However, I avoid using it in the rain because it causes some slippery on the wet terrain.

  • Cheap
  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Thick and long-lasting
  • Well customization
  • Easy to cut and adjust
  • Variety in size and colors
  • Slippery on the wet surface
  • Strong adhesiveness makes it difficult to peel off

Product Analysis

Overall, the Black diamond grip tape is very convenient, smooth, and works great. It is never creasy and has a good grip and stickiness. I apply it to my plastic skateboard and find it the perfect grip tape for my board.

8. Gonex Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Gonex Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Each brand has a unique quality that makes it exceptional from others. Unlike the other brands, Gonex skateboard grip tape is famous due to its excellent packing and its neat products. 

Crucial Points

Gonex grip tape has good customization and comes with a nice box packaging that protects the grip tape from deforming or creasing. It is available in three colors black, transparent, and marble but I like the black color most. 

Moreover, its size is 44” by 10 ¼”, which is superior for your skateboards, kick scooters, handguns, pistols, skate scooters, roller boards, slide plates, stairs, and many more. 

Furthermore, it is made with efficient carborundum material that has modest thickness and durability. The sheet of grip tape has high resistance against water, wear or tear, and slipping. It firmly fixes your feet on the deck so never allow your shoes to slip on its surface. Thus, help in the provision of amazing fantastic skateboarding. 

Meanwhile, it is built with rear glue that sticks well on the deck. Moreover, it has hundreds of small perforation holes that provide a way for air to escape. Therefore, it has a high anti-bubble application. 

Additionally, its designs are best for kids so if you want to buy grip tape for your kid board then it is the best skateboard grip tape.

  • Excellent packing
  • Built-in resin glue
  • Easy to install
  • Best for kids, teens, adults
  • Has multiple styles and colors
  • Design suitable for kids

Product Analysis

Overall, Gonex skateboard grip tape is best for newbies to expert skaters so everyone can buy it for multifunctions. Its high features such as tearproof, waterproof, not peeling, anti-slip, anti-wearing, and durability, make it the best grip tape on the skateboard.

9. BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

BooTaa is the best brand of skateboard grip tape that offers a lifetime warranty along with a highly durable product. It is a great grip tape not only for skateboards, but it is perfect for a multitude of purposes.

Crucial Points

BooTaa grip tape comes with many perforation holes that provide a passage for air escape and therefore have bubbles repelling application. Although it is not as grippy as other brands, it is perfect for cruising, longboards, skateboards, scooters, kick scooters, slide plates, roller boards, and many others.

It is exclusively formed with premium silicon carbide grit that does not wear or tear rapidly. 

Moreover, it has a 1.5mm thickness and has good sticky power that can bear extreme environmental conditions such as high or cold temperatures. It does not fade off after use. 

Furthermore, it has a 45.2” by 10.6” size that you can easily trim with a razor and adjust to the size of your electric boards, kid’s boards, adult scooters, and skateboards. 

Additionally, it comes with nice packing while it rolls in cheap plastic packing that never damages the product.

  • Tear-proof
  • Water resistance
  • High-level Durability
  • Silicon carbide grit
  • Avoid air bubbles
  • Reasonable
  • Sometimes color varies than shown in the image

Product Analysis

Overall, BooTaa grip tape is great for price and quality. It is very strong, durable, and does an awesome job. It is very simple to install, trim, and adjust the grip tape. I like BooTaa brand products due to their multifunctional properties.

10. Shake Junt Spray Skateboard Grip Tape

10. Shake Junt Spray Skateboard Grip Tape

Shake Junt is the best skateboard grip tape brand that has been providing its service for decades. It has an outstanding sheet that is not too sharp to damage your shoes. Moreover, it also offers a 100% warranty and durability. 

Crucial Points

Shake Junt grip tape is the best choice for beginners due to its excellent sharpness that increases the performance of the skater. As well as help in the provision of secure and amazing skateboarding. 

Additionally, its design is perfect to find out easily the nose and tail of the skateboards. It also has strong adhesiveness that never peels down quickly. 

The plus point of this grip tape is that you can use it in a humid climate because it has high resistance against water. Shake Junt also comes with a nice cool print and size. 

But the negative thing that irritates me most is that its color fades down very soon, which decreases the charm and beauty of the board. Another thing is that it absorbs dirt very rapidly.

  • Lovely grip
  • Never peel quickly
  • Has water resistance
  • Best for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Does not damage your shoes
  • Sometimes air bubbles form
  • Does not have variety in color and size

Product Analysis

In general, the Shake Junt brand is the superior grip tape brand due to its best qualities it became the Amazon choice. I have also used it for two years and still find it perfect for my lovely skateboard.

Top 3 Recommendations

  • Overall Best Grip Tape: Black widow grip tape is the best mellow skateboard grip tape that is an awesome quality vise, therefore, Amazon’s choice. 
  • Best Affordable Grip Tape: Mr. Pen grip tape is the best cheap grip tape and has a high ability to bear extreme environmental conditions. The Mr. Pen brand is the number 1 seller on Amazon. 
  • Premium Quality Grip Tape: Rayauto grip tape is an excellent sheet for electric skateboards and longboards as well as being an Amazon choice.

How To Buy The Best Skateboard Grip Tape (Buying Guide)

If you want to perform the best tricks and ollie then you do that without the finest grip tape. So, you must pay heed to the following factors before buying the best grip tape for skateboards. 

  • Grip Strength

The first thing to consider is the strength of the grip tape. Because it is very important to keep your feet comfortably on the skateboard deck. There are multiple good brands of grip tape but mostly professional skaters use Mob or Grizzly grip tape. 

But if you do skating just for fun or transportation then Jessup is a good option for you. Because it is cheaper and has good traction that never damages your shoes. 

  • Perforation

Most skateboards you buy have grip tape. But if you buy a new one then look carefully at the grip tape perforation holes. 

Mobs brand has tiny holes that are perfect for perforation. These holes enable you to easily display it on your skateboard without any bubbling. 

  • Design

Some skaters are design and graphic lovers. Therefore, they are always seeking some unique and colorful style products. So, if you are crazy about the color then Mob brand grip tapes are nice for you. If you love simple design then Jessup or other brands are excellent choices for you. 

How To Display A New Grip Tape On The Skateboard 

Grip tape is displayed on the top of the skateboard deck to enhance the performance of skateboard. There are many shapes of grip tapes available in the market. So if you have rectangular sheet grip tape then you must cut it. You cut the sheet of grip tape according to the shape of your board. 

Following are the main steps of applying a new grip tape on the skateboard.

  • Removal of trucks
  • Apply grip tape
  • Press the edge
  • Cut the grip tape
  • Smooth edges
  1. Removal Of Trucks

Without any attachment with the wheels and trucks, you apply the grip tape on the deck. You cover all bolts and then apply tape.

  1. Apply Grip Tape

You carefully apply a sheet of grip tape on the deck in such a manner that no air bubbles or traps enter between the board and grip tape. Because air bubbles cause your tape to rip very soon.   

  1. Press The Edge

The next step is to set the edge of the grip tape according to the deck size. By using the hard surface, you rub the edge of the deck and press against the grip tape. Press the edge until it is stuck at the edge of the deck.

  1. Cut The Grip Tape

The next step is to cut the extra portion of grip tape. You take a sharp knife or razor blade and cut down the extra tape from the deck. First, you make an exact angle and then cut in a steady motion. So that it cuts down in a decent look. 

  1. Smooth Edges

The final and most important step for those skaters who want to do tricky skateboarding. Collect all the scraps that you recently cut and rub them on the grip tape that you now apply on the deck. Rub it especially at the nose and tail portion because it makes it easier for you to perform various tricks. Moreover, it also prevents damage to your shoes.  

Caring For Grip Tape

The finest aspect is to keep your grip tape clean after applying. Some skaters never care about the grip tape of their skateboards as a result it looks dirty and their life span reduces. But I suggest you take care of it properly because self-care is well-done. Clean tape increases performance as well as looks lovely. 

Another thing is that if you buy plain or light color grip tape then it will absorb dirt rapidly. While the black or dark color or not look dirty soon. Moreover, there are many cleaners available in the market for cleaning grip tape. But I mostly use a belt sander cleaner and rubber erasers to keep my skateboard grip tape fresh and clean. 

How To Clean The Grip Tape In An Easy Way

  • Use grip cleaner

It is the simplest way to clean the grip tape. Simply take a piece of rubber and run it in the tape. It gets out all the dust and quickly cleans it. It is very easy and almost all skaters can clean in this way. 

  • Use coarse brush

Although it is a little bit tough as compared to using a cleaner. But it is the perfect method to keep your rough grip tape to convert into mellow grip tape. 

  • Use a toothbrush

The easiest method is to clean with the help of a toothbrush. You just wet the toothbrush and rub it in a circular way. It cleans all the bits of dirt as a result the grip tape looks shiny and clean. 


Which brands are the best for skateboard grip tape?

The most remarkable and reputable best grip tape brands are Mob, Jessup, Black diamond, Grizzly. All of these brand products are extraordinary and durable.

Which type of grip tape do professional skaters use?

Most professional skaters use high-standard quality skateboard grip tape that is manufactured by the best brands such as M-80, Mob, etc.

Is a clear plain grip tape good for skateboarding?

The plain grip tape is superb because it provides an excellent grip. Moreover, it completely locks your feet on the deck. Therefore, it plays a very superior role in outstanding skating. 

How do I clean and care for my grip tape?

There are three steps that enable your grip tape to be new and clean.

  • You just take a cup of water, add cleaner and rub gently on the tape.
  • With the help of a clean cloth, you dry down the grip tape surface.
  • You also clean it with a coarse brush, rubber piece, grip gum, or a toothbrush.

Which is the perfect time to change the grip tape?

It depends on your skating time. If you are a professional skater or skating daily then after a few months your board grip tape starts to wear down. Then, it’s time to change over your board grip tape. However, if you go skating off and on then you never need to change it after a few months. It will run for a long time. 

How do I keep my skateboard grip tape running for a long duration?

It is necessary to keep your grip tape clean and safe if you want to run it for a long interval of time. You avoid it from mud, dirt, dust, or anything that gets stuck with your shoes and then becomes part of the grip tape. So, if you are a beginner or pro you must take care of your grip tape as do skateboards. 

What is the range of price for buying a new grip tape?

Almost any good grip tape is available for under 10$ while if you want to buy colorful tape then it would be 15$. However, for the longboard grip tape, you may pay a little bit more than a normal skateboard. Mostly their range is 10$ to 30$. 


The selection of the best skateboard grip tape is very necessary because it plays a very efficient role to make your ride fantastic, safe, and amazing. It does not depend on whether you are a beginner or a professional skater, you always require the best grip tape for your skateboard. So, if you want to search for the best one then you have come to the right place. I have reviewed top grip tapes that are mostly Amazon choices and perform at high standards. 

I have chosen the best grip tape that runs extraordinary and makes your skateboard the most effective.  You can buy all the products reliably because I have tested all the grip tapes. I have also written the top 3 pics so if you’re confused about their selection then it will help you. Moreover, if you want to buy any other product related to skateboarding, you can get it from SkateGuides. So now buy, enjoy, and share your skating experience after using a new grip tape. Have a nice day. Thanks.

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