10 Best Skateboard Helmets For Protection & Safety

Helmets are a very important piece of safety for secure skating. Because skateboarding is a dangerous sport it’s necessary that you must protect yourself for protection. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the best skateboard helmets and protective measures enhance your confidence level. Although skateboarding is a very amazing and pleasurable hobby. But however, during skating, you may fall on the rough terrains, or you never maintain your body balance and fall down. Then, safety gear protects you from severe injuries and damage. 

There are huge benefits of wearing a helmet while skating. It protects your skull from fractures or other serious head trauma. Safety is the first priority no matter what activity you want to do. So, safety precautions are the foremost aspect of enjoyable skating. Now, the question is how do I select my best skateboard helmet? But you come to the right place here, I suggest you most appropriate and reasonable price skateboard helmets that provide you protection as well as look decent and stylish.


Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet

Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet
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  • Molded 3-D design
  • Duel Certified
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Shock absorbing EBS covering

Thousand Heritage Collection Skating Helmet

Thousand Heritage Collection
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  • Best for various sports
  • Fulfill all safety standards
  • Leather adjustable strap
  • Accessible in 12 vibrant colors

JBM Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

JBM Dual Certified Helmet
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  • Adjustable straps
  • Best for kids to adults
  • Has high-level resistance
  • Best for multi-sport performance

10 Best Helmets for Skateboarding -Buying Guide 2022

I’m a lover of skateboarding therefore, I also cover myself very carefully for skating. For this purpose, I want every skating lover to also have a secure and best skating experience. As a result, I have reviewed the 10 best skateboard helmets that are premium, and comfortable, along with the best budget helmets. 

I also write pros and cons and top 3 recommendations for your ease. All of these are very reliable and safe, which gives you awesome riding. So, never weigh, just select one of the premium helmets and enjoy your favorite safe skating. 

1. JBM Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

JBM Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

The JBM skateboard helmet is very flexible and perfect for multisport activities including roller and inline skateboarding, longboard skating as well as bike riding. 

This model is designed for kids as well as adults. Moreover, it has a variety of colors that makes it most attractive and charming. 

But it is remarkable as well as best kids skateboard helmet. But due to its strong construction, it is excellent for professional skaters. 

The JBM helmet brand has its own size chart that the small size is 18.1”-19.7”, medium 19.7”- 22.8”, and large 20.9”- 23.2”. These three sizes provide you with an opportunity to choose your head-size helmet. 

Moreover, it has an adjustable strap that is flexible to fit and unisex which is perfect for men, women, boys, and girls. 

The outer region of the skateboard helmet is made with PVC and PC material while the outside has EPS foam that has a high impact bearing capacity. All these materials make the helmet the best for head safety. 

The multiple ventilation holes inside the helmet allow the air to flow across the helmet. Therefore, its aerodynamic design inhibits sweating and keeps the head cool. It is nice for professional skaters because it reduces the temperature and provides relaxing riding. 

JBM is a registered brand and renowned due to its high-quality protective gear. It also offers you a guarantee and is also available at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, it has dual certification from CPSC and ASTM which is a positive point.

  • Adjustable straps
  • Best for multi-sport performance
  • Come with a nice storage bag
  • Has many ventilation holes
  • Has high-level resistance
  • Best for kids to adults
  • Has dual certification CPSC & ASTM
  • Straps has low-quality 
Overall, the JBM skateboard helmet is perfect and also has premium quality.

2. Razor V 17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

If you want the best-looking helmet then Razor V 17 helmet is specially designed for you. It provides you with good protection along with a stylish look. Moreover, it is best for many sports whether you want to use it for skateboarding, biking, or other sports riding. 

The Razor helmet is available in four vibrant colors at an affordable price. The inside of the helmet has ergonomic interior padding that prevents the head from scraping. 

The 17 ventilation holes on the top and aside from the helmet allow airflow and keep the head cool as well as fresh. Meanwhile, it has a side-release buckle that can easily adjust from a single hand during skating or biking. 

Furthermore, its outer layer is made with a high-quality plastic material that fulfills the CPSC standards. Like other brands, Razor also has a head size ranging from 22 to 23.5 inches. Hence, it is good for kids from the age of 8-14 years old.

  • Affordable
  • Decent looking helmet
  • Comfort and thick padding
  • Secure buckle
  • 17 side and rear vents
  • Best gift for kids
  • Nice for 8-14-year-olds
  • The strap needs to adjust properly
  • Inner foam layers start breaking after a short period of time
In general, the Razor multi-sport helmet is a perfect protective headgear that is superior to Amazon's choice.

3. Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet

Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet

If you are looking for a most fashionable and nice stylish skateboard helmet then the Krash helmet is an excellent choice for you. It is the best cool skateboard helmet for the youth. 

It is excellent for biking and skateboarding, so if you want to make your journey more adventurous, Krash is really a thing that can do this. 

Additionally, it has awesome spikes on the back of the helmets that look gorgeous. These spikes are made with rubber material as well as the helmet has multi-color graphics that enhance its beauty. Moreover, these spikes never pinch or harm you when you touch them.

For snug-fitting, the helmet has nice adjustable nylon straps that enable you to set them according to your personal comfort. It also has aerodynamic vents that keep your head cool. Therefore, it provides you freshness in hot season skating.

Moreover, it has expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner foam construction that enables it best for protective gear. The pads caution inside the helmet remains your head comfy. 

It complies with US CPSC and ASTM safety standards and is best for kids above 5 years old, teens, and adults. 

Its color selection is very vivid. Moreover, its colorful inner padding and cool dark shade outside look charming. Its fitness is good for those that have a head size of 54cm-58cm which is mostly recommended for 8-year-old individuals.

  • Has a unique vivid design and color
  • Gorgeous rubber spikes on the backside
  • Molded 3-D design
  • Shock absorbing EBS covering
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Certified with dual safety standards
  • Spikes fall apart after a short time
  • It has no chin clamps
Overall, the Krash skateboard helmet is cool, soft, durable, and stylish. All these qualities make it a skater as well as Amazon's choice.

4. Triple Eight Helmet With Sweatsaver Liner

Triple Eight Helmet With Sweatsaver Liner

A triple eight skateboard helmet is a very stylish, rubber helmet that is available in 10 different vibrant colors. It is the best gift for matte finish lovers. Its wide range of colors and sizes makes it delightful for teens and adults. Moreover, it is used for a variety of sports. 

The most appealing feature of Triple eight is its sweat-saver technology and EPS hard form. It enables the helmets stink-free, absorbs all moisture, and is easily removable for cleaning. 

The EPS hard foam version makes it perfect for skateboarding as well as rolling. Furthermore, the 360-degree padding enhances the helmet security level thus making it the most protective gear. 

For ventilation, there are multiple vents holes that maintain the airflow that keeps the head cool. So, you feel very energetic even if you skate the whole day. Moreover, its Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) protection in the outer shell makes it safe for pro skaters. 

You determine your proper head size and match it with 5 sizes that are available by brand. It also offers 180 days warranty after receiving the helmets. 

The awesome thing is that it is the top helmet brand that has been manufacturing its product for 18 years. Therefore, all of its products are strong, sturdy, as well as durable.

  • Adjustable strap
  • Moisture absorbing ability
  • Multiple vents for airflow
  • Construct with plastic and ABS material
  • Removable sweat saver for cleaning
  • Available in wide variants of sizes and colors
  • Not intended for a bicycle helmet
  • Not certified with CPSC, ASTM, or CE safety certifications
As a result, the Triple eight helmet is nice for teens and adults. It's awesome for roller skating, and skateboarding. I also have this and find it the most premium superb skating helmet.

5. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet

Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet

The Retrospec helmet is not a full-face helmet but gives you a feel like a full-face helmet. It is tested and approved by various certificates like CPSC, ASTM, CE, and many more. All these certificates prove that it is a highly authentic and high-standard helmet. 

It comes with pairs of interchangeable pads that help for the provision of perfect fitness. Moreover, the 10 vents keep your head cool and comfortable therefore great. 

Meanwhile, t is constructed with premium Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material that makes it long-lasting. Furthermore, the ABS is surrounded by superior standard EPS foam that ensures safety and calm feelings.

Additionally, Retrospec brand helmets are made in such protective manners that make the helmet best for multi-sports such as bikes, skateboards, roller skating, longboards, and scooters. 

It is available in a variety of colors and also has a range of sizes. Its smallest size is 51-55cm, while the largest is 59-63cm so you can select whatever you want. It is recommended for riders who are above 14 years old.

  • Multi-color choices
  • Has perfect sizes
  • Well protective
  • Nice for many supports
  • Approved by many safety tests
  • The high-quality material used for construction
  • Some people issues with its sizing
In short, the Retrospec Dakota helmet is the best protective helmet that is also excellent for commuters due to its lightweight.

6. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Skateboard Helmet

A flybar skateboard helmet is accessible at a very affordable price that making it the finest for beginners. Meanwhile, it is great for bicycling, inline rolling, BMX, tricky skateboarding, and biking, as well as perfect for multiple sports activities. 

Protection is the main purpose of helmets that is reliably fulfilled by the Flybar brand. Meanwhile, it is the best-certified skateboard helmet with dual safety standards CPSC and ASTM. 

Furthermore, it is an awesome helmet that provides more protection at high-speed performance. It has a strong ABS outer shell and EPS inner foam lining. All that has more potential to protect you from sudden shocks and impacts. 

The spinal dial and chin strap provides perfect fitness and size adjustment. Moreover, the 12 helmet vents keep your head cool and provide fresh feelings. Moreover, these vents enable your ride amazing on the hot days of summer practices. 

Its most attractive aspect is the wide range of choices in color. It is available in nine different colors and designs. All provide equal protection whether you buy a cool printed style or simple solid matte color. 

In addition to variations in colors and graphics, it has 3 different sizes-small, medium, and large which makes it important for kids to adults.

  • Available in plain and printed style
  • Shock absorbing ability
  • Stylish larger vents
  • Has dual certification
  • Has spin-dial and chin strap for size setting
  • Strap quality needs to enhance
Overall, Flybar is a sturdy, well-made, and comfortable helmet that runs for a long time with elite-level performance.

7. Thousand Heritage Collection Skating Helmet

Thousand Heritage Collection Skating Helmet

A beautiful, stylish, and nicely crafted helmet is mainly for those who want fashionable along with a more sophisticated product. Moreover, it is unisex, therefore, excellent for everyone.

It has 12 vivid colors that also give you an option to select your favorite color. Thousand brand-made helmets are lighter in weight and very functional. It has three cooling channels and seven vents for airflow and has a good anti-theft policy. 

The strap is made of leather and sustainable microfiber. Furthermore, the dial fit system on the back of the helmet enables you to loosen and tighten it according to your requirement. 

Additionally, it is also approved by CE 1078, CPSC, and ASTM  F1492 to prove its sturdiness and strength level. Heritage helmet is good for biking, bicycling, roller skating, and skateboarding.  

Moreover, the plus point of this helmet is that it has a patent-pending lock that secures your helmet if you leave it somewhere. It also offers an accident replacement guarantee.

  • Awesome looking helmet
  • Fulfill all safety standards
  • Accessible in 12 vibrant colors
  • Leather adjustable strap
  • Best for various sports
  • Little bit expensive
Overall, I love the Thousand brand due to its lock system and nice style.  It's really great once you buy it, always you'll enjoy it.

8. OutdoorMaster Skating Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skating Helmet

Outdoormaster skateboard helmets are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. It is great for kids, teens, and adults. It has been approved by dual safety standards and certified by CPSC and ASTM. Moreover, it is excellent for biking, skateboarding, cycling, BMX, MTB, etc. 

The shock-absorbing EPS core and high-resistance ABS shell make the helmet durable as well as enhance its ability to withdraw from dangerous accidents or head trauma.

Furthermore, the two removable liners enable you to set the helmet according to your desired fitness. Consequently, when liners get dirty you can remove and wash them. 

If you don’t like helmets due to heat or sweating in the hot summer then Outdoormaster is really a master for you. The smooth relaxable 12 ventilation holes keep you fresh and avoid your head from sweating or smelling. 

Additionally, the nice adjusted and durable dial also provides you with comfy fitness. Moreover, the skin-friendly chin strap also enables the helmet to best fit your head and provide you with a delightful pleasurable ride.

  • Has dual certification
  • Variety in colors
  • Has two removable liners
  • 12 ventilation holes
  • Skin-friendly chin-strap
  • Best for all age skaters and multi-sports
  • No cons yet I feel
All in all, Outdoormaster is the best skateboard helmet that remains your companion in the whole of your journey. Moreover, its sturdy construction and nice features make it an Amazon choice.

9. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-tec is a nice brand that has a very decent look and is excellent for all sports riding. It has a high-standard ABS shell that gives your best protection. 

Like all other famous brands, Pro-tec also fulfills all the safety standards therefore it is CPSC and  ASTM compliant. 

Moreover, the molded pads and 11 ventilation holes perform superiorly. It has adjustable straps that you can use with buckles. A pro-tec helmet enables you to adjust it according to the shape and size of your head. 

Furthermore, it is available in three range sizes, its small size is 52-54cm, while its largest range is 62-64cm. Pro-tec is a very reliable brand that has been serving customers for 50 years.

  • Padding well-adjust on head
  • Light-weight helmet
  • Color options
  • Best skating and biking
  • 11 ventilation holes
  • Liner-pad quality needs to enhance
All of its helmets are of outstanding quality so you can buy a Pro-tec helmet without any hesitation. 

10. Triple Eight Gotham Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Skateboard Helmet

Like other Triple brand products, the Triple 8 Gotham helmet is also the best skateboard helmet. It is very safe because it is certified with CPSC and ASTM F1492 safety standards. Moreover. It is acceptable for biking, skating, rollerblading, BMX, and bicycling.

In addition, the conehead liner is formed with collapsing cones that bear energy and distribute force equally. Moreover, the outer portion of the helmet is made with ABS plastic material that provides extraordinary cool and charming sensations.  

Additionally, the EPS foam inside the helmet gives comfort and light feelings. It has two pairs of removable, sweat saver pads that make it further comfy. 

Meanwhile, the adjusted chin-strap and dial system enable the helmet to best fit your head while performing tricks on the skateboard. 

It has a variety in color and sizes so select anyone according to your choice.

  • Dual certified
  • Comfortable and light
  • Safe and well fitted
  • Has gorgeous look
  • Best for biking and skating
  • Best for teens and adults
  • Does not has MIPS
Overall, the Triple 8 Gotham helmet has fabulous style, comforts, and safety. It has perfect fitness and protection levels.

Top 3 Recommendations

  • Best Durable And Secure Skateboard Helmet: Thousand heritage collection skating helmet is the best skateboard helmet due to their excellent latest lock system and durable quality.
  • Best Stylish Skateboard Helmet: Krash-Youth + Mohawk helmet is the stylish coolest skateboard helmet that has superb spikes as well as Amazon choice.
  • Best Affordable Skateboard Helmet: JBM dual-certified skateboard helmet is affordable, flexible, and best for multiple sports.

Best Skateboard Helmets Buying Guide

I have picked the 10 best skateboard helmets but there are some important aspects which need to consider while buying a great skateboard helmet. So, you must consider the following factors while choosing your helmet. 

One setback of our thought is that we do not consider helmet a necessary part of skateboarding and do not invest more in it. But it is my request that you spend a little more penny on a good helmet rather than risking yourself. 

  • Style/Design

There are three types of best skateboard helmets that are most common: classic, full-cut, and face-cut. 

Classic Helmets: These styles of helmets are the most common and very nice. They usually cover from the middle of the forehead to the neck region. Meanwhile, these are light weighted and have proper holes in the ear region for ventilation. 

Full-cut Helmets: These helmets provide more coverage as compared to a classic style. Moreover, these are a little bit heavier and provide the finest protection. They completely cover your ears and the back of your neck region. 

Face-cut Helmets: These are full-face helmets that provide elite-level protection and safety. They fully cover your ears and the neck area. Moreover, they are generally best for electric skateboarding, downhill skating, or long-distance skating. Additionally, these are lighter and provide good vision. 

  • Fitness

Another important factor is the fitness of the helmet on your head portion. If you don’t buy the best-fitted helmets then you just waste your money and time. 

So you must carefully measure your head size and then buy an exact match helmet. These are some steps that you’ll do before buying.

  • You take a measuring tape for size measurement.
  • You start measuring from 2.5cm above your forehead.
  • Then, measure the whole portion around the complete head region. 
  • Mark each region very carefully and note it down.
  • Keep this measurement along with you when purchasing a new helmet. 

It helps you to buy a nice size helmet thus you’re able to buy the most appropriate one. 

  • Ventilation Holes

One reason for disliking the helmet is its hotness. Moreover, sweat and moisturizers accumulate in the head causing problems. Therefore, most skaters do not buy helmets for this reason. However, if you buy the best-ventilated helmet then it will never cause any problem. 

So, for buying you must look at the ventilation holes on the head and a side portion of helmets. These absorb the sweat and moisturizer from your head which provides you with cooling sensations. 

Mostly, ventilated safety gears are available for 70$ to 200$ which is a little more expensive than without holes in helmets. But one time you spend money on a premium product, then your whole life will be safe. 

  • Straps

Straps are also important because they enable the helmet to fit properly. There are also multiple strapping options. You can choose your loveliest one. But I like the V-shape beneath the ear region. 

Moreover, the retention system stabilizes the helmet weight by distributing weight equally over the head portion. This mechanism allows you to lose or tighten your straps properly.

Mostly, helmets have locking features or adjustment knobs that help the user to maintain the helmet in a good manner. Furthermore, some helmets have removable padding which is great because they are easy to wash and clean. 

  • Safety Certification

Cheap helmets are not constructed with high-quality material. Therefore, they won’t have safety certification. So, they don’t have much ability to protect you from head injuries. Meanwhile, high-quality helmets have safety certifications that vary from country to country. 

Furthermore, in the US, you can find a CPSC 1203 certified skate helmet while in Europe it is CE EN 1078. However, other countries like Australia and New Zealand do not have any standards like them. 

For certification, the helmet passes through a safety test where its qualities and features are checked. When the helmet fulfills all the safety requirements then tag with a certificate. 

  • Color & Graphics

Color is the thing that makes a particular product most appealing and attractive. Brands offer good colorful and printed helmets. So, you can choose your loveliest color and graphic helmet. 

  • Cost

You can buy a nice skateboard helmet at a different price according to your own budget. An excellent helmet can be bought for between 25$ and to 140$. But you must buy it because your safety is my first concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it necessary to wear a helmet while skating?

Yes, whether you are a newbie or an expert skater, you always need a helmet for your security. It protects you from a lot of damaging situations. Therefore, it is very necessary to spend a little bit more on it.

2. What size of a helmet is appropriate for me?

You must measure your head size and then buy an appropriate one. Moreover, some brands have their size charge although their size varies from brand to brand. 

But generally, its minimum size is 21 inches and its largest is 25.5 inches. So you assure your size and choose the best one.

3. Which helmet did Tony Hawk use during skateboarding?

The certified sweat saver helmet, BMX, and Action sports are some helmets Tony Hawks used while skating.

4. Which brands are remarkable as the best skateboard helmet brands?

Although there are multiple brands that are remarkable, I highlight the 5 best helmet brands. 

  • Triple 8 sweatsaver
  • Triple 8 certified sweatsaver
  • Pro-tec classic certified EPS
  • Pro full cut
  • Pro-tec classic

5. Which helmets do a pro skater wear?

Professional skaters mostly buy premium and sturdy skateboard helmets. They want more protection therefore, they buy the best-branded skateboard helmets. I have a Pro-tec helmet, it is very trustworthy as well as high quality. It guarantees protection, therefore, fulfills all the standards of safety.


Helmets are very crucial, especially in skateboarding. Many skaters never pay heed to wear a helmet. As a result, they put themselves in danger because no matter how good a skater you are, accidents or injuries can happen anywhere.

So, its first priority is to keep yourself safe and secure. So, I advise you to wear the best skateboard helmet before riding. Moreover, you just spend money one time to buy a sturdy helmet and enjoy your safe and pleasurable skateboarding or any other ride you want. I have reviewed all the best brand skateboard helmets that are decent looking, excellent quality, and have enchanting features. So, never hesitate to buy any helmet because all are top skateboard helmets. If you require more help you can ask. Moreover, if you want to buy the best skateboard deck or any object related to skateboarding, you can get it from skateguide. Have a safe journey. Stay happy and safe. Thanks.

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