9 Good Knee Pads For Skateboarding (Ultimate Guide)

Skateboarding is really amazing as well as an awesome sport that provides you with the good sensations of happiness. But it is a physical game that makes you energetic while also causing injuries by falling. So, it is necessary to protect yourself first. If you wear the best skateboard knee pads then they will protect your knees from the side effects of falling. Whether you are a beginner or a professional skater, you must use protective gear.

According to professional skaters and sports, medical health care recommends the wearing of good skateboard knee pads. These pads fix on your knees therefore you will feel comfortable, safe, and confident. Are you newbies to skating and don’t know about the importance of safety gear? In this article, I will give you complete detail related to knee pads, their authentic reviews, and general information. Once you buy sturdy skateboard knee pads then they will protect you for a long time. So never consider that you are wasting money. Actually, you spend money for your safety and security.

Top 9 Premium Skateboard Knee Pads (Buying Guide)

The excellent knee pads are always light-weighted, well adjustable, well-styled, and durable. I have tested a lot of brands of knee pads but after a long-term search, I select only the 9 best skateboard knee pads brands. All of them are super best and have nice quality and features. I have chosen all category knee pads that are good from kids to adults, ladies to men. Meanwhile, different price categories offer you to choose a pair of knee pads according to your budget.

1. PHZ Knee Pads Kids/Youth/Adults

PHZ Knee Pads Kids/Youth/Adults

PHZ knee pads are very great protectors due to their excellent protective features. These are very sturdy, adjustable, super thick cushions, and nicely made. These are really very comfortable therefore I love them too much. 

Crucial Points

PHZ protective gears are available in complete sets that include knee, elbow, and wrist pads. These are available in seven vibrant colors and 4 different sizes that are best for all age users. 

The most impressive thing about the PHZ brand knee pads is that they are made of supreme materials that are durable as well as cozy. Meanwhile, these pads are made with premium quality polypropylene shells (PP) and thick EVA layers. Both of them have high resistance to bear shock impacts as well as abrasions. 

Furthermore, the next attractive aspect of the brand is that it has an outer shell covering. The outer side of the knee pads has excellent plastic plates that provide the finest protection. While the shape of the shell cap is also perfect, they fit best on the knees. 

These knee pads have the finest adjustment straps that are very elastic and well fit your knees. While the velcro closures also enable the pads to well fit kids to adults. 

Additionally, protective gear sets have excellent breathability due to liner fabric and polyester. These have well ventilation holes that provide cooling and freshness while riding. 

These pads provide awesome safety as well as are approved by CE certification. These are best for skateboarding, climbing, biking, rolling, cycling, and many other sports. 

Due to their versatility and brilliant design you can pay gifts to the boys and girls on special occasions.

  • Have 3-in-1 pack
  • Excellent PP caps
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Ventilation polyester
  • Best for multiple sports
  • Thick, high-density EVA foam padding
  • For adults, size should be needed to enhance


Overall, I am feeling happy after wearing these pads during ice skating. These are well performance and heavy-duty pads that secure you from the injuries of falling. Their quality is super while also worth the price.

2. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

Pro-tec knee pads are super comfortable, well built, and good pads. These are superbly fit, with nice padding, while adjusted appropriately. These are affordable and long-lasting. 

Crucial Points

Pro-tec street knee pads have a full sleeve finish behind the soft padding. While the dual straps provide you with more stability and snugness. Primarily, these straps have full-size wrap hooks along with loop fasteners that secure the pads on the knees. Therefore, these straps enable you to tight or loose the pads according to your personal desires. 

In addition, the neoprene rubber constructions make them very elastic and flexible. Meanwhile, these knee pads have a tensile lycra interior that is superb.  This material is very elastic and durable therefore known to be used for forming different types of apparel. Thus, it makes the pads strong from the inside.

Moreover, these knee pads are cost-effective and comfy. Although these come with only knee pads, they work superbly. The Pro-tech brand is very reliable and has been working in the market for 45 years. It is very remarkable due to its stylish products. 

But one negative aspect of these knee pads is that they have no proper ventilation holes therefore they are too hot. These pads are best for the winter season.

  • CE certified
  • Cost-effective
  • Full sleeve knee pads
  • Flexible and well adaptable
  • Synthetic rubber construction
  • Interior side elastic due to lycra-material
  • Not perfect for the summer season


All in all, these pads are good and wrap the knee comfortability. While the velcro straps also provide good adjustability. These are very affordable as well as premium so I am happy with them.

3. Dark Lightning Knee Pads

Dark Lightning Knee Pads

The Dark lightning brand is the best, safe, stylish, nice breathable knee pads brand. Meanwhile, the reasonable price along with the 12 months warranty is really amazing as well as appealing. 

Crucial Points

Drak lightening knee pads are quite safe due to their full sleeve design. The soft, smooth, breathable fabrics place them on the knee comfortably. Thus, they will never cause itching or any discomforts around the knee portion. 

The two thick elastic bands give you good fitness and never cause problems whether you are jumping, climbing, bending, running, or curving. While the velcro tapes of the pads are also wide and perform well. Therefore, pads never move across and fix at their position the whole day. 

Furthermore, the stretch fabric and awesome curve style allow blood circulation normally. So you never feel any tension in your muscles. 

Additionally, the exterior caps and the thick PVE shell provide a high power of resistance against the impacts. Along with the PVE shell, the thick foam at the interior side pads provides softness and high protection. Thus, both materials combine to work superbly. 

These knee pads are excellent for any type of sports whichever you want. Moreover, these are washable so after washing they look like a new pair of pads.

  • High-density PVE shell
  • High breathable fabrics
  • Best for a variety of sports
  • Offers 12-month warranty
  • Never tensile your muscles
  • Excellent fitness and softness level
  • Little heavy than other pads


Overall, dark lightning knee pads are good for me. These pads save me a lot of time when I skate my electric skateboard. Moreover, I love their style and decent look.

4. IPSXP Knee Pads SET


If you are looking for the best set of protective gear that is superb for kids, teenagers, and adults then IPSXP safety gears are the best choice for you. These are the best cheap skateboard protective gear sets.

Crucial Points

IPSXP knee, elbow, and wrist pads are available in six different colors and are suitable for all ages. These pads are the finest for all types of sports. Thus, you remain 100% secure after wearing them. 

Moreover, these pads are made with premium polypropylene material that is very durable. While their sleeves are formed with breathable nylon material that is super. 

Additionally, the EVA foam has high shock bearing resistance and adds further softness to the gears. These pads provide you with excellent protection but also have nice elasticity and convience. 

Furthermore, the various adaptable closures enable you to adjust their size according to your body size. So, these are perfect fit for your body. 

While the nice compression in pads remains the body safe as well as enables the body to maintain the right position while riding. 

In addition, these pads are best for skateboarding, cycling, longboarding, rolling, and many more.

  • Lightweight and soft
  • Well adjustable straps
  • High-impact EVA foam
  • Good for different sports
  • Variety in color and sizes
  • Premium material construction
  • Size not good for adults


All in all, the IPSXP brand knee pads are really affordable and have super quality. I am literally surprised that such cheap pad sets have nice performance. These are superb cool skateboard knee pads. I highly recommend them.

5. NoCry Professional Knee Pads

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

NoCry knee pads are very professional pads that allow you to quickly wear or remove. Their ergonomic design and sturdy construction make them best for daily routine skaters. 

Crucial Points

NoCry knee pads have a superb protected style that provides the feeling of softness and cool sensations. Interior EVA foam padding and squashy gel core paddings provide a good cushion that supports the sensitive knees. 

Moreover, the thick poly shield performs heavy-duty and protects your knees from cuts or scraps while falling on rough terrains. Meanwhile, the 600D polyester provides a nice breath whether you use the pad the whole day.  

The straps are made with neoprene material that fixes the pads on your knees. While the elasticity of straps best fits the pads. The buckle clips enable you to put off and on the pads easily. 

Additionally, these pads are best for pro men and women who either use them for any sports safety or for doing heavy jobs such as construction, etc. While the flat cap prevents them from falling or slipping when you do work on uneven surfaces. They will never feel extra, you remain comfortable and secure the whole day.

Furthermore, the NoCry brand introduced modern and premium metal rivets that remain in their place. So, if you feel any problem related to the rivet, you can contact them for a replacement.

  • Cap fits excellently
  • Simple to put on and off
  • Well-upgraded metal rivet
  • Have dual adjustable straps
  • Best for professional workers
  • Breathable material construction
  • Rarely rivet may cause the problem


As a result, NoCry professional knee pads have the best performance, fitness, and great price. I have had these pads for more than 7 years and still use them. Moreover, these are also washable, that’s their plus point.

6. Skatewiz Skateboard Knee Pads

Skatewiz Skateboard Knee Pads

If you want full coverage cap design knee pads then the Skatewiz brand comes with such pads for you. These are available in 3 colors and all sizes from children to adults. Like other remarkable brands, Skatewiz is also a good protective gear brand.

Crucial Points

Skatewiz brand offers a complete set of protective gears including knee, elbow, and wrist pads. These pads are wide thus fully covering the particular part and providing complete protection. 

Moreover, the excellent loop straps and well-adjusted hook enable you to adjust the size nicely. While the synthetic fabrics that are used for their construction are well perforated which allowing ventilation for comfort. 

Additionally, the 3 layers of ABS plastic shell and two foam layers are organized in such a great manner. These layers give you good impact absorption and you feel soft and easy. 

Meanwhile, these pads provide you ample protection due to their super-wide size. While the super-strong metal buckles and metal rivet pads enable you to carve on the skatepark or on the streets.

These pads do not come only in complete package but also in durable parts. Like the knee pad, elbow and wrist pads also perform extraordinarily. These pads are also approved by safety standards such as CPSC, CE, and CP65.

  • Complete wide pads
  • Variety in color and sizes
  • Wide coverage cap design
  • Offers a mesh bag for storage
  • CPSC, CE, and CP65 certified
  • 3 layers of ABS and a single foam layer
  • Velcro tape is too short


Overall, Skatewiz pads are really concrete. I find them very amazing as well as secure. These are cool skateboard pads that remain functional for a long time and save you a lot. Good product, I highly recommend this one.

7. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox brand knee pads are very thick, spongy, and anti-slip. These are wonderful pads that do their job superbly. Thus, you can save your knees by spending a small amount of money. 

Crucial Points

These knee pads are available in two different ergonomic designs and are equally the best fit for everyone. These have good durable padding that bears the resistance and high shocks. 

Moreover, these are made of outstanding standard materials such as 45% polyester, 23% rubber, and 30% Eva material. 

These are very convenient, lighter, and flexible. So after wearing these pads, you can perform any type of ride or do any task which you want to perform. Due to their lightweight, you never feel anything extra or irregular on your body. 

Furthermore, the best thing is that these pads have no velcro or straps but they are very nicely placed on the knee. Amazingly, these have a good grip therefore they never slip and you feel at ease. 

In addition to these pads are not only for your defense but you can also use them for the reduction of knee pain through compressions. These also allow good circulation of blood and never cause any itching or discomfort. 

But one disadvantage about the flattening of the foam causes some irritation after long-term use. Otherwise, it is superb.

  • Non-slippery pads
  • No straps or velcro tape
  • Modern with two designs
  • Best for knee muscle pain
  • Flexible, lighter, & comfortable
  • Never need proper adjustment
  • Foam padding starts flattening soon


In general, Bodyprox gears are the best flexible knee pads. These are very simple to wear and best for outdoor tasks. This brand is effective due to its quality as well as worth price.

8. CRZKO Knee Pads

CRZKO knee pads fit snugly and are best for kids. Your kids feel comfortable and easy while skating or on other rides. These are easy to apply and safe. You feel very secure when your kid wears them.

Crucial Points

If you find the best simple knee pads for your child then CRZKO brands solve your problem. These are very lightweight and therefore excellent for kids and teens. 

These have a strong protection layer of PVC shell that provides first-level defense from scratches and damages. Meanwhile, the soft internal EVA pad defends you from buffering impacts. 

In addition to the well-perforated fabric liner that remains cozy and relaxable. These liner fabrics wrap the knee in such a way that never traps heat inside. Furthermore, the velcro straps allow you any direction movement while skating or sporting.  

Therefore, you never need to worry when your child plays hard and dangerous sports. Wearing a helmet and protective gear secure you completely from all-around hazards.

These gears come with a pair of knee, elbow, and wrist pads along with the super carrying bag.

While the only disadvantage of the CRZKO pads is that their pads are very tight that rub the sensitive skin of the child.

  • Nice PVC shell
  • Simple and light
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Best for kids and teenagers
  • Affordable and complete set
  • Well caution internal EVA padding
  • Too tight straps rub the rider’s skin


Overall, CRZKO is a good brand of protective gear for kids and teenagers. Due to the variety of colors, you can choose any color which your child likes. Meanwhile, most users love and recommend them.

9. Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set

Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set

Triple eight protective gear brand is the best and number 1 seller on Amazon. These pads are pretty decent, simple, and great for beginners. Awesome quality with spending some amount of money.

Crucial Points

The most convenient and comfy pads set are Triple eight pads. These pads are formed with superior quality fabrics and durable EVA foam padding that provide a pleasurable feeling whatever type of riding you do. 

Moreover, the polycarbonate caps that are wide and full cover the knees as well allow free term movements. The shape of the cap is really exceptional and suitably fits your knees. 

Furthermore, these pairs of knee pads are superb for adults, men, and women. Meanwhile, the sleeveless design and wide shape pads allow you to easily put off and on the gears. 

The straps are also wide as well as well-adjusted. There are proper kooks and loops across the straps for losing and tightening. 

The most appealing thing is that these are the best combination of style and protection. These are nicely fitted therefore you never need to bend for their adjustment while skating. 

One drawback of these knee pads is that they are perfect for heavy persons that have huge thick thighs. However, these are perfect for slim individuals and teenagers.

  • Easy to carry
  • Flexible and soft
  • Secure and stylish
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Wide straps with loops and hooks
  • Supreme fabric and durable EVA padding
  • Not good for thick thighs individuals


In general, Triple eight protective gear sets are durable, supportive, and well secure. I feel fully confident after wearing them. These are ideal, amazing, as well as have reasonable prices.

Top 3 Pics

  • Triple eight saver series pad sets are the best, affordable, and durable. This brand is the number 1 seller on Amazon.
  • CRZKO knee pads are the super pads for kids and teenagers. These snugly fit as well as light-weighted. 
  • NoCry professional knee pads have a superb ergonomic design and sturdy construction. These are excellent for doing professional tasks.

Buying Guide Of Best Skateboard Knee Pads

For staying safe and protective, supreme skateboard knee pads are very essential. So, it is a wise decision to buy the good protective gears that secure you in your thrilling riding. 

Following are the crucial aspects that you must know before buying the best profile knee pads.

  • Type of Pads

There are three types of pads available to the different ages of skateboarders. 

Top pads: These pads are really for children. Therefore, these are not premium and durable therefore not suitable for adults. These do not provide very elite-level protection.

Street pads: Primarily, these pads are designed for style or fashion. Although, these are flexible and versatile but not as sturdy as good pads. 

Vert pads: The pads that basically formed for skaters are vert pads. These have thick foam along with the well tensile plastic. These are most durable, flexible, and luxurious. These are best for everyone from beginners to professional skaters. 

  • Size and Fitness

The first and most crucial aspect is the size and fitness of the pads. Most people feel problems in the selection of appropriate size and best-fitted pads. Therefore they do not find exact size pads according to their body and get injuries even wearing pads.

First, you measure the size of your knees from above and below from the measuring tape. Then, you must check the size chart of the brand product that you are going to buy. Find the best range size of pads on the chart and buy.

  • Straps

For adjustment of position, a prime pair of grip knee pads always have proper straps. These straps fix the pads on their position and allow you to do any type of movement. But keep in mind that these traps should be wide, long, flexible, as well as durable.

The other type of knee pads are strapless. These are also cozy and awesome because they are designed in such a manner that they do not require straps or velcro tape.

  • Capping Material

Different knee pads brands use different types of material for cap formation. Some use plastic, synthetic rubber, or both. While most brands use PP, PV, PVE, and PE materials for construction. These materials have very great resistance against heavy impacts. 

These caps are made with super fiber and foam because it is the first line that defends you from bad injuries. 

  • Foam

Cushioning of the pads is the most crucial thing. This thin layer along with a cap protects you from the damage of injuries. The most common material that is used is EVA cup foam. EVA material is well flexible and has an excellent ability to bear high compressions. 

  • Comfort Level

Another factor is the comfort zone where you feel comfortable and easy after wearing the safety gear. These pads must have such a comfort level that you easily participate in your sport. Meanwhile, these pads should not be too tight otherwise it may cause a hurdle in the flow of blood circulation or muscle tensile. 

  • Certification & Reputation of The Brand

Those brands that are remarkable and approved by CE or other certifications are nice. Because these certifications satisfied us about the sturdiness of the products. While, on the other hand, most popular brands always formed the premium standard products.

  • Price

Every product has its own price. Some are expensive while others are less. Those products that have nice features are always a little bit more expensive than ordinary products. But all this depends on your budget. 

Your first look toward your budget and then select the sturdy skateboard pads in the range of that price. But you never move toward very cheap things because these have less lifetime and quality.


How do I wear my knee pads for skating?

Following are the few steps that you adapt while wearing skateboard knee pads.

  • Check the upper and lower side of pads
  • Loose the straps if they have
  • Put the pad from the foot towards the knee
  • Wrap and adjust the straps if present
  • Then check and again adjust if required

Do I wear my knee pads on or under the clothes?

I always prefer to wear knee pads on my clothes. These are the primary things that protect me from injuries whenever I fall on a rough road. Although these pads are damaged but protect my knees as well as my clothes.

What is the way to measure the skateboard knee pads?

By measuring the two essential areas, you can estimate the size of knee pads.

  • Take the measuring tape
  • Measure the length from the top toward the bottom
  • Measure the circumference of full sleeve pads

How tight should my skateboard knee pads be?

The main purpose of using pads is protection. Therefore, your knee pads are not too loose so that they fall from your knees or irritate you while riding. While not too tight, they rub the skin and cause itching. They should be adjusted in such a position that they will allow you to move freely.

Are my knee pads very vital for electric skateboarding?

Of course yes! Electric skateboards are faster than normal skateboards. Therefore, you need more defense from the bad injuries. Thus you must wear premium knee pads while electric skating.

Are my knee pads the finest for skateboarding?

Absolutely! These pads protect you from sudden accidents. They prevent the scarps, cuts, and blood from flowing from the knee portion.

Which qualities of good skateboard knee pads should have?

The finest skateboard knee pads always have thick padding and a large shell. Both of them are made with premium quality material. Moreover, fiber foam also adds to the softness that is important.


Whether you are a great skateboarder but your master skills never help you from falling. As skating is a thrilling sport, it’s necessary to wear the best skateboard knee pads before doing tricks. By wearing the pads, you will become more professional. Meanwhile, these build more confidence in you and thus help to improve your performance.  

After the great effort and struggle, I have collected these super knee pads for you. I have explained in detail every term related to pads along with a buying guide. I also mention my top 3 recommendations that also help you in buying the most appropriate one. Now your time buys and saves your lives. Don’t forget to share your experience related to pad usage. Stay happy, stay blessed. Thanks.

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