Top 9 Best Skateboard & Longboard Trucks Brands 2023

The best skateboard trucks are the heart and soul of the skateboard. Without a truck, you can never run your skateboard for long-distance skating. Basically, a truck is a T shape that remains your board safe and secure. Primarily, it connects your skateboard deck with the wheels and bearings. Therefore, it performs a very major role in the assembling of skateboards. So, it is foremost needed to get a premium skateboard truck that performs at the elite level. 

There are multiple factors that are needed to consider when buying good skateboard trucks. You notice the size of the truck according to your board size. Moreover, washers, hardness of bushings, and pivot cups are also carefully observed before buying the top skateboard trucks. Therefore, in this article, I have reviewed about 9 top skateboard trucks that are superior as well as durable. I also clearly write down their positive and negative aspects along with the buying guide. All these trucks are exceptional because I tested them all before reviewing as well as discussing them with my companion skaters.  Meanwhile, all of my friends also use the same trucks for their skateboards. Therefore, they praise these trucks and highly recommend I review them. 

Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

There are a variety of skateboard trucks available in the market. Some are best for multi-function while others are specific for cruising, streets, skateparks, or bowl skateboarding. I have covered the 9 best skateboard trucks that are made with premium quality material. These are ideal for cruising, downhill skateboarding, carving, and are easy to adjust. All trucks are excellent according to quality so you can choose your favorite style and size trucks.

1. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

The Venture is the superior brand of San Francisco (California) that is remarkable due to its high quality and lighter skateboard trucks. These have super nice bushings and a solid build. 

Crucial Points

Venture polished low skateboard trucks are the best-looking and lighter-weight skateboard trucks. Their lightweight is due to the aluminum alloy that is used for their construction. Instead of having a thin profile, these have sturdy manufacturing and remain functional for a long time. 

Moreover, these have the finest sharp corners that provide you with a well-stable ride. Meanwhile, these also maintain your body balance appropriately thus adding extra amusement and pleasure to your safe skating. 

Additionally, the low skateboard trucks are good for cruising in the street as well as superior for transportation from one place to another. 

Venture skateboard trucks are 5.25 inches wide so if your skateboard deck size is between 8.25” to 8.75” then these trucks are excellent for you. These trucks are smooth to turn and have the ability to withstand high impacts.

Venture trucks come with efficient bushings, a plusher, and offer you a nice journey. 

Another most appealing feature of the Venture brand is that if your trucks damage or break after a little use then you can send them back to the company for replacement.

  • Best for tricks
  • Excellent quality
  • Have high resistance
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Come with nice bushings
  • Super for large-size decks
  • Have soft bushings
  • Have no variety in colors

Product Analysis

Overall, Venture polished low skateboard trucks are a great product that smoothly turns and works. I highly recommend these trucks due to their outstanding construction as well as Amazon’s choice.

2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard

For comfortable skating Caliber Truck Co. brand is extraordinary that is reasonably priced as well as strong. These are also best for downhill skating as well as have a superior nice finish and logo.

Crucial Points

Caliber trucks are the best trucks due to their responsive work as well as a multitude of vibrant colors. These trucks are 184mm long that are perfect for your skateboard and longboard. 

Moreover, these have 180-degree base plates as well as offer you blood orange Ulta red 89a awesome rebound bushings. These provide more contact areas with the bushing that provides high bounce and responsiveness. 

Furthermore, it is very easy to apply caliber skateboard trucks on your boards. These perform best on flat and sloped terrains. 

In addition, the kingpin of the trucks is formed with premium steel alloy. It shows that these are very strong and remain best for a long period of time.

  • High tolerance pivot
  • Durable kingpin
  • Highly strong base plate
  • Well responsive bushings
  • Best for flat and sloped areas skating
  • Pricey

Product Analysis

Overall, Caliber Trucks are the best trucks that I have ever used.  Your board responds well on the slope and downhill skating due to them. In general, their style is solid while looking decent and charming.

3. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Skateboard Trucks

If you are searching for the best carving trucks for your skateboard or longboard then Gullwing sidewinder trucks are an excellent option for you. These are perfect according to size, width, and reliability. 

Crucial Points

Gullwing brand comes with the finest carving trucks that provide you with very calm and efficient skating. They perform extraordinarily therefore they increase the effectiveness and speed of your boards.

Moreover, these trucks have nice strong construction that provides strength to your board components and solid assemblage. Meanwhile, these have dual kingpins that give extra control to the steers than the other brand trucks. 

In addition, by tightening the turning radius, you can get more rebound. While these have two appealing pivot points with the superior cone and the barrel combo bushings. These types of dual geometry allow you to carve at both sides and make your trucks more outstanding.  

Additionally, they provide you with the finest momentum when turning or expelling your boards during skating. The 89a barrel bushings provide excellent stability and control. 

The 159mm hanger and 9” axle are made with premium metal that provides additional support and strength. 

Furthermore, these skateboard trucks are best for cruising, downhill, and uphill skateboarding. But the negative aspect is that it is a little bit challenging for beginners as well as expensive.

  • Best for carving
  • Dual kingpin
  • Great adjustability
  • Have good control and balance
  • Finest 89a bushing and bushing sheet
  • Best for cruising, carving, Up and downhill skating
  • A little bit hard to apply
  • Challenging for beginners

Product Analysis

All in all, Gullwing sidewinder trucks are best for my Santa Cruz skateboard which has 72mm wide wheels. These run well and perfectly perform the rough maneuvers. They are really a source of amusement and fun for me.

4. Thunder Unisex Team Edition Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Unisex Team Edition Skateboard Trucks

Are you worry about the trucks that damage your skateboard wheel then you must try Thunder unisex trucks. These are available in two colors silver and polished while also having a variety in size. 

Crucial Points

Thunder brand trucks have high strength that never breaks apart and bears high impacts. They grind finely meanwhile the baseplate holes never strip after long-term use. 

Moreover, the bushings of the trucks are superior, durable, and never worn out or flaky rapidly. While these are available reasonably also have high standard construction. 

In addition, my deck size is 8.25 then I used 8.0 trucks that superbly matched my board and provided a very stable skate. 

Furthermore, these cheap skateboard trucks are light weighted and also perfect for transportation. These are excellent for turning and street skateboarding.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Variety in color and size
  • Never damage the wheels
  • Provide stable and comfy skating
  • Scratch rapidly

Product Analysis

As a result, Thunder unisex skateboard trucks are best due to their excellent axle, premium hollow kingpin, awesome baseplate, and lightweight. Moreover, Thunder is a reliable brand that has been serving since 1986.

5. Independent Unisex’s Standard Trucks

Independent Unisex’s Standard Trucks

Independent brands come with the best versatile skateboard trucks that are perfect for all types of skating. It has been a very familiar brand among the people since 1978 due to its high standard trucks.

Crucial Points

Independent Indy skateboard trucks are very durable and all the components perform extraordinarily. While Independent brand also offers you the best guarantee time, highly precise steering control, and good stability. 

Furthermore, these trucks reduce the chances of wheel bite thus they have high positive features and less wear. Their hanger and baseplate are made with aluminum material that is well molded, lighter, and effective. 

Additionally, the hollow grade 8 kingpin adds further strength to the trucks. Meanwhile, these are perfect for those decks that have sizes greater than 7.4 to 8 inches. As a result, they allow you to do different tricks with your skateboard. If your wheel size is 55mm then these are also suitable for your board. 

You can easily make it sharper or carve them according to your choice. These also come with a nice stock of bushings that are also good. 

Some of my friends complain about their axles that are bent or not sturdy. But my experience with these trucks is superior. Moreover, the lifetime guarantee is also a positive aspect.

  • Strong impact trucks
  • High strength kingpin
  • Best for turns and carving
  • Durable and versatile
  • Affordable and functional
  • Updated version standard stage 11
  • Axles quality needs to improve

Product Analysis

In general, the best steerable, reliable, durable, and stable skateboard trucks are Independent unisex standard trucks. These are best for tricks and any level of skating. So do not wait, just click and buy.

6. Paris Standard Skateboard Trucks

Paris Standard Skateboard Trucks

I have V2 trucks for my longboard when I saw the Paris standard V3 trucks. These are super smooth, strong, and have gold standards. I feel very comfortable and pleased when I ride on my longboard that has Paris trucks.

Crucial Points

Paris brand comes with the modern technology V3 trucks that increase the ease and calm of the skater. These have a nice variety in colors and the size of the trucks.

Another attractive thing about these trucks is their price, which is very affordable. Because once you buy strong skateboard trucks then you will never need to spend money again and again. So, Paris trucks are the best longboard and skateboard trucks that have a high level of durability. 

Furthermore, the 50° angle baseplate and 180mm hanger provide the best deep transition. Therefore, these are perfect for turning and pumping. Meanwhile, top urethane bushings with the broad hangers with the strengthened baseplate that support well reduce the stress.

In addition, these are perfect for downhill skating.

  • Awesome components
  • Have nice geometry
  • Precise rebound bushings
  • Best for skateboarding and longboard
  • Have great variety in size and color
  • Not good for small size boards

Product Analysis

Overall, Paris standard trucks are superior for your boards as well as affordable. So you never doubt their worth, because it is not only my choice, it is also Amazon’s choice.

7. Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Havoc skateboard trucks are the standard trucks that are best for multiple sizes of skateboards and longboards. These originated from China and overall are excellent. Meanwhile, these look decent and sturdy.

Crucial Points

Havoc skateboard trucks are among the list of those best skateboard trucks that are lightweight. These 5.0 trucks are the finest for those board decks that have 7.4” to 8” sizes. 

Moreover, these trucks are thin and made with a strong aluminum alloy that is durable. Meanwhile, the assemblage of Havoc trucks is very easy therefore these are superior for beginners. 

Another good thing is their high cast 87a polyurethane bushings that work supremely at any time. In addition, these are the best street skateboarding so if you want to street skate then these are nice for you. 

Havoc trucks have awesome mounting holes that are superbly good for old and modern boards. While the 6-inch hanger and kingpin are also nice, it does work superiorly. 

Furthermore, these are available at a very affordable price as well in 9 vivid colors. These color options provide you the choice to choose the most charming trucks that enhance the beauty of your board. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to use these trucks for your longboard that has 70mm wide wheels then you need a riser pad to avoid the wheels biting.

  • Reasonable price
  • Solid and lightweight
  • Simple to assemble
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Best PU bushings for turning
  • Excellent aluminum alloy construction
  • Have no mounting hardware

Product Analysis

Overall, Havoc standard skateboard trucks are the best street board trucks and best for beginners. These have shiny surfaces and are excellent. Meanwhile, these have nice prices and are also best for kids.

8. Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

The best hollow skateboard trucks are the independent stage 11 trucks. It is 10% lighter than the other independent trucks. These are overall the best pick due to their high performance.

Crucial Points

Stage 11 high standard trucks of Independent brand have the best features and amazingly interesting geometry. These are the best trucks of the Independent skateboard trucks brand.  

Moreover, these are accessible in 3 vivid colors and are abundant in sizes that are almost perfect for different decks. 

In addition, these trucks have excellent resistance as well as provide the finest flexibility and reliability. These also come with nimble bushings that help to provide a stable ride. Meanwhile, bushings are perfect whether trucks are tight or loose. 

Furthermore, these have the finest grinding capability that enables you to do all styles of grind tricks.

Independent stage 11 trucks have a superior hollow axle, kingpin, titanium hanger, and best aluminum baseplate.  All these features enable the truck’s most reactive and finest control. 

These trucks have a medium profile best for cruising on the streets and skate parks.

  • Best hollow trucks
  • Have mellow profile
  • Have Lightweight
  • Have 3 vivid colorways
  • Versatile
  • Less lifetime than other sturdy trucks

Product Analysis

As a result, independent skateboard stage 11 trucks are superiorly great skateboard trucks that are 100% genuine and trustworthy trucks since 1978. While these are also sturdy and reasonable.

9. CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS skateboard trucks are best for beginners whether they are kids or adults. These are very durable and flimsy trucks. CCS is the best brand since 1985 and due to its reliable product, millions of skaters rely on it.

Crucial Points

CCS skateboard trucks are stable, light, and flawless trucks that provide awesome balance and control while turning. I also used many trucks for my different skateboards and always find the extra charm and productivity better than the old one.

Moreover, the rebound bushing enables me to perform well on different terrain. These are the cool skateboard trucks that have non-slippery kingpins. Meanwhile, the solid base plate is made with excellent quality steel material.

Furthermore, these are excellently robust to carry heavy weight as well as control friction. Meanwhile, these have a great grind if you use them in any style of skating. 

Additionally, due to their performance, these are nice trucks that you use for your competitive skateboards. While all the metals that are used for their construction are supreme and premium. 

The plus point is that these come with 1” Phillips hardware for mounting. Which provide you superb tuning and smooth-rolling. Moreover, these trucks are best for those decks that have sizes 7.5” to more than 8.5” skateboard deck.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Have mounting hardware
  • Anti-slip kingpin and axle
  • Have premium bushings
  • Well reliable and remarkable brand trucks
  • Screws take time to apply

Product Analysis

Overall, CCS skateboard trucks are nice quality, solid, and easy to install. Meanwhile, they also come with nice soft bushings that have great worth. These have a well fascinating price, I highly recommend these skateboard trucks.

Top 3 Recommendations

  • Venture polished low skateboard trucks are Amazon’s best trucks that have premium quality and long-lasting features.
  • Paris skateboard trucks are the best standard trucks that are superb for skateboards as well as longboards. Meanwhile, these are Amazon’s choices.
  • Independent skateboard stage 11 trucks are lighter, have excellent geometry, and are the best pick of the Independent brand. 

How To Buy Best Skateboard Trucks (Buying Guide)

The selection of an excellent skateboard truck is very crucial in the provision of stable and well-balanced skating. If you don’t have appropriate size trucks then it may cause you injury when you stop your board. So, if you worry about it, then I suggest you the following terms that you must notice before buying the awesome skateboard trucks.

Different Parts Of Skateboard Trucks

First of all, you pay heed to all the parts of the skateboard trucks that unite to form a sturdy truck. 

premium skateboard truck
  • Kingpin

The most important part of trucks is the kingpin or K pin. It unites the hanger to the base plate. Basically, it aligns all the parts of trucks together. It provides you maximum control at a high speed thus providing stability. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a high-quality and durable kingpin of trucks.

  • Brushings

Brushes are the soft rubber rings that are joined at the kingpin of trucks. Mostly these are made with a polyurethane material that is sturdy. The main function of truck bushings is to assist you in turning or twisting your skateboard.

  • Axle

The jut or rod portion of the truck where wheels are attached to the deck is called an axle. It should always be wider than the hanger so that these tightly align the wheels

  • Hanger

The great portion of the skateboard truck is a hanger that is actually triangular-shaped metal pieces. Its purpose is to provide support to the axle portion as well as to the skaters when they do various tricks.

  • Baseplate

The baseplate is the truck foundation to which all parts of the truck are attached. Actually, it is the part where you attach your deck with the truck with the screws. 

Shapes Of Skateboard Trucks

There are three shapes of skateboard trucks available in the market. It is determined by measuring the distance between the deck and the hanger of the truck. 

Therefore, it is very essential to know which type of trucks are suitable for your skateboard. 

  1. Low Profile Trucks

If you want to perform tricks while your skateboard has small wheels, then low-profile skateboard trucks are the best choice for you. It provides you with more stable and tricky skateboarding. Meanwhile, the low-profile trucks are perfect for 50-53mm wheel sizes.

  1. Medium Profile Trucks

Mellow profile skateboard trucks are best for those skaters who want to cruise in the streets or the parks. It gives you excellent support while turning and rough terrains. Meanwhile, the medium profile trucks are superb for 53-56mm size wheels.  

  1. High Profile Trucks

High-profile skateboard trucks are nice for street skateboarding or best for longboards. It is premium for the wheels size 56mm or more. 

Best Width Of Skateboard Trucks

Another important aspect is the width of the skateboard trucks. The best way to check is that the width of your trucks should be equal to the width of the skateboard deck. Moreover, many popular brands have proper charts in which the size of the truck and deck are mentioned. But you must check it carefully before buying the best skateboard trucks.

The following table will help you to find out the exact match of a super skateboard truck.

Deck To Truck Width Guide

Deck WidthTruck Width

This table helps you to find the best match for the width of the skateboard deck and trucks.

Other Main Parts Of The Skateboard Trucks

There are other parts that are also important for the trucks. 

  • Riser

Riser provides the extra height to the board as well as has a shock-absorbing property. It reduces the vibrations that are produced during skating. 

The riser is a small rectangular form made of rubber or plastic material. While the thickness of the riser affects the efficiency of the shock absorbance. It has a small 6 holes therefore you can easily apply it to the baseplate and deck of the skateboard. 

Riser mostly depends on your personal desire. If you want a smooth relaxable ride or your skateboard produces a voice then you apply a riser in your trucks. However, if your wheel size is greater than 56mm then it is very crucial to install a riser for a smooth ride. Moreover, it is also good for large boards and wider wheels for enhancement of their performance. 

Furthermore, there are some brands that have superior trucks which never need any riser. However, you check the specification and features of your skateboard before purchasing the riser. 

  • Truck Construction Material

Another foremost factor to consider is the manufacturing material that is used for the formation of trucks. I always pay heed to one thing which is “if you spend you will get more”. Therefore, if you can afford then always buy the strong best product whether it is expensive. 

These are made with titanium, steel, magnesium, and aluminum alloys. Moreover, titanium alloy trucks are light weighted as well as very durable. If you buy magnesium alloy trucks then it will offer you a better response than other alloy products. 

But if you buy an aluminum product then although it runs long-lasting its weight is a little bit high. While the steel alloy trucks are also good but it needs more protection so that it does not absorb rust. 

  • Warranty

Those brands that offer warranty are also good because it provides you the option to change the product if you feel any defect or damage related to the product. 

Bottom Lines

Although there are a huge number of best skateboard trucks and their brands, I also only reviewed all those skateboard trucks that I’m using for my boards. Therefore, I assure you all the articles written above have 100% authentic reviews. I have shared all of my personal experiences with you. All the trucks are great, trustworthy, and durable so never hesitate to buy the product. You just read the review, search your favorite charming trucks, click, and order. 

Moreover, if you want to buy protective gear or any product related to skating you can get it from the skateguide. So never wait, order, and enjoy your desired products. So, don’t forget to share your experience or feedback related to skateboard trucks. I’m waiting for your positive response. Thanks.


What are skateboard trucks?

A skateboard truck is a T shape that primary function is to keep your skateboard safe and secure. It helps you to provide the most stable, smooth, and relaxable ride.

What are the speed washers in the skateboard trucks?

Speed washers are the small rings that are present along with the axle nut and hanger on either side of the wheels. The main function of the washers is to prevent friction between the bearings, axle nut, and hanger. Moreover, they increase the speed and functionality of bearings.

Which brands are the most remarkable for the best skateboard trucks?

Although personal choice varies. Each person has their own measuring parameter but according to personal perception, I like the following brands that are famous due to their best skateboard trucks.

  • Venture
  • Thunder Trucks
  • Independent Trucks
  • Quest Boards Trucks
  • Tensor Trucks

How to place/tight trucks on the skateboard?

The following steps helps you to place your truck on the skateboard

  1. First, you start assembling your skateboard trucks.
  2. Secondly, put the hanger on the baseplate.
  3. Then glide the kingpin into the hanger by passing through into the hole.
  4. Skim the washers and bushing on the end of the kingpin and tighten them with tools.
  5. After assembly attaches it to your skateboard deck.
  6. Position the skateboard and skim the screw in the four holes that are lining the deck.
  7. Change the position of the skateboard and skim the baseplate of the truck on the four holes. 
  8. Then secure the screw with the wrench or other tools. 
  9. Repeat these steps to fix it from the other side of the skateboard.

How to evaluate/measure the skateboard truck?

The simplest way is to look at two main matrices: “size” and “height”. The size of the truck informs you about its width while the height tells you about its tallness.

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