10 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviews 2023

Do you want to get some of the top skateboard wheels on the market? Are you entirely oblivious of their existence? Are you perplexed by the various forms, sizes, widths, diameters, hardness levels, as well as polyurethane formations? Or are you having trouble finding the best skateboard wheels for you? So, after a six-month quest, I discovered the best wheels for skateboards. Because choosing the right skateboarding wheels improves your skills and makes you feel wonderful and enjoyable. There is no other skateboard element as important as the best skate wheels since they allow the skater to engage in any form of challenging adventure riding.

According to experts, wheels are the heart and soul of skateboarding. The advice is intended for people who are looking to buy wheels. Despite the fact that all of the modern wheels are made of polyurethane, they are more sturdy and have been providing longevity to your board since 1970. There are also different levels of smoothness and hardness. Harder wheels are best for ollie riding, and novices, while softer wheels are good for cruising and speed enhancement.

Top Rated Best Wheels For Skateboard reviews 2022

It’s important to remember that quality also matters with the price. It’s important to remember that pricing isn’t the only factor to consider. Meanwhile, if you want the best skateboard wheels, you’ll have to pay a little more. As a result, I recommend skate wheels that are most suited to you and are ideally adapted for street, park, ollie, downhill riding, cruising, and other tricks. Here are the top ten skateboard wheels, as prepared by reputable manufacturers as well as utilized by professionals.

Shark Wheel California Roll Shark Wheel California Roll Color: Clear with Blue Hub
Size: 60 mm
Length: 22 Inches
Material: Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic
Brand: Shark Wheel
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Spitfire Bighead 52mm Skateboard wheels Spitfire Bighead 52mm Skateboard Wheels Color: 52mm – Red
Brand: Spitfire
Width: 48-63mm
Durometer: 99a
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Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising Color: Orange
Brand: Orangatang
Material: Maple
Durometer: 80a
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Ricta, Clouds 78a Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel Color: 2: Red pose
Width: 8 Inches
Brand: Hikole
Material: Wood, Aluminum, Maple
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Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Color: Black
Brand: Powell Peralta
Size: 60mm
Width: 44mm
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CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels Color: Galaxy
Brand: CCS
Durometer: 78a
Material: Aluminum, Plastic
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Material: Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic
Durometer: 83a
Color: Purple
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Durometer: 101D
Brand: Spitfire
Diameter: 54mm
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Color: White
Durometer: 80a
Diameter: 65mm
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Bones Street Tech Formula V1 to V6 Bones Street Tech Formula V1 to V6 Brand: Bones Wheels
Durometer: 99A
Size: 53mm
Material: Plastic
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1. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheel 60mm and 78a skateboard wheels are absolutely pretty along with handsome bushings that completely surprised me. These are outstanding for cruisings while the durometer is also awesome. 

Product Review

The Shark wheel California roll is the ideal moderation for skaters since, unlike other old rounded wheels, these have squared lip shapes that optimize their appearance as well as function. Actually, these are three times smoother and more efficient.

Moreover, the design of the skateboard increases grip and gives the skater a complete experience whilst skating. On diverse terrain, they provide greater adhesive friction. The sine curve pattern allows it to retain trash inside while providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

There is also a wide range of colors to choose from; you can use any color you like. Despite the large size of the wheels, they are suitable for long skateboards and popsicle shape boards.

The rider experiences fewer vibrations since there is less touch with the ground.

Furthermore, they’re long-lasting, the best skateboard wheels for tricks, and boost pop. You may easily roll up on abrasive surfaces such as grit, pebbles, and sands, as well as large holes and crevices. However, I had some doubts about their durability and toughness.


  • Reduce friction
  • Increase speed
  • Durable
  • Best for cruisers
  • Easy to roll on abrasive surfaces


  • Need to improve the hardware
  • Expensive

Product Analysis

They’re great for skating because they’re 6mm in diameter and have a 78a durometer. Because they provide you with perfect grip and efficient speed, you feel most at ease and serene. Overall, according to my personal experience, Shark wheel California rolls are the best choice for you.

2. Spitfire Bighead 52mm Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead 52mm Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire bighead 52mm wheels are crafted from the highest quality materials. It has a high durometer as well as an excellent diameter, which offers it additional grip and reliability for the rider.

Product Review

Best polyurethane wheels that are wide to provide a complete sensation along with a small amount of traction to increase speed. Furthermore, they’re of a good standard, and they’ve been offered additional coverings that make them the best wheels for park skating.

Furthermore, Spitfire wheels come in many different sizes and vibrant colors. Because of their smoothness and comfort level, they are always illustrious among people.

Skating over damp or grassy terrain is never a problem because of its concrete surface. Its 92a durometer makes it ideal for skating on the street, in parks, as well as on rough surfaces.

Additionally, skating on bumpy roads or for lengthy periods of time is not suggested with these. These are more difficult to make while yet being delivered quickly. These are hard and therefore delivered quickly.

Moreover, beginners and intermediate skaters will love the Spitfire bighead 52mm. Spitfire’s most well-known characteristic is that they provide a warranty; if any part is defective, you can request a replacement.


  • 92a durometer
  • Durable and fast speed
  • Not slip on the wet surface
  • Guarantee for defective parts
  • Superb for novice and intermediate riders
  • Best for streets, park,s and rough road 


  • Not suitable for a bumpy surface
  • Expensive

Product Analysis

As a result, Spitfire bighead 52mm wheels are inexpensive, vivid, and swift. Harder, more relaxing, and with a good treaded shape. Overall, it’s fantastic, long-lasting, free of stains, runs smoothly, and Amazon’s choice.

3. Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising

The Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising is fantastic, with a great aesthetic as well as a smooth ride. The core is extremely rigid, robust, as well as heat resistant.

Product Review

80mm height and 56mm diameter increase efficiency as well as allow you to skate on any surface. Moreover, three distinct durometers (70a, 80a, and 83a) and colors are accessible (blue, orange, and purple).

The large surface area provides additional grip, allowing you to be entirely supported even when twisting or wall riding. Pulling or pushing with the urethane wheels does not consume more energy.

If you’re looking for the best skateboard wheels for downhill, then the Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising is your best bet. Its slides are extremely uniform and long-lasting.

Additionally, the lip shape of the wheels constantly keeps you balanced, and you’ll never feel shaky or slippery. The cross-sections lighten the load while improving propulsion, agility, and brittleness.

Moreover, its endurance and great performance have been praised by a large number of people. They’re simple to operate because they slow down quickly.


  • Superb for downhill boards
  • Available in 3 different durometers
  • Easy to roll
  • Easy to stop
  • Overcome the weight
  • Boost up speed and aid grip 


  • Crack quickly if more used on rocky ground

Product Analysis

In general, the Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising is a wonderful product. You will never regret purchasing and practicing it. While many pros and public skaters who use it in their daily routine highly recommend it.

4. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta, Clouds 78a

Ricta, Clouds are ultra tensile, accelerated, and provide a pleasant, comfortable ride, while the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. Meanwhile, these have been designed to meet modern standards and are fantastic for sailing.

Product Review

The Ricta clouds are made of urethane and styled in a contemporary manner. They’re a middle size, neither light nor heavy. They were ideal for park and street skating due to their basic adaptable form.

The gleaming covering appears pointy but actually drops away rapidly. You’ll be able to do fewer tricks and roll more readily.

These wheels are silent and allow you to skate for as long as you wish. Ricta Clouds additionally provides a warranty in the event that any part is damaged.

These are accessible in diameters ranging from 52 to 60 mm, as well as a variety of colors and durometers. They have a durometer of 78a, making them soft and excellent for uneven surfaces such as gravel, stones, and fissures.

Although Ricta clouds restrict momentum, they aid in a speed increase. You can’t accomplish some tricks since they’re locked inside the racks and spike due to their large size. Meanwhile, soft wheels provide complete grip, allowing you to increase your speed with ease.


  • Super tensile and comfortable
  • Soft wheels
  • Excellent for street and cruising
  • Less noisy
  • Ride even on rough asphalt
  • Affordable


  • Not too much tricky
  • Not appropriate for smooth surfaces

Product Analysis

Overall, Ricta clouds are the greatest alternative for those who wish to buy the best skateboard wheels for street riding and cruising. These are very grippy and made specifically for skateboarding in the outdoors. These are nice for longboards.

5. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

Since 1978, Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue has been hard, efficient, and of the highest quality. They’re made for smooth surfaces because they have less friction, are easier to rotate and glide, and aren’t ideal for rough ones.

Product Review

Powell Peralta wheels are extremely stable, smooth, as well as well-balanced. These are big enough to roll around in. They’re a touch heavy, so turning and flipping them may take some work.

Moreover, the Rat Bones Re-Issue of Powell Peralta is available in three colors: blue, green, and black. The blue and green wheels have a durometer of 90a, while the black wheels have an 80a durometer. In comparison to the 80a durometer, the 90a durometer delivers additional stability and speed.

Powell Peralta’s best feature is that they are both soft and good for street skating, as well as hard and suitable for bowl or smooth skating. Meanwhile, its 60mm diameter makes it ideal for professional skating.

Meanwhile, these wheels have gleaming covers that add to the luxury and style of your skateboard. The majority of people enjoy terrain skating with them.


  • Available in 3 durometers
  • Harder wheels
  • Illustrious and stylish
  • Nice for smooth skating
  • Loveliest for pro, ollie
  • Affordable


  • No disadvantage

Product Analysis

Overall, Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue is a wonderful product that is quiet and easy to use. They give you a good grip as well as maybe within your budget. While these skateboard wheels will be pleasurable and delightful for you.

6. CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels

CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels

Since 1985, CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels have been producing high-quality skateboard tires. These are ideal for riding on the street as well as on rugged terrain. Its size and durometer are ideal for doing various stunts and feeling great while customizing and rolling.

Product Review

The CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels are long-lasting as well as adaptable thanks to their high-quality urethane construction. Furthermore, they come equipped with a “tweener” durometer, which means they can accomplish a number of tricks.

Furthermore, you can easily skate on the rough, rocky terrain without feeling overwhelmed. It’s great for cruising and bowl skating because of the 78a durometer.

Additionally, the 57mm girth allows for more stable and pleasant riding. The flat upper surfaces of CCS Cruisers are ideal for a variety of strategies.

Moreover, they come in three different sizes: 52mm, 54mm, and 57mm. Additionally, these ollie movements are a little tough.

The finest part is that they also provide a warranty. Meanwhile, you may be asked if you notice any flaws or problems. They’re also reasonably priced, and you can readily approach them.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Smooth surface
  • Cheap cost
  • Superb for street
  • Best skateboard cruiser wheels
  • Boost speed on rough surfaces


  • Do not have too much softness

Product Analysis

All in all, CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels are low-cost, high-gloss, and of outstanding quality. They give you a firm grip and allow you to roll over rough ground such as rocks, pebbles, boulders, crevices, and so on.



ORANGATANG CAGUAMA, 83a durometer and well-known, is the optimum for speed. Meanwhile, on smooth plain surface skateboarding, the 85mm width improves rider grip. They give you a complete replacement of your penny.

Product Review

I prefer wheels that are a combination of hard and soft forms. The ORANGATANG CAGUAMA, on the other hand, is an assembly of my own making. These are the largest wheels, and these are the best skateboard wheels for the fastest speeds and rolling.

Additionally, Blue 77a, Orange 80a, and Purple 83a are the three colors and durometers available. The 83a durometer is firm enough to provide a smooth ride on downhill or flat ground.

They are more durable owing to the Happy urethane design, which allows you to roll more frequently without risking damage. Their edges are razor-sharp, with a lip form, along with intricate carvings. These are perfect for rolling over hard, solid surfaces, crushed stone, and pebbles at tremendous speeds because of their big size.

Meanwhile, their smooth surface and rounded edges make it easier to pass over gaps in the asphalt.  Because of the 46mm core, which is more accommodative and protective, you never feel your weight. The core increases traction as well as acceleration, allowing you to accelerate and enjoy the thrilling ride.

Furthermore, ORANGATANG CAGUAMA provides more high thermal stability and rigidity than other good skateboard wheels.


  • Fastest Speed
  • High rolling ability
  • Largest size
  • Protective Core
  • Fantastic shape and design


  • Edge chips wear down

Product Analysis

In general, ORANGATANG CAGUAMA wheels are magnificent, crazy, and make you feel like you’re riding through the clouds. Quality vise is great and vibrant. After using them, the majority of individuals are pleased. Additionally, these are ideal for longboards for cruising, downhill, and spectacular skating.

8. SPITFIRE FORMULA Four 99A Classics


Spitfire’s four formula puts it at the top of the list of the greatest skateboard wheels. These are extremely soft wheels along with long-lasting characteristics. It’s the best skateboard wheel for ramps, street, and park skating because of the durometers.

Product Review

Spitfire wheels are more durable, rapid, broader, and easier to control than standard wheels. Rather than slipping, they provide you with a pleasant ride.

Furthermore, the 99a model is designed for road skating, even as the 101a model is designed for park skating. You can, however, skate on the street with no problems. Because of their shape and size, they may be used practically anywhere. Meanwhile, these are slightly denser and don’t have much pop to them.

Moreover, Spitfire’s conical design gives them an advantage for transitioning, power slides, and spinning. Spitfire Classics come in five variable sizes, ranging from 51 to 55mm, as well as five different hues to complement their charm and beauty.

Additionally, the incorporation of anti-flex innovation is one of the best features, as it allows them to carry any zones without resistance. If you wish to drive for longer durations than usual, these are the best alternative because you will never feel tired or fatigued.

Although the Spitfire appears to be a bit pricey, these are considerably more expensive. However, because they are long lasting and effective, they pay you significantly more than other, less expensive stuff.


  • Looks lovely
  • Endurance and versatile
  • Variety in size and durometers
  • Park and street riding
  • Anti Fatigue


  • No drawback

Product Analysis

Overall, the formula four classic wheels from Spitfire are strong, durable, and adaptable. They enable you to ride for an extended period of time and in any location. With these, you can make your journey even more exciting and memorable.



SECTOR 9 BUTTERBALLS are amazing for slimming. These are equally the best skateboard wheels for beginners and pros because they are easy to slide and drive. Their diameter gives you a nice grip as well as they have vibrant colors. This product has been available since 2014 by retaining its lucid features till now. 

Product Review

BUTTERBALLS FROM SECTOR 9 are a well-balanced combo of the slide and gripping wheels. You can effortlessly manage your skateboard while sliding.

Additionally, these are more enjoyable to play, have a faster tempo, and are very easy to break. To provide a comfortable as well as relaxing ride, the edges are softened. You can easily go over small gaps, lumps, and stones.

Meanwhile, their sides do not break apart as you slide; rather, they entirely support you. SECTOR BUTTERBALLS are available in durometers of 75a and 80a, and in two sizes: 65mm and 70mm.

Furthermore, the yellow and white hues entice the skater and make him more vibrant. The core delivers quick speed along with a thorough understanding of the board. While they leave their mark in the wide thane line’s foam.

These are not recommended in the rain because they slip in rain. Otherwise, these are nice for other activities.


  • 75a and 80a durometers
  • Rounded edge
  • Efficient speed
  • Easy to break
  • Best skateboard wheels for sliding and cruising


  • Slippy while raining
  • Durability issue

Product Analysis

Although Butterballs are not more durable, they also boast a number of qualities that place them among the best skateboard wheels for cruising and sliding. Furthermore, it is ideal for a trainer to practice with and for beginners to learn.

10. Bones Street Tech Formula V1 to V6

Bones Street Tech Formula V1 to V6

Bones wheels are thought to be the greatest. Due to their products, they are well-known. Despite the lack of flat patches, these provide grip, rolling, and sliding when desired. Meanwhile, you have a lot of control over your skateboarding.

Product Review

Due to the straight smooth edges that provide complete support, this skate is suited for street skating.

Additionally, the diameter and thickness are well-designed to assist the rider and allow you to perform a variety of tricks with them. You can jump over enormous gaps and holes without flipping because of the width. Wide surfaces also help them move faster and are easier to control.

Bones come in six different varieties, each with its unique set of features and purposes. 

  • V1 is ideal for all skating styles, 
  • While V2 is designed for sliding. 
  • V3 is simple to pop, grasp, spin, and roll, 
  • whilst V4 is wide, silky, and excellent for use on the street. 
  • V5 has a side cut and is huge, 
  • Whilst V6 is large and efficient for rocky terrains. 

Furthermore, the form of each of these six types varies. Meanwhile, you will never be disappointed with the baker’s performance. When you’re implementing these, you’ll notice that they’re pretty quiet and wild.


  • Straight Edge
  • Best quality
  • Wide and efficient
  • Remarkable for street


  • Lack flat spots

Product Analysis

Overall, the Baker brand sells quality goods. They’re also great for bowl or vert skating at 8.99 once the weight of the wheels is taken into account. After the spitfire, I like the Baker over the other goods. You’ll also be overjoyed and delighted.

Top 3 Recommendations

  1. Overall Best Skateboard Wheels: Best for all terrains performance as well as scientifically proved skateboard wheels are Shark wheels.
  2. Best Affordable Skateboard Wheels: Another nice, reasonable price, efficient shipping, and Amazon choice wheels are Spitfire bighead skateboard wheels.
  3. Best Design Skateboard Wheels: While awesome design, speed, comfort level, and best longboard wheels are Orangetang Caguama longboard wheels for cruising.

Buying Guide

  • Durability level: You must check the wheel’s durability level by looking at the materials in which skateboard wheels are constructed. 
  • Performance level: Basically, the first priority is performance which is the purpose you buying new wheels. You should also select the best skateboard bearings along with good wheels.
  • Design: You must make sure of the design and the shape of the wheels because design affects the performance of the wheels.
  • Budget concerns: You should also consider your budget and then select the product which is best in that budget.

How To Choose The Best Skateboard Wheels

Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder or have no prior knowledge of skateboard wheels. Then, before you buy your preferred product, you must understand its features as well as other factors that influence its durability or characteristics. It is vital to learn about the specific object components for this purpose in order to purchase more relevant items at a reasonable price.

However, wheels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, you choose them based on your preferences and the location where they will be used. The wheels are classified by size, shape, durometer, amount of hardness as well as smoothness, texture, contact patch, and other factors.

Wheel Types

Basically, there are three main types of Skateboard wheels according to tricks and style.

Street Wheels

The street wheels are often smaller and sturdier. These are better suited to street skating as well as performing numerous feats. There is also a range of durometers available, although 99a durometers and 50 to 53 dimensions are perfect for street skating. Furthermore, these wheels are made for uneven terrain and can readily pass through gravel, cracks, rough terrain, and gaps. Furthermore, these are lightweight and easier to turn for tricks.

Cruiser Wheels

According to their size, cruiser wheels are a hybrid between street and longboard wheels. Because they’re squishy, rubbery, and smooth, they’re great for an enjoyable ride. Due to their shape and level of tranquility, people enjoy filming skateboarding with them. Meanwhile, these are really soft and provide a firm grip. Basically, these are designed to skate on rough surfaces with ease. The durometer for cruising is most likely 78a to 87a.

Longboard Wheels 

These come in a variety of shapes as well as sizes, depending on the type of location and skateboard. These are softer than street wheels if the skateboard is long, but firmer than cruiser wheels if the skateboard is short. Meanwhile, all of this is dependent on the rider’s preferences regarding the type of skating he or she prefers. When compared to soft wheels, harder wheels provide higher speed but less grip. Meanwhile, the durometer is normally between 80 and 99 on the scale.

Wheel Size

Another key element to consider is the dimension or size of the wheels, which should be more adequate for your board, area, and tricks. Smaller sizes are ideal for tricks, while larger ones are required for speed and sliding. While the size is measured in mm and is usually between 50 and 80 millimeters.

Following are the best skateboard wheel size ranges that are classified depending on their performance.

50-53mm: These are considered tiny sizes as well as great for street riding and tricks.

54-59mm: These are intermediate size that is suitable for both novices and specialists for powerslides.

60 and up: These have a huge size and are developed specifically for elite riders. Furthermore, they are great for bumpy, transition, or hard areas skating. They also aid in speeding up the process.

Wheel SizeSpecification
50-53mmGreat for street
54-59mmBest for parks
60 and upFinest for elite riders and cruising


The stiffness and smoothness of the wheels are important factors to consider while looking for the best product. Meanwhile, the level of durability is divided into two categories: A and B. However, in the market, the A scale is more frequently used, while the Baker brand employs the B scale. The A durometers usually range to 100 or 101a. While the B scale is 20 less than A, if you buy 99a, it will be 79 on the B scale. Hard is good for quick speed, while soft is good for grip and stunts.

As a result, I distinguish them in a reasonable range, which may make it easier for you to differentiate them.

75a to 78a: They are renowned for carving and sailing. These are highly smooth as well as best for gravel roads and streets.

78a to 87a: They are softer as well as more gripping, making them ideal for rocky terrain.

88a to 95a: They are a little bit hard but efficient in speed. These are perfect for trainees, downhills, as well as the street.

96a to 99a: Super hard with swift speed, and little grip, ideal for parks, grassy areas, pools, and so on. Furthermore, these skates are appropriate for a wide range of surfaces and skating styles.

101a above: These are extremely hard however only suitable for professionals.

Whale B scale wheels are also harder and nice for parks and smooth areas. 


Another thing is the shape of wheels that determines the way and style of skating.

Meanwhile, the following are the specific geometries that influence skating efficiency.

Sharp-edge Wheels: Flexible, gripping, as well as completely cling to the side. For cruising and maneuvering, these are the finest.

Round-edge wheels: Less pliable, sticky, and dense, but great for rolling and slicing.

Square-edge wheels: Thinner, more gripping, and twistable. These have more urethane, which improves support while skating.

Wheels ShapeSpecification
Sharp-edge WheelsFinest for cruising and maneuvering
Round-edge wheelsGreat for rolling and slicing
Square-edge wheelsExcellent for slalom and efficient carving

Contact Patch

The contact patch is one of the most important aspects that influence the effectiveness of wheels. The contact patch is the side that adheres to the surface area. Large wheels are broader and hence have more contact with the ground, making them ideal for rolling and turning. Small wheels, on the other hand, have fewer points of contact with the ground. While larger wheels provide a larger surface area, resulting in better body weight distribution and increased speed. Small wheels, on the other hand, slow down as weight is concentrated in a single location.


In my article, I described all of the best skateboard wheels for you. In terms of skill and performance, they are all one-of-a-kind. I’ve also provided more information for you to select the optimal and most appropriate product for you. Moreover, All of the products listed above are of high quality, and I choose them after conducting research and receiving feedback from my friends and fellow skaters. Now it’s your turn; you read, purchase, and go on a thrilling adventure. However, you may inquire about skateboard wheels if you have any questions. I eagerly anticipate your response. If you want to know how to paint your skateboard then can also learn techniques from my blogs. Thanks.


Which wheels are the best for skateboards?

I suggest you five best skateboard wheels that have premium quality and perform best.

  • Spitfire F4 99 Classic Wheels
  • Powell Peralta Rat Bones
  • Ricta, Cloud 78a
  • Spitfire Bighead 
  • Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels

What are the best wheels for skateboarding on the street?

The hard wheels are best for street and park skating While according to durability medium durometers are perfect.

Is the 99a the best durometer for street skating?

Of Course, 99a durability is excellent for street and rough area skateboarding.

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