Different Between Riser And Shock Pads (Ultimate Guide)

When we look at the best skateboard then our first glimpse toward the deck, wheels, and trucks. However, there are certain special parts that are very essential in pleasurable skating. One of them is the riser pads. But usually, beginners don’t know what is riser pad. These are hard plastic pads placed between the skateboard deck and wheels to uplift the height of the skateboard. Their main benefit is to prevent the board from wheel biting as well as improve the trick performance.

Generally, riser pads are recommended for wide wheels whose width is 55mm or above. However, riser pads are not as essential for small wheels. Meanwhile, if I talk about the width of riser/shock pads then ⅛” decreases the vibration. 

What Is Different Between Riser Pads And Shock Pads

Although, both riser and shock pads are inserted at the same location on the skateboard. But the following are the main differences between them.

Shock PadsRiser Pads
It is available in three sizes: ⅛”, ¼”, and ½”These are ⅛” tall
They are formed with rubberThey are formed with plastic
They use to absorb the shock of rough terrains and jumps.They are useful to avoid wheel bite

Kinds of Riser Pads

Riser pads are available in different sizes, angles, and widths. Although there are various types, usually standard-size riser pads are good for skateboarding.

  • Standard Riser Pads

The most commonly used riser pads are standard riser pads. Typically, ⅛” size while rarely ¼” size riser pads are used. Larger pads are appropriate for cruisers and longboards while smaller sizes are for regular skateboards.

  • Wedge/Angled Riser Pads

These riser pads are mainly for cruisers and longboards. They do not raise the size of your skateboard but fix the angle on your deck. These are superb for carving. By adding them, you make your skateboard more receptive.

  • Shock Pads

These pads eliminate the high impacts and vibrations. If your skateboard has wide wheels then shock pads are good for your board. Although they are useful, usually people prefer standard riser pads over shock pads. 

When You Need Riser Pads For Your Skateboard

When there is little or no space present between the deck and wheels of the skateboard. Thus, it may hinder the wheels when you turn off the skateboard. As a result, it increases the chance of falling due to wheel biting. 

But after adjusting the riser pads, enables good carving and prevents injuries. Indirectly, riser pads control the following factors of your skateboard.

  • Weight of the rider
  • Bushings hardness
  • Wheels diameters
  • Trucks tightness

For further precision, I have formed a table that will assist you to learn skateboard hardware size and riser pads.

Wheel SizeHardware SizeRiser pads
49 – 54 mm⅞” to 1” hardwareNeed no riser pads
55 -57 mm1” to 1 ⅛” hardware⅛” riser pads
58 – 64 mm1 ¼” hardware¼” riser pads
65 – 67 mm1 ½” hardware½” riser pads

Pros Of Riser Pads

  • The truck risers provide extra pop due to the height of the skateboard.
  • They prevent the skateboard hardware from loosening.
  • These pads also decrease the chances of cracking across the mounting holes on the skateboard deck.
  • They help you a lot to enjoy higher ollie. 

Cons Of Riser Pads

  • High center gravity due to riser pads makes your skateboard unstable.
  • The presence of riser pads may cause a hindrance in the trick performance.


The other things that enhance your skateboard performance are riser pads. They are not only granted to your skateboard deck but also the best for wheels. While shock pads are also helpful to reduce pressure and vibrations. I have precisely explained what is riser and shock pads. Meanwhile, I also briefly explained their pros and cons. They have more advantages. They protect your skateboard but actually save you from bad injuries from falling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the latest riser pads have more than four mounting holes?

The old-aged deck pads have four mounting holes while the latest comes with six holes. Old decks have very distant holes due to their bread size. Now, the latest model increases the number of holes. 

Do It useful for me to have riser pads on my skateboard?

Absolutely Yes! They will assist you a lot when you ride on the skateboard. Meanwhile, they prevent you from sudden accidents.

Can I apply riser pads for 55mm wheels?

Riser pads are usually recommended for wider wheels not for smaller wheels. Generally, those wheels that are 55mm or more than 55mm are recommended to apply riser pads.

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