How Electric Skateboard Works (Hidden Secrets)

Are you a beginner skater or have you bought your new electric skateboard and want to know how the electric skateboard works? Here I briefly explain the electric skateboard, its working style, as well as its unique features. 

Normally, an e-board is similar to a regular skateboard however its electric motor makes it unique as well as swift. On this board, you can easily control your speed, and brake with the remote control. Therefore, riding on an electric skateboard is more fantastic as well as thrilling. Basically, it is designed for commuting, moving around, and fun purposes. So, be ready to read the further post to learn more about the working of electric skateboards.

Main Components Of Electric Skateboard


The e-board is manufactured with plastic/wood along with high-grit grip tape. Moreover, its motor is fixed on the wheels, and a removable battery is on the deck. All the electric skateboards have a deck, wheels, trucks, and battery system. 

Involuntary parts

Involuntary parts include the motor, motor mount, motor pulley, wheel pulley, and time belt. 

  • Motor: The motor actually works by powering the power supplies by battery. Then convert the electrical power into mechanical power on the wheel pulley.
  • Motor Mount: The thing that unites the motor and wheels is the motor mount. A motor mount is present in the skateboard truck portion.
  • Pulleys & Timebelts: Meanwhile, time belts and pulleys deliver the power of the motor to all parts of the skateboard.

Electric components

The electrical components include a battery, electronic speed controller, Bluetooth transmitter, and Bluetooth receiver.

  • Battery: Actually, the battery is the main electrical device that provides electrical power to the motor.
  • Electronic speed controller: It’s not wrong if I say the electronic speed controller is the brain of an electric skateboard. Basically, it controls how much power electricity is required for the motor. 
  • Bluetooth transmitter: It controls the connection between the remote control and the e-skateboard. It is inserted inside the electronic speed controller.
  • Bluetooth receiver: Its receiver is the signal that is generated by the transmitter. The main purpose of it is to update the rider about the brake or skateboard proceeding or reversing, etc.

LED Lightning

It also includes an LED lighting system as well as taillights. 

How Electric Skateboards work

It’s very simple and interesting to learn about the working of electric skateboards.

  • When the rider presses the remote control system then it sends the signal to the skateboard battery. It designates that the battery is active and delivers some energy to the motor.
  • Typically, the electromagnetic waves that are generated by the remote will move the electric skateboard.
  • As a motor mount that unites the motor to the wheels thus it delivers power to the wheels and propels the e-board.
  • With the help of remote control, riders can control the speed and brakes. Meanwhile, you can stop the skateboard by applying a brake stud on the remote. 

How Should I Ride My Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboarding is supper, enchanting, and a great source of fun. Here I will guide you on how to ride your electric skateboard.

  1. First of all, you need to wear safety gear including skateboard shoes, helmets, and pads for protection. Follow all the safety precautions before riding on the electric skateboard.
  2. Find a safe, ample space for skateboarding if you’re a beginner.
  3. Turn on the power after standing on the electric skateboard.
  4. Then, gradually enhance the speed unless you find a completely comfortable ride.
  5. If you want to change direction then shift your body like regular skateboarding.
  6. As you learn the basics by shifting the speed and various directions. After that, you will be able to ride on an electric skateboard anywhere. 

How To Maintain The Balance While Electric Skateboarding?

It’s somehow different to balance the electric skateboard than the regular board because it has a remote power system. Although, like normal skating, you also need to know about standing on the skateboard, balance, and staying upright. But in the case of electric skateboarding, you never need to balance with a single leg for attaining momentum. Because it will gain momentum through the electrical system.  Position your body posture properly for maintaining proper balance and start skating by controlling through your remote system. 

Bottom Lines

Now-a-day, electric skateboarding is becoming a more famous and amazing sport. Everyone is excited to learn how electric skateboard works and their features. In this regard, I briefly go through all the basic information about its working and specs. 

Hope this article will assist you a lot in making your electric skateboarding most thrilling and exceptional. If you want to learn more related to skateboarding be connected with SkateGuides. You can also share your ideas or concerns in the comment section. Stay blessed. Thanks.

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