How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost (Hidden Secrets)

Are you a beginner and want to buy a skateboard but don’t know which one is the best skateboard and what it costs? Choosing a fair skateboard is very tricky. There are a lot of factors that are necessary to focus on along with the cost. Therefore, I decided to write the article to assist beginner skaters who want to know what a good skateboard costs. But before buying a good skateboard, you must know which type of board you want to ride. 

In spite of this, I have briefly explained the different types of skateboard and their cost. You just carefully read this post and select which type of skateboard is more appropriate for you in terms of budget, quality, and style.

How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost

Generally, you can get an average quality skateboard within the range of $70 to $200. However, if you want to buy a high-quality skateboard then its price will be high.

Cost Of A Longboard, Penny Boards, And Street/Vert Skateboards

  • The average cost of longboards is about $90-$500. These are usually used for long-distance smooth riding. Longboards are not appropriate for trick performance as well as skatepark riding. 
  • Penny boards are plastic skateboards that are used for short-distance skating. These are lightweight and convenient. Their average cost is from $30-$100.
  • Street/Vert skateboards are used for doing various stunts. Their average cost is about $70-$150. 

Price Of A Complete Skateboard

Prefer to buy the complete skateboard online than from a shop because you may save some dollars. Although complete skateboards are cheaper than custom skateboards but are good for beginners during learning sessions. 

  • The average cost of a complete skateboard is about $50-$200.
  • The average cost of a custom skateboard is about $90-$500.
Retro skateboardMeketec$34.99
Minority Maple SkateboardMINORITY$39
Twisted DragonPowell Golden Dragon$59
Complete Mini CruiserCal 7$34
ClassicSurf One$149
Mini-Logo RedMini-Logo$99

Cost Of A Custom Skateboard

If you want to buy a custom skateboard then each component of the skateboard has its own price. One of the great benefits of custom skateboarding is that you can make your skateboard according to your own choice. 

  • Skateboard Deck

There are different varieties of skateboard decks available in the market. Some are blank skateboard decks while others are fancy or graphics decks. Blank skateboard decks are cheaper as compared to graphic or fancy skateboard decks. You can get a good quality deck cost within the range of $30 to $90.

Santa Complete DeckSanta Cruz Skate$99
Enjoi Skateboard DeckEnjoi$43-$79
Blank/Graphic Skateboard Deck[CCS]$38
Bamboo Skateboard DeckBamboo Skateboard$59
Powel Dragon DeckPowell Peralta$79
QuicktailPowell Peralta$100
  • Cost Of Grip Tape

Grip tape is a sheet that is applied to the skateboard for reduced friction and more grip. You can get good grip tape for skateboards within the range of $6 to $16.

Grip TapeBrandCost
Jessup Grip Tape SheetJessup$7
Mob Grip TapeMob$8
BlackWidow Grip TapeBlackWidow$9
Grizzly Grip TapeGrizzly$9
Mr.Pen Grip TapeMr.Pen$8
  • Cost Of Skateboard Trucks

The next most essential component of skateboarding is trucks. The average cost of skateboard trucks is $30 to $50. Following are the main feature of superb quality trucks:

  • Maximum length 10 inches
  • Width 7.5 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material construction
Skateboard TrucksBrandCost
Low Skateboard TrucksVenture$49
Paris Standard TrucksPARRIS $59
Independent Standard TrucksUnknown$45
Thunder Skateboard TrucksThunder$42-$65
Unit Phantom II TruckPhantom$17.99
  • Cost Of Skateboard Wheels

Usually, there are two types of wheels: soft wheels and hard wheels. Hard and small size wheels are perfect for street riding while large and soft wheels are good for longboards.

You can buy average wheels for the cost of $15-$50.

Skateboard WheelsBrandCostDiameter
California RollShark Wheels$4760mm
Spitfire BigheadSpitfire$20.90-$46.9552mm
Powell Peralta Rat BonesPowell Peralta$3660mm
Cruiser Skateboard Wheels[CCS]$2757mm
STF Rayan CrashBones Wheels$34.50-$5053mm
  • Cost Of Skateboard Bearings

The next most important part of skateboarding is bearings. Bearings enhance the performance of the wheel. Typically, the ABEC scale system is used to measure the precision of bearings. Meanwhile, I prefer to buy ceramic bearings rather than steel because they are more durable and sturdy. 

On the other hand, if you keep your bearings clean and lubricate them properly then they will remain functional for a long time.

Bones Bearing Super RedBones$29
Bones Super SwissBones$63
Zealous BearingsZealous$15
Heady Shake ProHeady Shake$23
Ceramic skateboard bearingsOldboy$51

Other Accessories Cost

  • Protective Gear

Safety should be the first priority of a skater. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear sturdy protective gear while skateboarding. There is no need to buy them again and again, once you buy them they will save you forever. 

  • The average cost of a helmet is from $20 to $60.
  • Get good knee pads for between $40 to $60.
  • Fair wrist pads are available for $20.
  • Elbow pads can get within $20.

Furthermore, you can get knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads in a single bundle within the range of

  • Skateboard Shoes

Shoes are crucial for enjoying a safe and pleasurable ride. Skateboard shoes are not ordinary, these are designed specially that protect your feet a lot. The average cost of a pair of skateboard shoes is $40 to $150.

  • Skate Tools

Tools are essential for maintenance purposes. You can get the best skateboard tools by spending $6 to $30. 

  • Skateboard Hardware

Skateboard hardware such as nuts and bolts is cheap. You can buy the best skateboard hardware by spending $4 to $8. 

Final Thought

Typically, you can get a handsome skateboard within the range of  $60-$150. Meanwhile, their cost varies according to the quality of their parts. Despite how much a skateboard costs, you must buy the best skateboard for yourself. Because once you invest money for a premium board then it will save your money in the future. Furthermore, you must buy the skateboard according to your age and size so that you will perform amazingly. 

I hope the article on how much a good skateboard costs can assist you a lot in buying a superior skateboard. You can express your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your fellow skaters. Your little sharing does a lot for them. Best wishes to you. Thanks.

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