Is There Weight Limit For Skateboarding (Guide For Beginners)

Are you a beginner and going to buy a new skateboard or do you have no idea about the limitations of different skateboards? It’s a very common question in the mind of a beginner skater is how much weight can a skateboard hold. 

Although the weight limit depends on the sturdiness of the skateboard. Therefore, you must take proper guidance before buying your skateboard. After reading this post you will be able to choose the most appropriate size skateboard for you.

Is Body Weight Affecting While Skateboarding?

Some skaters are light-weighted while others are feeble. Thus skater weight matters in the style of skateboarding. Meanwhile, weight also influences the speed or tricks of skating. 

Its advice for fat skaters is not to roll your skateboard rapidly while downhill skating because as the gravity enhances there will be more chance of falling and getting injured. Furthermore, heavy-weight skaters carefully do tricks to avoid any danger. However, skating is the best exercise to lose weight for a rider. If you want to lose weight, you skate regularly and maintain your body weight.

On the other hand, it’s hard to gain speed for a feeble skater. However, they can easily maintain their body weight while doing various stunts. 

Therefore, all the above discussion shows that rider weight much matters while skateboarding. 

What Is The Weight Of An Average Skateboard

Another crucial factor along with the rider’s body weight is the average weight of the skateboard. The average weight of a skateboard is approximately 4.5-5kg or 11 pounds

Skateboard Deck: Generally, skateboard decks are made with plastic, maple, or bamboo wood that is light-weighted as well as flexible. A normal skateboard deck is about 28 to 33 inches in length and 7.25 to 8.5 inches wide. Usually, their weight is about 350 grams or 0.77pounds. The average skateboard deck weight is 1-2.2kg and has the ability to carry a weight limit of up to 123kg.

Grip Tape: A silicon carbide sheet grip tape present on the skateboard deck that assists the rider in entirely gripping feet on the deck. Its weight is about 0.29 pounds. 

Trucks: However, trucks are heavy due to construction with Aluminum, titanium, or steel. Trucks are an important part to carry heavy weight. They provide support as well as stability to the skaters. They are around 350 grams or 0.77 pounds.

Wheels: Wheels are made with plastic-like urethane material. They are available in different sizes therefore their weight varies according to their size. However, their average weight is about 0.44 to 0.55 pounds.

Bearings: Small round shape bearings are present inside the wheels that optimize the wheel’s speed and maneuverability. Generally, two bearings are present in each wheel. The weight of one bearing is 12-14 grams. If we consider their collective weight then it would be around 96-112 grams.

The following table guides you to the average weight of each part of a skateboard.

Skateboard PartAverage Weight
Skateboard Deck350 grams/0.77pounds
Grip Tape0.29 pounds
Trucks350 grams/0.77 pounds
Wheels0.44 to 0.55 pounds
Bearings96-112 grams

How Much Weight Holding Capacity Of A Regular Skateboard

A regular skateboard can bear a weight of 272 pounds while a sturdy skateboard can hold 280 pounds easily. 

Meanwhile, penny skateboards are made with plastic material and therefore carry a weight of up to 192 pounds. 

The longboard has a weight limit of around 300 pounds. So if your body weight is high then you skate on the longboard instead of a regular skateboard.

Skateboard TypeWeight Limit
Regular skateboard272 pounds
Penny skateboard192 pounds
Longboard300 pounds


Although the market is full of different styles of skateboards. But you choose which one is safer and more reliable for you. Moreover, you need to know how much a skateboard can hold before buying. So that you can buy a sturdy, well manageable, and good weight-holding skateboard. When you buy a board according to your body then you will feel very relaxed and cool while skateboarding. Must wear protective gear while riding that will make your ride more secure.

Hope this post clears out many questions related to skateboard weight limits. For further queries, you can ask in the comment section. Connect with SkateGuides for further updates related to skateboarding. Thanks. Have a nice day.

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