How Tight Would Skateboard Wheels Be? (Professional secrets)

There are a great variety of brands, sizes, hardness, durometer, colors, and types of skateboard wheels in the market. Everyone can find any level according to their preference. However, to become a competent skater, it’s important that you should have expertise in skating tricks. But another thing that affects your skating performance is the impact of the wheel’s tightness or looseness. Therefore, you must know how tight would skateboard wheels be? 

Skateboard is useless without the superb sturdy wheels. Therefore, well-adjusted wheels enhance the functionality of the skateboard. Meanwhile, tight wheels are good for providing the best stable ride as well as faster speed. On the other hand, these have disadvantages. In this post, I will simply tell you how tight your skateboard wheels are. 

Skateboard Wheels Either Tight Or Loose?

There is a great discussion about whether the tight skateboard wheels are perfect or loose. Actually, both have their own pros and cons. Here I discuss the both advantages and disadvantages of tight or loose wheels.

Tight Skateboard Wheels

Advantages of Tightness

  • Fast speed: The tightness of the wheels or trucks allow you to skate at the maximum speed as well as provide effective control.
  • Protect from wheel biting: It also protects from wheel biting thus preventing the loss of balance and bad falling. Therefore, by doing so you can save yourself from accidents and bad injuries.
  • Stable and comfortable: Wheels become stable and easy to control. Consequently, riders can skate for a long time with great stability and comfort level. 
  • Best for downhill skating: Tighten wheels or trucks are best for downhill skateboarding. So, if you are a downhill skater or doing ramp vert skating then must tighten the wheels before beginning the session.

Disadvantages Of Tightness

  • Lack of friction: Although there are great benefits of tight wheels/trucks, tightness also hinders performing different stunts. Due to tightness, skaters do not steer or turn the skateboard effectively because of a lack of friction.
  • Hard to push: Difficult to land or to push the board while doing various tricks.

Loose Skateboard Wheels

Likewise, the tight skateboard and loose board also have both pros and cons.

Advantages Of Looseness

  • Easy landing: you can easily land or stop the skateboard.
  • Simple turns: You can easily turn and are able to do various tricks with the loose wheels/trucks.
  • Best for tricks: Loose wheels provide the awesome flow of skating. The rider feels more comfortable in skating because looseness allows the rider to easily press down the tail. This control allows you to easily push the board and perform all levels of tricks.

Disadvantages Of Looseness

  • Low speed: If the skater wants to enjoy high-speed skating then loose wheels are not perfect for them. Because loose wheels have slow speed as compared to tight wheels.
  • Less stability: It has less stability therefore you have less control and it is easy to get injured. Therefore, if you are a beginner then you should avoid using loose wheels during skating practice.
  • Wheel biting: The chances of wheel biting increase with loose wheels skating.
  • Do not be good for downhill skaters: Loose wheels are not perfect for downhill skating therefore must tighten the wheels before downhill skateboarding.

How To Tighten The Skateboard Wheels

  1. Adjust the tycon nut on the axle with the help of a wrench or a socket.
  2. To determine the right adjustment, hold one wheel and shake.
  3. If the wheel begins to shake then this means it further needs to be tight.
  4. If your wheel got too tight, then spin the wheel to check whether it’s rolling or not. If not then loose it a little bit with the wrench or socket.


I precisely explain the both pros and cons of tight and loose wheels/trucks. Now as a skater, you can easily determine which type of skateboard wheels will be appropriate for you. While doing so, your main achievement is to gain an awesome skill level, superb riding style, and comfort level. Moreover, you also use high-standard polyurethane wheels that also matter in your skating. I also tell you the simplest way to tighten the skateboard wheels. To implement steps where you want. Is this article useful for you?

If yes, then must share it with your co-skaters. You can also express your thoughts in the comment section. I’m excited to know your thoughts. Best of luck. Thanks.

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