How To Apply Skateboard Grip Tape (Easy Steps)

Grip tape is a small sheet that adheres to the skateboard deck and provides stability and traction. It is an essential part of a skating board regardless of which type of board you have. Usually, skateboards come with grip tape however it is useful to learn how to apply skateboard grip tape. However, there is no proper parameter to measure the exact size of grip tape. But you can buy the best grip tape from a reputable brand.

If your skateboard grip tape begins to slip and you want to replace it with a new one. In this regard, I have simply explained how to apply a grip tape to a skateboard. 

Required Material

Before applying the grip tape, you first collect the following essential material.

  • Grip tape
  • Box cutter/Razor blade
  • Flat file
  • Screwdriver

You can buy the above material from the skate shop, or hardware shop, or order online from Amazon.

How I Put Grip Tape On My Skateboard (Simple Steps)

Prepare Your Skateboard Deck

The first step is to ready your skateboard for grip tape. If you are going to put new grip tape on your old skateboard deck then first remove the sticker or old grip tape. You completely clean the deck surface.

Ready The Grip Tape

Grasp the sheet of grip tape. Gradually peel the back cover and expose the sticky surface. Seize the grip tape lengthwise and carefully insert it into the skateboard deck.

  • Put The Grip Tape

Hover the grip tape over the deck. Make sure that your new grip tape size should be enough that fits perfectly on your skateboard deck. Then, put it from the nose toward the tail of the deck. Place it exactly at the center. You can also readjust if you need.

  • Press The Grip Tape

Take the backing paper and place it on the newly adjusted grip tape. Begin to press the grip tape at the center. Rub it down gently. With the help of your hands push grip tape from the nose toward the tail. 

Note: Place the skateboard on the ground to avoid the air bubble while applying the grip tape.
  • File Your Grip Tape

Take a flat file and rub it at the edge of your skateboard deck. It will form a clear line that will help you in the extra grip tape cutting process. 

  • Cut Extra Grip Tape

Take a razor blade or Box cutter and push it toward the line at the bottom of your skateboard. Make sure that angle of the blade should be 45° then cut the extra sheet carefully. 

  • Remove The Air Bubble

After cutting the extra sheet, you check whether air bubbles form in the sheet or not. If yes, then poke them with a knife or blade. Apply pressure to release the air bubble from the newly apply sheet.

  • Prick Holes For Trucks

Form the holes where screws of skateboard trucks will be held. With the help of a screwdriver prick the holes. Make the holes clean so that you will easily install the trucks inside them.

  • Sand The Edges

In the end, you sand the edges of the deck. This step is very useful because it will make your skateboard extra smooth and stickiness free.

Which Type Of Skateboard Grip Tape Should I Use?

There are wide variations in the skateboard grip tape shape, size, color, texture, and grit level. Therefore, I guide the basic difference that will assist you to buy your desired sheet.

  • Standard Grip Tape

The most common and reasonable price makes standard grip tape perfect for beginners and professional skaters. It also has different variety of grit levels so you can apply any after learning the steps of putting the grip tape.

  • Specialized Grip Tape

It has a high grit level that provides the finest grip and stability. However, high grit may damage your shoes rapidly. It is also accessible in a variety of colors, sizes, etc.

  • Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

It is made with premium quality rubber that has a non-slippery surface. Moreover, it has high stability and grip level that will never damage your shoes.


Learning how to apply the skateboard grip tape is quite an easy and interesting process.  Follow the certain steps you will be able to put your grip tape on your skateboard deck satisfactorily. You can also apply various stickers on the grip tape for further charm. Be connected with me for further tips related to skating. If this tutorial is useful for you then must share it with your friends. Don’t forget to express your views in the comment section. I’m warmly waiting for your response. Stay happy, stay blessed. Thanks.

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