How To Carve On A Skateboard (Easy & Simple Steps)

Carving on the skateboard is a technique that enables you to carve every space and perform every tricky skating which you want to do.

Skateboard carving is a very essential approach that provides you with stability and support. Whether you perform downhill skating, bowling, or cruising, it is necessary to know how to carve on the skateboard. Best carving on your skateboards or longboards enables you to do various tricks and skate on any pavement whether straight or curved. Curving on a Skateboard is a technique that enables you to make efficient turns back and forth by sustaining momentum and speed. 

What are the benefits of carving on the skateboards are that you learn how to maintain your balance. Moreover, it enables you to learn awesome skateboarding on indoor and outdoor terrains. So, if you want to learn how to carve on the boards then you need to have the best skateboard and learn about its basic procedure. Once you learn, you will incredibly skate on the best carve skateboard. 

Things Required For Carving On A Skateboard 

Carving on the skateboard is an excellent skill to become an expert skater. The following things are needed to manage before carving.

  • Skateboard
  • Protective gear
  • Highly effective shoes
  • Space for skateboarding


According to some professionals, you always require a sturdy skateboard if you want to become a carving master. While others affirm that you can use any skateboard for carving.  But according to my experience, I ask you to have the finest skateboard because it will remain usable for a long time as well as perform well. 

Moreover, I prefer that you take those boards that have a medium size deck. In addition to taking well-balanced wheels that provide good speed as well as grip. 

Furthermore, the best skateboard trucks are very important that provide nice assemblage and exceptional skating.  Meanwhile, trucks enable you to perform well while turning or pumping. 

Protective Gear

When you will skate with your carve board on downhill skating or other tricks that may be dangerous for you. So, it is very crucial that you must wear protective gear that protects you from injuries or damage. 

These protective gear include a helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and glasses. These protective gears are compulsory for everyone whether you are a beginner skater or a pro. I think professional skaters need them more because they practice for a long time so self-care is the first priority. 

Highly Effective Shoes

You always require multiple things when you carve on the skateboard. Although the finest grip tape of a deck holds you well, sometimes it may not fulfill all the requirements. Therefore, it is a good solution that you use the best skateboard footwear

These shoes are specially designed for skating therefore they are very comfortable and smooth for skating. Meanwhile, they maintain your body balance so they play a very important role in making your skating safe and relaxable.

Space For Skateboarding

Once you carve your skateboard then you need a space where you practice on the carving board. Because you never directly skate on the street or the park without any practice session on the carve skateboard. 

Therefore, you must check a space where there are no obstacles that may hit you while skating. Meanwhile, the carving is uncontrollable at the start for the reason that if you want to avoid an accident you must find a spare space for practice. 

Main Steps On How To Carve On The Skateboard

Following are the 7 main steps that you apply to carve on a skateboard.

  • Adjust where to start
  • Find out your balance 
  • Push on the flat surface
  • Pick a line to skate
  • Frontside curve
  • Backside curve
  • Get comfortable curving/Downhill carving
  1. Adjust Where To Start

First of all, you set the location where you start skating. You select those sides that have room from the front, left, and right sides. It provides you with the most space as well as enhances your self-confidence.

  1. Find Out Your Balance 

Place the skateboard in the direction that your body faces and in the face length. Then, stand on the board and place your right foot on the top of each truck. 

By using your feet and ankles, you push the skateboard forward and backward. This step enables two opposing wheels to move in opposite directions. This type of motion also causes the sharpness of turns when you skate. 

Tip: Don’t start carving until you maintain your balance on the skateboard properly.

  1. Push On The Flat Surface

Pushing is the vital step that assists you to gain speed while carving. It also provides maximum momentum as well as providing a direction for pumping. Place one foot off the board and push the board against the surface. 

Moreover, while doing this, you keep your eyes on the upper side not down, to control your direction. 

Keep in mind that make sure that there is space 0.30m apart between your kicking foot and that skateboard.  Otherwise, it hits your wheels and you may fall. 

  1. Pick A Line To Skate

You set your destination before you start the carving. So, you pick up a line and continuously focus on it. If you stick to the line, it will help you to become a master within a few days. 

If you decide on a longer path, then you need maximum speed and powerful push prior to carving. 

  1. Frontside Curve

First, you maintain forward momentum on the surface. With the help of the tips of your feet, you push down the board. Meanwhile, keep your arms to the side, and lean slightly with your chest. As well as place your shoulder inward. 

Moreover, you stand back up so that your body weight shifts on the skateboard wheels. Fold your knees slightly so that they stabilize you during turning movements.

  1. Backside Curve

As you complete your frontside or inward skating, you change your body posture in a straight direction. But you continuously move, so that you gain momentum for a backside curve or outward carving. 

You bend your knees and push your board with the help of the heels. You lean back with your buttocks and chest if you want to use the chair set. Your shoulder direction also guides you in the backside curving.

After completing the curve move toward the standing posture.

  1. Get Comfortable Curving/Downhill Carving

You continue your practice in the open area until you are able to skate on the street or in the parks. You just build your confidence whether you apply any tricks during curving. So, if you want to do downhill skating, you just maintain medium speed and bend your knees. When you want to stop carving, simply stand up and slow down the speed. 

Professional Guide

  • Best trucks are always vital for convenient carving
  • Practice in sloppy areas enables you to be the best downhill skater.
  • Note the direction of your shoulders that assists you to control movement.

Final Thought

In general, skateboarding is an adventure that you perform anywhere for your personal amusement. You do any kind of skating for recreational purposes that increase your body’s health and discipline. But before you skate in a busy area you must know how to carve on a skateboard. This technique not only enables you to perform tricks but also protects you from serious injuries or accidents. 

I try my level best to tell you the best carving skills. I hope these techniques assist you much to become the best carving master for your skateboards or longboards. So, if you want to learn more, you can ask for help. I’m always available and waiting for your response. So, don’t wait, start your carving lifestyle. Best of luck. Thanks.

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