How To Clean Skateboard And Longboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings usually remain functional for a long time. But when we use them regularly then they get rusted and dirty. As a result, they slow down their speed. So, for enhancing their efficiency, it is necessary to clean skateboard bearings at regular intervals. Especially, in the rain or on wet surfaces, skating is the main cause of dirt attached to bearings. Therefore, all these things cause the bearing to slow down. Minor care and lubricant enable them to spin rapidly. 

So, it is a good thing to know how to clean skateboard bearings instead of buying new ones. For this purpose, I have to write this article for your ease. I suggest very simple and easy steps that help you to boost up your bearings speed. After applying these steps, your bearings will look new once. Therefore, never wait, read, open, and get ready to enable your bearings effectively. 

Require Material

Before starting to clean the bearings, you should collect all the things that are required in the cleaning process. The materials required for the cleaning process are listed below.

  • Skate tools (wrench)
  • Tray (to place the hardware)
  • Safety pins/razor/Knife blades
  • Bowl or container
  • Toothbrush or rag
  • Solvent/degreaser/cleaning solution
  • Lubricant
  • Light grease or speed cream

Main Steps For Cleaning The Skateboard Bearings

So, if you don’t know how to clean skateboard bearings or if your bearings have been rusted, I will assist you in cleaning them. The following are useful things that are taken into account while cleaning.

  1. Removal of wheels
  2. Removal of  bearings & shield 
  3. Dip the bearings in cleaner
  4. Dry and lubricate
  5. Replace the shield & bearings


1. Removal Of Wheels

With the help of a skate tool, you take out the axle nuts. Then slide the wheels off from the trucks. Apply the same kind of movement. Turn over the wheels and repeat it. Then store all the axle nuts and washers in a tray so that they remain safe.

2. Removal Of Bearings & Bearing Shield

By using the axle of the truck, you pull out the bearings outside the wheels. Move the wheels on the end of the axle because only a single bearing is present on the axle. Twist the wheels continuously, and repeat the step. 

Once bearings come out from the wheels after that remove the bearing shield with the help of a sharp razor blade or safety pin. Therefore, do this work very carefully so that the shape of the shield does not bend or damage. The rubber shield is easy to remove.

On the other hand, the metal shield has a “C” shape clip around the outside of the race that is difficult to remove. In bearings, race, and cage are also removed, which is better. Make sure that you place all these hard wares into the tray.

Some bearings have a set of spacers between the two bearings. While other bearings have built-in spacers. This type of arrangement is mostly present in the longboard bearings and wheels. So, if your bearings also have spacers then you also save them on the tray. 

3. Dip The Bearings In Cleaner

After getting off the bearings from the wheels, then it’s time to clean the bearings with solvent or a cleaner that is not water-based. Acetone, isopropyl alcohol, and mineral spirits are good. While the best thing is the use of methylated spirit. If you have a spray on the degreaser that is great. You can also use lemon juice which also works very well. 

Use a wide container or tray to soak the bearings for some time. You can also use toothpaste for scrubbing. I mostly use a Bones bearing cleaning kit. Because it has high-quality shakes that clean rapidly without any damage. 

Tip: While applying solvent, carefully cover your hands by wearing gloves. And avoid contact with your skin. 

4. Dry & Relubricate 

After the removal of dirt, take out the bearings and dry them. You can dry them with a hairdryer or in compressed air. Now, the next process is to lubricate the bearings. It is very important because dry bearings may cause friction. 

I mostly use three types of bearing lubricant that are Bones speed cream, High-speed ceramic oil, and Bronson speed co. Apply one or two drops of lubricant then rotate it so that oil moves from all sides. Repeat the step for applying on the 8 bearings. Moreover, Powell speed cream and other light creams also performed very well. 

Moreover, one thing to keep in mind while applying the lubricant. You apply a thin layer of lubricant because it makes your bearings efficient and faster than a thick layer. 

5. Replace The Shield And Bearings

The last step is to replace the bearings and shield inside the wheels. It’s a very simple and easy process as compared to getting off.

You just set them in their place and gently press unless they attain their position. Adjust the spacers and washers on the place. Now, your wheels are ready to spin. Now, your board is ready for skating and you can start your fun. 


  • Longboards also have the same bearings as some skateboards. Therefore, you clean longboard bearings in the same manner. 
  • If your wheels need to be cleaned then clean them. Otherwise, you can only wash out your bearings only. 
  • Those bearings that have no metal shield or rubber shield are easy to clean. As come to those that have metal bearings. 

Bottom Lines

These five steps are the main ones to clean and enhance the performance of your skateboard bearings. If you want to buy new bearings then you can get them from Best skateboard bearings. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about skateboard-bearing cleaning, then you can openly ask. I warmly welcome you. I’m waiting for your positive response. Thank you, and have a nice day. 

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