How To Clean Skateboard Deck (Easiest Methods)

When we regularly use our skateboard then it absorbs too much dirt, grit, and mud which affects its speed. Thus, you are unable to enjoy the same charm of skating on your skateboard. Now, the time has come to clean your skateboard deck properly. However, if you are a newbie and don’t know how to clean the skateboard deck then here I will guide you entirely. 

Here I suggest you the best methods of cleaning your skateboard deck that will enable your skateboard to be more efficient and fast. Furthermore, cleaning remains your skateboard deck functional for a long time. Therefore, it’s good for your skating deck to clean at regular interval. If you have never cleaned the deck before then let’s do it with me.

2 Methods Of How To Clean The Skateboard Deck

Although there are a variety of methods to clean the skateboard deck. But I suggest only two of the easiest as well as most effective methods of cleaning.

  1. How To Clean Skateboard Deck With A Wire Brush
  2. How To Clean The Skateboard Deck By Using Home Materials

Method 1

How To Clean Skateboard Deck With A Wire Brush

The first and most easy method of skateboard deck cleaning is with the wire brush. This method is swift, easy, as well as effective.

Essential Material

  • Wire Brush
  • Grip Gum


  • Take A Good Quality Wire Brush 

First of all, you take a good quality wire brush that has super soft sturdy bristles. But keep in mind to avoid buying too tight bristles brush because it may damage your skateboard grip tape. Prefer to buy a small size brush because it can wash every space of the skateboard deck.

  • Brush On The Grip Tape

Secondly, apply a brush to the skateboard deck grip tape. Carefully, apply the brush so that it may not damage your skateboard grip tape. Continuously, apply until it looks bright and clean.

  • Clean Out All Dirt And Mud

After brushing off the grip tape with a wire brush, rub the grip gum on the grip tape lengthwise. Carefully do this and brush off the extra one on the entire skateboard deck.

Method 2

How To Clean The Skateboard Deck By Using Home Materials

Another most cost-effective and easiest method of skateboard deck cleaning by use of home material. 

Essential Material

  • A sturdy toothpaste
  • Detergent/soap
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Drying cloth
  • Grip gum


  • Collect All Required Material

First of all, you collect all the required material. Make sure all material should be clean and debris free. Choose a clean and well-lighted place for cleaning the skateboard.

  • Ready Water And /Detergent Soap Solution

Take a wide water bowl and fill it with water. Then, add soap or detergent to the water and stir them gradually to make the solution. 

  • Dip Toothbrush In The Solution

Soak the toothbrush in the solution for some time. Then press the brush to take off the excess water and soap before rubbing it on the deck. 

  • Rub On The Skateboard Deck

Begin to rub the toothbrush on the deck lengthwise. Rub those parts that have a lot of dirt and mud. But don’t rub too tightly that it damages the grip tape grit. Continuously rinse the toothbrush with the water solution while rubbing.

  • Drying

It’s time to dry your skateboard. Take a clean cloth and apply it to the deck surface to absorb all the excess water and moisture. Change the sides of the skateboard until the whole deck dries.

  • Aerate The Deck

After drying with the cloth, put your skateboard deck in the open air for drying. Place it for 1-2 hours in the air for complete dryness. It’s not good to skate on a wet skateboard.

  • Use Grip Gum (non-compulsory)

Sometimes dirt is tightly accumulated on the skateboard deck then you use grip gum to clean the accumulated dirt. You just rub it on the deck lengthwise then apply a brush to remove the mud. 


Some skaters never pay heed to cleaning the skateboard deck. But it’s necessary to clean the skateboard deck for at least after 2 months. You find positive results after cleaning your skateboard deck. 

Hope you learn something about how to clean the skateboard deck. Must share this post with your friends, co-skaters, or others. So that others are also benefited because of you. If you want to clean skateboard bearings then be connected with skateguides.

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