How To Clean The Skateboard And longboard Grip tape (Simplest Steps)

Whether you are a professional skater or skating for fun purposes, it’s useful to know how to clean skateboard grip tape. If the skateboard grip tape is dirty then it slows down the speed and the traction of skateboarding. Then, you never enjoy the same amusement that you get from the clean new grip tape. You do not always buy the new grip tape therefore you learn how do you clean grip tape. 

For this purpose, I’m going to discuss the best professional method of cleaning skateboard grip tape. Although, it seems to be time taking, actually saves your money as well as is quite easy. You just carefully follow the steps and make your grip tape new.

Essential Material

The essential things to have before cleaning the skateboard and longboard grip tape by different methods.

  • Sandbelt cleaner
  • A towel or microfiber cloth
  • Brush
  • Grip gum eraser
  • Gloves

How Do I Clean My Grip Tape

There are different ways to clean the skateboard grip tape. I have discussed three methods, you can apply to anyone in which you have an easy approach.

  • Sanding Belt Cleaning Method

You can apply this method for the cleaning of both skateboard and longboard grip tape cleaning. 

  1. Take the sand belt cleaner and rub it on the grip tape in different directions from up to down. 
  2. For removing dirt you apply more pressure while rubbing.
  3. Clean the dirt on grip tape before again applying the sanding belt cleaner.
  4. You also clean the edge properly. If any part of the grip tape is extra then cut it with scissors.
  5. Continue to clean until you feel satisfied.
  6. Finally, you clean it with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  • Soft Brush Cleaning Method

This method is also equally useful for cleaning the longboard and skateboard grip tape.

  1. For cleaning grip tape, you grasp the soft wire brush accurately.
  2. Then, you stroked the brush on the grip tape in a circular manner gently.
  3. For cleaning hard dirt, apply more pressure in that areas.
  4. To clean the surface, use a grip gum eraser on the grip tape.
  5. Then, clean the grip tape with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  6. If you want more cleaning then continue the process.

Note: When you are applying this method never forget to wear hand gloves otherwise it may damage your hands.

  • Toothbrush Method

Although it’s the simplest method, it is not good for removing stubborn dirt. If you clean your grip tape within a short interval of time then it will be good for you.

  1. Always use those toothbrush that has hard stubbles. 
  2. You apply the pressure in circular strokes to remove the dirt.
  3. After rubbing, clean it with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  4. If needed, repeat the steps again
  5. For attaining grip tape smoothness, you apply a grip gum eraser to it.

How To Prevent Dirty Grip Tape

Although all parts of a skateboard especially a skateboard deck need to maintain after a certain time. But self-care and adoption of certain measures will help you to regularly buy or clean the grip tape.

  • Do not skate on muddy or dirty terrains.
  • Do not step on the skateboard grip tape when your shoe soles are dirty.
  • If any sticky object gets stuck on your board, clean it rapidly.
  • Immediately cleans the grip tape before dirt gets hardened on the board surface.
  • Place your board in the sun prior to cleaning it will also assist you in the cleaning process.
  • When grip tape is completely damaged then change it with a new one.

Final Thought

I hope you will be completely satisfied after following these steps on how to clean the grip tape. After cleaning, when you will skate on your board then you will find an awesome grip and traction. I ever enjoy the new charm of skating whenever I skate after the grip tape cleaning. You will also feel happy and satisfied after doing so. You also share this post with your buddies and co-skaters. If you want to know further about skating or skateboard parts such as skateboard wheels, bearings, etc then you can benefit from my service. You can also share your stories and experiences with me. I warmly waiting for your feedback. Thanks.

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