How To Display Skateboard Deck On Wall (3 Majestic Methods)

Skateboards are a great source of fun and pleasure for the skater. But you can further enhance the charm by displaying them on your walls. It’s very creative and attractive to decorate your old skateboard deck and then display them on your walls. So, if you want to learn how to display a skateboard deck on the wall. In this post, I tell you amazing methods of hanging skateboard decks aesthetically on the wall. 

3 Methods on How To Display Skateboard Deck On The Wall

Method 1

 Display The Skateboard Deck With The Fishing Line

  • Remove The Skateboard Trucks

Turn your skateboard and first remove the skateboard trucks. With the help of a screwdriver open the bolt of one truck. Continue to twist the screwdriver until the bolt locks. Then, apply the same procedure to open the other three bolts of skateboard trucks.  

  • Put The Fishing Line In The Holes of The Skateboard Deck

Fix the two holes that are present at one end of the skateboard deck. Cut the 0.30m fishing line with the scissor. Put the fishing line underneath the holes and then put the underside of the next hole. Then, knot both of them properly. Don’t tie the knot strictly so that it is close to the holes of the deck. Instead, it should be loose so that you can easily hang the deck on the wall.

  • Hammer a Nail And Hang The Deck on The Wall

Locate the site on the wall where you want to display your skateboard. Then, carefully hammer the nail on the wall. Swing the fishing line on the nail at the wall. 

Method 2 

Using The Wall Mount Method To Display The Skateboard on The Wall

Required Material

  • Skateboard deck
  • Drill machine
  • Plastic wall anchor
  • Bolts
  • Screwdriver


  • Drill Holes in The Wall

Drill the holes in the wall with the drill machine. First to locate the position, place the skateboard deck vertically on the wall. With the help of a pen mark where you drill the holes in the wall. Moreover, must add a plastic wall anchor into the holes because it will assist a lot of weight of the skateboard deck.

  • Fix The Deck With Screws on The Wall

Insert the bolts in the holes where you mark with the drill. Then, put one screw and gradually all four into their holes. Then tighten all the holes with the help of a screwdriver. Now, your skateboard deck has hung on the wall perfectly.

Method 3

Using Rope And Screw To Display The Skateboard Deck On The wall

Required Material


  • Use a Thick Piece of Rope

Take a premium, durable rope that can hold the weight of the skateboard. Approximately, 0.64cm diameter of the rope is perfect. With the help of a ruler measure the size of the rope and then cut with a sharp knife. 

  • Bind The Knot of Each End of Rope And Burnt

Tei at the end of the rope and tight them. Then burnt the end of the rope with a lighter for a few seconds. The main purpose of burning is that it protects the rope from wearing out. 

  • Drill Holes And Display The Skateboard on The Wall

Mark two lines horizontally with the pencil. Mark the lines with equal distance and equal length. With the help of a drill machine, drills the hole. Insert rope inside the screw and put them in the hole. Fix the screws with the screwdriver. Then, repeat the same process to fix the other side of the rope inside the hole. Now, hang the skateboard deck vertically on the rope. 


There are a huge variety of methods to display the skateboard deck on the wall. You can apply any method which is more convenient for you. In this way, you can utilize your old skateboard deck as well as decorate your wall amazingly. But carefully do any method so that it will not damage your wall. 

I have told you the easiest methods of mounting a skateboard on the wall. Now it’s your time, to follow, and make your home amazing with creative things. Hope this article is very useful for you. If yes, then you must share it with your friends. You can also share your ideas in the comment section. Have a nice day. Thanks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average weight of a skateboard deck?

The average weight of the skateboard without the trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip, is about 2-5 pounds. 

How can I hang the skateboard on the wall without making holes?

You can display your skateboard on the wall without making holes by using the following things.

  • Use plastic hooks to hang the skateboard deck on the wall
  • Use adhesive strips
  • With the help of t-tools and measuring tapes

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