How To Improve Your Skateboarding faster (Ultimate Guide)

Do you never know how to skate in a better way? Or you want to learn more tricks of skating. Then this post will be very useful for you to ride superbly. I have some tips for how to get better at skating. These techniques are very fundamental and will be very useful for beginners. If you want to make a name in a particular sport then it’s necessary to learn from the basics. Continue practice and little guidance make you a pro. 

I remember the time when I first began to learn skating. I was just a 10-year-old boy but my love, consistency, and practice made me a better skater. There I decided to write down very easy steps for you. So that you can also enhance your skating skills and learn new adventure tricks.

Professional Tips To Become Pro At Skating  

Improving skateboarding tricks is very challenging for newbies. But actually, it’s a very amazing and memorable time. You just calmly focus on the steps and gradually improve your skills. 

1. Learn The Basic Skills

If you are a beginner then it’s crucial that you begin to start by learning the basics. Meanwhile, if you know a little bit then before learning the other tricks. You must recall your previous basic skills. Although starting from scratch is not very interesting, it will be very helpful for learning further tricks. If you don’t know how to ride a skateboard then you first learn that and then proceed forward.

2. Maintain The Balance  

The most critical and hardest for the beginner is how to maintain balance on the skateboard. Learning about balance maintenance is really a time taking task. The following steps help you to improve your balance skill.

  • Body posture: Place the left foot on the board and set your body toward the right. Then place the right foot and position your body toward the left.
  • Position your feet: Stand on the skateboard in such a way that your feet place behind the bolts. It’s a very appropriate position for the newbies to attain their balance.
  • Maintaining the weight: First place your body weight in the center and then shift the weight from toes to heels. All this enables you to ride stability. 

3. Learn to fall

How to fall properly is an inevitable trick that protects you from dangerous injuries. So, to prevent bad falling, you follow the below guidance.

  • Never Land on Your Palm: It’s human nature when you begin to fall and carry your arms forward. But actually, it’s very harmful because if you fall on a rough or concrete surface then it will damage your hands. Meanwhile, it increases the chance of breaking your wrist. 
  • Roll When Falling: When you feel that you’re going to lose stability and then ready yourself for rolling. You roll your arm in and flip so you touch the ground on your back. This type of falling minimizes the pain of falls and you remain safe.

Note: Practice rolling on the grassy surface so you are able to do well while skateboarding.

  • Run Out: When you feel any imbalance when performing tricks. Then you run out your momentum and try again the practice. It will help from falling as a result, you remain safe.
  • Wear Protective Gear: Never forget to wear protective gear. Knee pads are formed with hard molded plastic that will protect your knees. While wrist and elbow pads protect your arm portion. The most important thing is to always wear the best quality skateboard helmet for head safety.

4. Learn Fakie & Switch Skating

Fakie skating means you skate when your skateboard deck tail is in front. While switch skating is opposite to fakie in which the deck nose is in front. Although, both tricks are good but too lazy. Some beginners forget other basic tricks while learning the fakie or switch skating. So according to my perception, don’t waste your time learning these tricks. However, if you are a pro then you can try them.

5. Improve Your Core 

Core means to enhance your strength of muscles. Skating requires high flexibility and strength therefore you first strengthen your middle body muscles. This will help you in maintaining your body balance and well stability when you skate on the skateboard deck. You can improve your core by doing various exercises. 

So, if you don’t know how to enhance your core then you can learn from youtube and guide tutorials of various professional skaters. 

6. Make Friends and Learn to Skate

It’s time to learn skating tricks by yourself. While it’s very pleasurable when learning them from your friends or other companion skaters. You can learn skating tricks from expert skaters as well as newbies. The surrounding people are really a source of inspiration for you. So, make them ideal, get inspiration, and enhance your skills. 

A lot of people come to the skatepark for skateboarding. So, try to talk with them, make new friends and enjoy. When you become a community then your skating journey will become a great source of fun and learning for you.

7. Practice

The famous maxim is “practice makes a man perfect”. So you follow this motto, once you start then you practice skating daily. Once you learn a particular trick then you practice continuously until you become the master of that trick. You fix your skating time and improve your skills in the skating parks.

Sometimes, there are certain tricks that we never learn well rapidly and get tired of. So never get fed up, learn with consistency until you succeed. Once the time comes, that will be your time and you become the motivation for others. 

8. Stay Confident Stay Charged

Confidence is the main key that boosts you to do extraordinary things. So I am always confident while skating. Failure is part of life therefore never in life lose your confidence. When you are confident, your style looks decent and people motivate you. Another thing is that you always remain in charge and active so that when other skaters watch your practice they will entertain. 


Skateboarding is a pleasurable as well as a challenging game. So you enjoy the whole session of learning instead of just focusing on your final goal. I have discussed all the easy and simple steps of how to get at skateboarding. If you follow these and continue your practice then you will become a pro. You also focus that your skateboard parts such as deck, trucks, wheels, or others should be very functional. So that it may not cause any hurdle in your skating session. You can also improve your skills by watching various videos on Youtube. Be patient, be positive. Ride safely. Best of luck. Thanks.

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