How To Lace The Skateboard Shoes (Ultimate Guide)

Skating is a great source of fun and recreation for the rider. But sometimes skaters complain about discomfort due to the laces of shoes. Then, the main reason for this discomfort is that skaters do not wear their skateboard shoes properly. As a result, their footwear laces are either getting into wheels or becoming the reason for accidents. 

Therefore, it’s a very important decision to secure the laces perfectly. To solve your problem, I simply explain to you how to lace your skateboard shoes in a superb way. After adopting certain techniques and guidelines, you will become a pro to lace your shoes.

Essential Things

Your excitement level is increased when you have the best skating equipment. Therefore, before going to begin your skating session, you must have the following pieces of equipment.

  • Skating Shoes

You never pick normal daily routine shoes for skating. Rather, buying the best skateboard shoes is the main thing that will be very useful for an amazing skating experience. You carefully check the shoe sole that will provide you high grip on your skateboard deck. Always buy those shoes that are well-fixed on your feet. Meanwhile, loose shoes are not good for maintaining balance on a skateboard.

  • Good Shoelaces

Shoelaces are the best agents that not only enhance the charm of your shoes. But also allow you to adjust your shoes according to your own choice. Choose those laces that are formed with high-quality cotton or paracord. Moreover, check their length which is good for knotting. 

  • Premium Skateboard

You carry your skateboard along when you lace up your skateboard shoes. After adjustment, you stand on the skateboard to check your comfort zone. You check whether there is a strong grip between your shoes and the skateboard deck. This grip builds up your confidence and approves the performance from beginner to pro.

Easiest Steps Of How To Lace The Skate Shoes

  1. Adjust The Crumpled Fillers

Adjust the crumpled paper inside the shoes properly. This procedure protects your feet by pulling or stretching the shoes. Avoid overstretching because it may cause problems while riding.

  1. Lace The Lowest Eyelets First

Insert the lace from the lowest eyelet loop of your shoes. Gradually, pull the lace upward and orient them at the center of the shoe tongue. Carefully doing otherwise lace may twist with each other and will cause a problem for you. Moreover, adjust the lace length keenly so that both sides have equal length.

  1. Exhibit Knot

Knotting is the main step that will give your shoelace a final look. So if we consider the two side eyelets right and left, then first put the lace in the right eyelet and then in the left. Begin to fill each eyelet from the upper to the lower side in a sequential way. Make sure that any eyelet does not skip while knotting.

Knotting shoe lace
  1. Make A “X” Design

As a result of knotting, you make an “X” shape pattern on the shoelace. Continue the lacing in the eyelets until filling the upper two eyelets. Arrange the lace in a uniform and consecutive way.

  1. Wrap The Lace-Up

After insertion of the lace in the shoe, pull to adjust the same length of both lace ends. So that both the right and left sides of the lace are equal. On the other hand, some skaters tuck their extra shoelaces under the tongue of the shoe or knot them unequally.

  1. Check The Fitness Level

After wrapping the laces on the shoes it’s time to check the fitness level of your feet. Then, you observe whether the shoes are well fit your feet or not. If yes then ok otherwise try to loose or tight them whatever you want. You walk or run for a while to check the final adjustment and attain the satisfaction level.

  1. Ready To Ride

After lacing the skateboard shoes, ready your skateboard and begin to ride. Before riding doesn’t forget to wear protective gear such as a skateboard helmet, skating shoes, and elbow, knee, and wrist pads. Then begin to skate with great confidence and in an amazing way.

    8. Assessment

When you ride sometime you will be able to assess whether you feel comfortable with your shoes or not. Either you feel little pain in your ankles or toes then you again adjust them.

Professional Tips

  • Buy the flat lace so that they are well fit in your shoes
  • Adjust both sides of the laces should have equal lengths.
  • You must have two extra pairs of laces so if your laces broke or are lost you can easily change them. 

Bottom Lines

There are a lot of ways to lace your skateboard shoes. But I explain the basic ways of how to lace the skateboard. If you just follow these steps you will be able to lace any form of skating shoes.

If you want to know how to apply the skateboard grip tape or anything else related to skating can get it from my site. Is this article useful for you? If yes, then share with your friends and co-skaters. You also share your ideas in the comment section. Best of luck. Thanks.

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