How To Make A Skateboard Deck? (Professional Guide)

Making the skateboard deck is surprising but not incredibly tough, little effort can enable you to ready your good skateboard. Basically, a skateboard is a little wood piece that is cut and shaped in such a manner that it looks like a surfboard. Then you attach superb wheels and metal trucks. A single person rides on this board by maintaining the balance of body.  People use skateboards for various purposes. Some use the skateboard for transportation for some distance, while others use it for recreational purposes. 

So, the main purpose is to guide you on how to make a skateboard deck of your own choice. Although I‘m not a proper carpenter, I make my own skateboard for my own calm and charm. When I was preparing my first skateboard, I wasted a lot of time as well as manufacturing materials. But after a long time of practicing, I’m able to make skateboards with an excellent and easiest technique. 

Essential Portions Of A Skateboard 

A skateboard has three basic sections that comprise the best sturdy skateboard.

  • Deck (the actual board) 
  • Trucks(metal made)
  • Skateboard wheels

Mostly, the average length of the skateboard deck is approximately 28” to 32” while the average width is 7.5” to 8.25”. Its front side is known as the nose while the back side is called the tail of the board with a curved center.

Essential Material 

Following are the necessary materials that have to be managed before making a superior skateboard deck.

  • 6-9 plys of strong wood
  • Wood glue
  • Knife
  • Vacuum bag
  • Wheels, trucks, grip tape
  • Saw or jigsaw
  • Tape
  • Drill machine
  • Cardboard & frame
  • Cloth or sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Paint roller

Main Steps To Make A Skateboard Deck

There are 7 main and simplest steps that are used for making a nice skateboard deck. With a little effort and hard work, you will become the owner of a new brilliant skateboard. 

1. 6-9 Plys Of A Skateboard Deck

The skateboard deck is not made of only one layer of wood; rather 6 to 9 layers of thin plies layers unite to form a strong skateboard deck. You take 6 to 9 layers of veneer and Maple or bamboo wood. Then adhere to the two pieces and align them properly. 

Then repeat the process and fix the 6-9 layers with the glue and press. You apply and spread the glue on both sides and stick it to the other. After that place your deck for a few hours to build a deck. 

Tip: It’s your choice to set the thickness of the skateboard because some skateboards have 6 plywood while others have a maximum of 9. But you consider that your skateboard thickness should be around 10mm. 

2. Style/Design

There are a large number of brands of skateboard decks, trucks, and wheels. Each deck varies with its concavity and the nose and tail. So, with the level of concaveness and the shape, you can determine according to your choice.

3. Skateboard Veneer

If you want to create a standard professional skateboard then it’s necessary that you arrange the plywood in proper order. 

Usually, skateboard veneer is broken into three categories of plywood: face 1/16”, core 1/16” (sanded-plywood), and crossband 1/24” (un-sanded plywood). Actually, these are the ways in which you decide the weight, feel, and robustness. You arrange your wood in such manners. 

  • Face 
  • Core veneer
  • Crossband veneer
  • Core veneer
  • Crossband veneer
  • Core veneer
  • Face

4. Apply The Tape And Glue For Alignment

After the veneer applying, you align the board with the tape and glue for adherence to the board. Moreover, you use Tie-bond glue that is primarily made for this purpose. Then you set the face and core (sanded portion) on the concrete while the crossband (unsanded portion) displays on the face-up. 

Furthermore, if you want to apply tape then take the 2 pieces of tape. Start to apply at the curve upside and then around the whole deck. 

5. Place The Wood For 8 Hours To Press & Place On A Vacuum Bag

After 8 hours, all veneers align together and now it’s time to press. Then take the 2 pieces of cardboard that are larger and wider than the unshape deck. Meanwhile, take a frame and put the unshape deck between the cardboard and the frame. Then place the channel irons in it and press. 

Then, you allow the deck to mold for the whole day as well as continuously check it. This mold gives the proper shape to your skateboard deck. Therefore, you must use the right mold for this process. 

You notice that the vacuum bag should be airtight and suck out more air from the bag with the passage of time. Meanwhile, seal the bag properly with sealing tape. 

6. Drilling The Holes

The next step is to take a drill machine to make the holes in your skateboard deck. To form holes in the exact location, you use a skateboard as a sample. 

7. Round & Sand The Skateboard Deck 

Remove the unshape deck from the mold and cardboard after its curves. Then, you make a design of the nose and tail of the skateboard on graph paper that you like. 

Furthermore, you also determine the length and width of the skateboard and apply the graph to the unshape deck. While you mark out all the points and also the place where you will attach trucks

8. Cut The Deck To Give Shape

The most important step is to cut the newly formed deck into the proper shape. For this purpose, you use a bandsaw or jigsaw that very neatly cuts the board. Additionally, for curving the skateboard deck, you use a rasp or a router. 

Furthermore, to remove the coarseness of the deck, sand it with sandpaper to make the deck smooth and grippy. You also apply a wax coat and seal up the surface of the skateboard deck. 

9. Graphics/Aesthetic

The next step is to finish your skateboard deck with vibrant graphics. You can use spray paint, screen paint, stencils, or whatever paint you want to use for graphics. 

Meanwhile, it also depends on your sealer. If you have used a water sealer then you will use water paint. While if you have to use a solvent sealer then you will use solvent-based paint. 

10. Final Look

After graphics, you dry your board in the air. Then, after drying, by using a tack cloth you clean the skateboard deck. Now your skateboard is ready and you can use it for your skating.

Professional Guide

  • You can apply colorful paintings or stickers to the deck. While if you don’t like just apply the paint with a paint roller.
  • Use sandpaper to remove coarseness so that it completely locks your shoes on the deck.
  • Make the skateboard carefully and test the board properly before long-distance skateboarding. 


Are you worried about how to make the skateboard? Then you follow all the above steps and can become a good skateboard deck maker. Now, you get a chance to make a sturdy skateboard deck. But one thing keeps in mind if you want a pro skateboard deck then you also need professional types of equipment. So never wait, if you have made a decision then buy the required premium material and build an excellent deck within 1-2 days. For more queries, you can ask me. Best wishes to you. Thanks


Which form of wood is best for a skateboard deck?

The most superb and durable wood is Maple wood. About 75% of skateboard decks are made with maple. While other skateboards have layers of maples that align with the glue or epoxy resin on their deck.

What is the durability of a good skateboard deck?

Durability depends on your use of the skateboard and care. If you regularly use your skateboard deck then it may run for 3-4 months. But it mostly depends on the quality of the wood and the brand which you use.

What is the cost to make a skateboard deck?

Normally, you will make the finest skateboard for 150$. Meanwhile, if your budget is low then you also make it within 70$. Because the deck, trucks, and other parts of the skateboard are very expensive. 

What should be the thickness of the skateboard deck?

Typically, skateboard decks are 32 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick. It also has superb concaveness and the middle portion.

Why does the skateboard deck have a curve shape?

Curves at the edges, nose, and tail enhance the strength of the skateboard deck as well as provide good control to the skater.

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