How To Make Skateboarding Wax At Home (Easiest Methods)

In the skateboard industry, skaters use basic wax that is formed with paraffin or crayon to overcome the friction of cracks. When skaters skate on the rails, sloppy surfaces, or hard terrains then sometimes their skateboard cracks. Thus, skateboard wax is applied to the crack surfaces to fill the gap. 

Although, there is a huge variety of skateboard wax available in the market at a reasonable price. However. If you want to know how to make skateboarding wax at home, this article is very useful for you. I used all those materials that are easily accessible so you can easily get all the things. 

When you make skateboard wax by yourself then it’s very satisfactory as well as cheap compared to buying it from the market. Thus, with little effort, you can prepare high-quality wax for your skateboards. 

Methods Of Preparation Of Wax For Skateboard

I have discussed two methods of making wax, so you can follow anyone and make it.

Method 1

  1. Wax Preparation From the Candles Or Crayons

In this method, prepare the wax by using candles/crayons.

Required Material

There are certain materials that will require before going to make the skateboard wax. 

  • Candle: You can use any candle for wax preparation.
  • Oil: Only a small quantity of oil such as olive oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, etc, require. Thus, you can use any oil for wax preparation.
  • Crayons: These are vivid wax sticks that are generally used for writing. 
  • Oven: You need an oven to melt particular things while waxing preparation. 
  • Dye:  If you have dye then you can use otherwise it’s not as such very crucial.  

Note: Don’t waste candles and caryons after one time making the wax. You save extra candles and caryons and will use them when you make the wax next time. 


  1. Preheat The Oven To About 150 °F (66°C)

First, preheat the oven for approximately 5 minutes to make the wax. Because of the low melting point of the wax, it must keep a moderate temperature. Otherwise, it may burn the wax. Always keep the temperature at less than 200 °C because a very high temperature is not good for making superb quality wax.

  1. Cut Candles And Crayons Into Pieces 

Generally, candles and crayons are large so slice them into equally small pieces before placing them into the oven. Make sure to cut them into small pieces because they melt perfectly in the oven.

  1. Place The Wax Into The Oven

Put the material into the baking bowl. So, I prefer to use an old oven for making wax. The bowl should be large enough so that it can hold all melted material. Then pour 1 teaspoon of cooking or olive oil into a bowl. Oil makes the wax soft and will assist you a lot when apply to the skateboard.

  1. Melt The wax For 10 Minutes In The Oven

Place the wax in the oven for 10 minutes and allow it to melt the mixture in the preheated oven. Keep an eye on the wax so that it will not burn. Meanwhile, after some time, the candle and crayon begin to melt and begin to dissolve each other. After 10 minutes, remove it from the oven, stir it, and mix the wax with oil.

  1. Place The Wax In The Refrigerator For Hardening

Then after melting, place in the bowl for 5 minutes for cooling. After that, put it into the refrigerator for hardening. When it has completely hardened, touch it, and then remove it from the fridge. 

  1. The Wax Is Ready For Use

You cut the wax with the knife when you are going to insert it into your skateboard. So, you save it and use it whenever you need it. 

How to Make Skateboard Wax

Method 2

The second method for making skateboarding wax is to use paraffin wax and beeswax.

Required Material

  • Paraffin wax and beeswax: You get the paraffin wax and beeswax for wax preparation. The white color candles are also prepared through a mixture of both.
  • Mold: It’s a block that use to fill the wax or metals for attaining the desired shape. You can also use ice mold in this regard.
  • Metal pot 


  1. Take Paraffin And Beeswax

First of all, collect the paraffin and beeswax. After collection, break them into smaller pieces so that they will melt rapidly in the oven. 

  1. Place Them Into The Metal Pot

Then place the small pieces onto the metal pot. Take the ratio of 6% paraffin wax and 4% beeswax in the metal pot. However, if you want to use a 50:50 ratio that’s also acceptable. 

  1. Heat The Wax On The Stove

Melt the wax on the stove by applying medium heat. Continuously, stir the wax until it melts completely. You can also add dye if you want otherwise it’s ok.

  1. Place Into The Refrigerator For Hardening

For attaining shape, place the wax into the molds. Cool it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Now your wax is ready, apply it to your skateboard and enjoy.


The process of how to make the skateboarding wax is quite simple. By taking certain materials and following a particular procedure you will be able to build a supreme quality wax at home. Moreover, its methods are very interesting and amazing. 

If this article is useful for you then share it with your friends. You can also express your experiences in the comment section. Be connected with me for learning further ideas related to skating. Best of luck. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of wax on a skateboard?

During the trick performance, some cracks form on the skateboard. Those cracks produce friction and decrease skateboard performance. The use of wax to fill the cracks reduces friction and improves trick performance. 

Is it easy to make skateboarding wax?

Yes! It’s easy as well as cost-effective to make the skateboarding wax. You can prepare your wax within 30 minutes.

Skating wax is made of which material?

Usually, skating wax is made of candles, carayan, paraffin wax, and beeswax.  

What is the final look of wax?

The wax should be slick and soft. If you feel it is too hard then add a small amount of oil to it.

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