How To Make Your Skateboard Faster (Ultimate Guide)

Every skater wants to skate with efficient speed. But sometimes, skateboarding slows down so you do not enjoy the amazing charm of efficient skating. Are you facing the same problem and want to improve your skateboard speed? Then, I will tell you awesome new tips on how to make your skateboard faster. 

By following certain measures and a few adjustments, you can skateboard super swiftly. After that, you will feel that you can skate in the air. It’s really a pleasurable experience. 

5 Superb Ways to Make Your Skateboard More Speedy

Following are some important ways that will assist you a lot to make your skateboard more speedy. 

1. Use Large Size Wheels

Large-size wheels are better than smaller wheels because they roll rapidly thus increasing speed. Large wheels have a high circumference, thus within a short time, they can travel a large distance. 

The larger size wheels have a diameter above 58mm. Although large wheels have low acceleration they run swiftly. Meanwhile, short wheels have high acceleration but low speed. 

Furthermore, larger wheels have a high level of ability to overcome friction and therefore rotate rapidly. Thus, providing you with an amazing cruising ride. 

2. Best Functional Bearings

Bearings are round metal devices that are put into wheels to enhance the speed of wheels as well as reduce friction. So, new bearings affect the performance of skateboard speed. 

Meanwhile, dirty bearings slow the performance of wheels. Thus, decreasing the speed of the skateboard. Therefore, always keep your bearings clean. If you don’t know how to clean bearings then first learn it. On the other hand, if your bearings get older then change them with efficiency once.

3. Get Harder Wheels

You prefer to use hard wheels because they have a high weight carrying capacity. Hard wheels ride best on skateparks or smooth/hard surfaces. On the other hand, soft wheels do not have high strength to bear high impacts on the road. As a result, skateboarding runs slowly.

Generally, the wheels of the 99a durometer are a great choice to use. They run perfectly on the rough road as well as on skateparks. 

4. Skate On The Smooth Or Steep Surface

You should avoid skating too much on rough roads or bumpy areas. Because they decrease the speed of the skateboard as well as damage the wheels rapidly. On the other hand, if you skate on a smooth or steep surface, you can skate faster. 

Meanwhile, if you have large and softer wheels then you can skate superbly on hard surfaces because they absorb vibration. Thus, you feel comfortable riding. So, according to your skateboard wheels, you select the surface to ride the skateboard for attaining maximum speed.

5. Do Not Tighten The Axle Nut

Apply speed washers along the wheels to overcome the friction. Without speed washers, axle nuts come directly over the bearings and increase friction. Then, it slows down the speed of your skateboard along with damaging the bearings. Moreover, also apply a spacer between the bearings. It protects the bearings from crushing when you tighten the axle nut.

  • Skate In A Straight Line

If you want to roll your skateboard faster than you skate straight in a line instead of shifting left or right. When you shift your skate continuously then it slows down the speed as well as increases the traveling distance. Meanwhile, the use of high-quality trucks also assists you a lot to skate in a straight line. 

Final Thought

Everyone can make their skateboard faster if they want. Because following the ways of how to make your skateboard faster steps that I have discussed above and practice make you a fast speed skater. Another thing is that high speed also depends on the type of skateboard that you use. So, I prefer to buy the best skateboard that skates amazingly. On the other hand, you must keep your skateboard in good condition because mud also reduces the speed. 

If you want to share your ideas then you can express them in the comment section. Share this article with your fellow skaters. For further guidance related to skating, be connected with me. Best wishes to you. Thanks.

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