How To Pop Or Ollie A Skateboard (Superb Tricks)

Popping or ollie of a skateboard is an activity in which a skater lifts the skateboard in the air. When the skater jump in the air, the board sticks to his feet. This maneuver is taking place since 1977. To learn how to pop a skateboard that should be known by every skateboarder. It has very simple and easiest steps. Everyone can learn it with a little practice. Only a little effort and constant practice make you the pro. 

I have discussed all the steps of learning how to ollie or popping for you. Once you begin to practice, you will feel something thrilling or extraordinary. Actually, the learning process is always somehow tough, memorable, and full of fun. So, never give up, follow these steps and enjoy your new skating adventure.

The Following Points Should Keep In Mind While Doing Certain Stunts.

  • Position the foot properly
  • Jumping
  • Drag tail of the deck
  • Raise the nose of the deck
  • Maintain stability and balance

Essential Gear For Popping Or Ollie

Following things are crucial to have before going for the popping or ollie.

  • Skateboard

The foremost thing is that you have a supreme quality skateboard that performs at the elite level. Your skateboard must have a sturdy deck, perfect trucks, and superb wheels for learning how to pop or ollie. 

  • Safety Gear

Before spinning or jumping it is necessary that you first protect yourself safely. In this regard, you wear the best skateboard helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads for your safety. 

  • Skate Shoes

You wear good skating shoes instead of normal sneakers. Because, skating shoes have a high ability to absorb shocks, and high impacts, and provide excellent grip on the skateboard deck. 

Easy Steps To Learn Popping Or Ollie For The Beginners

Positioned the foot while popping

The following steps will assist you properly in learning to pop.

1. Position The Foot Properly

Before beginning the popping, you first learn how to position your feet properly while popping or ollieing. Your front foot should place in the mid of the skateboard deck while your rear foot is in the mid of the tail. It provides you with the awesome grip and momentum that is required to raise the skateboard.

2. Apply Force And Pressure On The Tail Of The Skateboard

After position, you apply weight on the tail of the skateboard deck. Do it rapidly so that you will enough momentum that will get you off the ground. You should maintain balance when you take off the ground.

3. Strike The Board To the Ground Before Jumping

As your skateboard tail strikes the ground, begin jumping. The force applies by the rear foot at the tail, allows the front foot to elevate upward at the diagonal angle. Then, you slide up your front foot across the board that is positioned at the nose. 

4. Ready For Landing

Once you jump in the air, your rear foot is on the bolts of trucks at the tail. While your front foot on the truck bolts at the nose of the deck. Properly sustain your balance to prevent any falls. Then catch the board with your both feet over the truck bolts and land.

5. Bend Knees When Strikes With The Ground

When you are ready to strike with the ground then you bend your knees and take a little bit of sitting position. This reduces the possibility of bad throws over the ground. The sitting position will also support your legs and you will easily hit the ground.

6. Practice And Consistency

Although learning the popping or ollie is not an easy task. To become a master of art it is necessary that you practice it many times. Your daily practice of popping with your friends and companion skaters will make you a pro. 

Professional Tips

  • If you want to get better control, you position your shoulder straight and well aligned with the nose and tail of the deck.
  • As you elevate your board upward then raise your arms that will assist you in the high jump.
  • Raise your confidence gradually and practice. Never give up after little practice.

Final Thought

Learning how to pop a skateboard is a little bit risky at the start. But it is also a source of great fun and adventure as well. It’s really an obstacle to popping or ollie because it is a great exercise. 

I hope my post will help you a lot in learning. I have explained all the steps in the simple and easiest ways. So, if it is useful for you then don’t forget to share this with your friends. You also share your learning practice in the comment section. Be connected with me for further guidance related to skating. Wishing you a happy day. Thanks.

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