How To Teach Kids To Ride A Skateboard (Step-To-Step)

Skateboarding is a healthy hobby therefore if it starts at an early age in life then it makes the rider strong as well as energetic. But the question is how to teach the kid to ride a skateboard. So, I decide to guide the parents or the new skaters in learning skateboarding. It is elementary and safe to learn skating even early. However, you should allow your kid to skate until at least 5 years old because he/she easily learns the tricks and rules of skating. 

This article provides you with a great opportunity to quickly make your kids experts in skating. I have deeply explained all the fundamental information and basic guide that will assist you to teach your child to learn to ride on the skateboard. I have experience of how to guide a child in riding a skateboard because my little nephew insisted that I gave him tips on riding on a skateboard. Then, after a month of guiding, he has become a little pro at riding on the skateboard. So, if you want your kid to also become a pro in skating then don’t skip reading this article. Let’s start. 

Essential Things To Follow Before Riding A Skateboard

When you learn something then there are a lot of chances of falling or getting injuries. So, you must follow the following safety measures. 

  • Helmet

The helmet is the main thing that protects your head from severe head injuries. In the case of kids, it is very essential because kids are very innocent and fragile therefore must wear a skateboard helmet before starting practice on the skateboard. 

  • Safety Pads

Safety pads such as elbow, knee, and wrist pads save certain parts of the body as well as enhance the confidence of the little rider. 

  • Shoes

In skateboarding, normal-quality shoes are not good for keeping your feet. Therefore, I prefer to buy the best skateboard shoes that should be durable and provide a high grip. 

  • Premium Skateboard

The foremost important thing is the quality of the skateboard that you’re going to use for riding. It should be premium, durable, versatile, lightweight, flexible, and stiff enough to allow the rider to perform various tricks safely.

  • Suitable Place

You also choose a proper comfy site where you will start practicing your kid. It may be a grassy site, backyard, or other relaxing places.

3 Steps Of How To Teach A Kid To Ride A Skateboard

When your kid is on the skateboard, you must keep an eye on it all the time. So that kids learn how to maintain body balance safely. 

Selection Of Stance 

The first and most important step is the selection of stance. Generally, there are goofy or regular stances. In a goofy stance, the rider stands on the skateboard with the right foot. While in the regular stance, the rider use left foot for riding. 

  • You first ask your kid to stand on the skateboard in both a goofy and regular stance. Then, observe which foot of the kid can maintain balance and attain a comfortable position. 
  • Teach the kid how to bend the knees for maintaining proper balance.
  • Then, ask the child to slowly move the skateboard forward after selecting the proper stance. 

Practice On The Grass Or Carpet

The grass is the best site for learning skating because it protects the kid from high injuries or damage. 

Select the grassy site and ask the child to stand on the skateboard properly. Then, slowly move ahead by leaning to the left and the right. Do practice many times so that kids learn how to lean properly without falling.

Learn To Push

After a few days of practice of stance and maintaining balance, the time comes to train the kid about pushing the skateboard. The best way of pushing is to push from the rear foot while placing the front foot firmly on the skateboard. 

You first give the kid a chance to push forward for a few days. You notice either the kid learns it or falls continuously. If he/she falls then again teach about maintaining balance. 

Build Confidence In Your Child

It is a common thing when you learn a new sport there is a huge number of hesitations, the chance of falling or getting an injury. First, you mentally prepare yourself and then build awesome confidence in your child. You never panic when your kid is unable to learn a particular step after struggling many times. Because when you lose hope your kid is afraid and loses confidence. You always appreciate your kid on every step so that he/she tries to perform superbly. Your positive attitude builds super confidence in your kid that you will see in his/her performance. Therefore, do not lose your temper, be patient, and humble. 

Bottom Lines

I have superbly explained the easiest steps of how to teach a kid to ride a skateboard. It is a great time that you enable your kid to do something extraordinary. Once you invest time nature will pay you back in the future. 

In sports, falling is a common thing so always say appreciative words that promote your child a lot. Although, your words are only words they mean a lot to your child’s grooming. I hope my guide will assist you a lot in training your kid for riding a skateboard. Wishing you the best of luck. Stay blessed. Thanks.

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