How To Put Bearings In The Skateboard Wheels (Step-By-Step Guide)

Do you want to enhance the smoothness level of your skateboard? If you want to increase your skateboard speed then you get the best skateboard bearings. Bearings are small round ball shapes that are put on the skateboard wheels. When they install in the wheels then your wheels begin to rotate smoothly as well as swiftly. But the need is that you must install the bearings properly on the wheels.

For this purpose, I have superbly explained the step-by-step process of how to install the bearings in the wheels appropriately.

Required Things For Placing The Bearings In the Skateboard Wheels

Before following the steps, you must have the following things to install the bearings on your skateboard wheels.

  • Bearings

Generally, there are eight bearings are required for a skateboard. Two bearings are put in a wheel. Therefore, you first buy the best skateboard bearings for your board wheels. 

For the choice of good bearings, it’s necessary to check the ABEC ratings which usually have grade numbers from 1 to 11. The ABEC rating determines the ability of bearings such as their speed, smoothness level, hardness of the material, and other criteria.

High the rating of bearing, the higher the accuracy, and vice versa. Although, there are a great variety of bearings available in the market. But you buy those that are snugly in your skateboard trucks and wheels.

  • Trucks

Trucks are T-shaped that are usually formed with Aluminum alloy. Generally, there are two trucks that are placed on a skateboard. These are attached at that site where bearings and wheels are connected to each other. Meanwhile, trucks are also attached to the deck and form their connection with wheels.

  • Washers

Usually, two washers are required for each wheel. Thus, you should have eight washers. The main function of the washers is to prevent the connection with the axle nut or hanger end. Otherwise, it causes the shield to rub while the wheels are rotating.

  • Spacer

One spacer and a cylinder are required for each wheel. Its function is to reduce the weight of bearings while skating. Moreover, it is also helpful in taking smooth and well-stable turns.

  • Axle Nut

The part that keeps the bearings fixed on their site is called an axle nut. It prevents the parts of the bearings from loosening.

  • Skate Tools

Good quality skateboard tools are required to fix, adjust, and install the bearings and trucks in the skateboard. You can also do so with the help of a wrench.

How To Install The Bearings Into Skateboard Wheels (Process)

The followings are the easiest steps for installing the bearings in the skateboard wheels.

  • Prepare Skateboard Trucks
  • Place the washer and bearing on the axle
  • Equipped bearings with the spacer
  • Adjust the wheels on into place
  • Place the washer and axle nut
  • Repeat the steps for other wheels
  1. Prepare Skateboard Trucks

The first step is to attach the bearings to the two parts of the skateboard trucks: the hanger axle and baseplate. Connect the hanger axle directly with the bearings. While the connection adjusts the baseplate, one side attaches to the deck while the other is with the hanger. 

  1. Place The Washer And Bearing On The Axle 

First, extract the truck from the axle nut and then adjust the washer on the axle. After doing this, put the bearing on the axle. The main purpose of putting a washer is to reduce friction and increase the life of bearings.

  1. Equipped Bearings With The Spacer

Place a hollow steel spacer after the bearing. Its main function is to keep the bearing fixed on its space.

  1. Adjust The Wheels On Into Place

Then adjust the wheels on the upper side of the bearings. You fix the wheels in their place by pressing the wheels towards the bearings. After that, take another bearing and fix it on the other side of the skateboard wheel. Again press the bearings toward the wheel to attain fix position. Adjust continuously, until both get their actual position.

  1. Place The Washer And Axle Nut

After the fixing of wheels and bearings, then place the washer and axle nut gradually. By using a skate tool or a wrench, you can tighten the axle nut properly. Meanwhile, if you have skate tools then you first stiff the axle nut and then remove the tools counterclockwise.

  1. Repeat The Steps For Other Wheels

After nicely adjusting the bearing of one wheel then you follow the same process for the other three wheels. After that, your skateboard will be ready for the amazing ride.

Bottom Lines

Although, it’s a little bit time taking to put the bearings in the skateboard wheels. But once you learn, it will enhance your skateboard performance. You will actually optimize the speed and smoothness level. It will be very helpful for enjoying pleasurable skateboarding. 

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