How To Ride Cruiser Skateboard (Ultimate Guide For Beginner)

In the recreational world, cruising is the most popular and amazing hobby for everyone. Whether you are a kid, young, or older, cruising makes you more energetic and lively. But it’s necessary to learn how to ride a cruiser skateboard perfectly. Thus, I have solved this problem by writing my own cruising tricks to you. If you are a beginner then this post will be very useful and enchanting for you. 

During leisure time, riding on a cruiser board is very adventurous. I learned it at a very young age and found it to be easy as well as pleasurable. So, you also try to make your life more enjoyable. 

6 Easiest Steps To Ride Cruiser Skateboard 

Just following certain steps, you can become the cruiser master. 

1. Wear Protective Gear

Must wear protective gear during the learning session on cruiser board riding. High-quality helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, and sturdy shoes. All these safety gear protect you from the high impact of injuries. 

2. Pick up Stance

Cruiser skating is almost similar to standard skateboarding. First, you stand on the skateboard. Regular-footed persons place their left foot forward and push off the board with their right foot. While goofy people place their right foot forward and push off with their left foot.

Taking a stance assists you to enjoy the ride with great comfort and pleasure. You will feel smooth and stable while skateboarding. 

3. Learn to Kick

After fixing your stance, lean back and push the board with your front foot. Move slowly so that the front wheels of the board slightly lift off from the ground. To get stability, bend your knees a little.                                    

4. Make a Turn

You always do not cruise on a smooth surface therefore, it’s necessary that you learn how to make turns while cruising. Shift your weight on your toes or backside of heels depending upon the direction of your turn whether right or left. 

Make practice in the less crowded areas to avoid accidents. Moreover, continue to practice maintaining balance and coordination during turning.

5. Learn to Brake

Learning how to break the skateboard is also very crucial. To decrease the speed of the board, you drag your back foot on the ground. As a result of dragging, friction produces that will stop the skateboard.

6. Practice

You begin to practice in safe and crowd-free areas. You should regularly practice the basic stunts like how to push, how to maintain balance or stop the skateboard. Make practice on the rocks, pebbles, cracks, and on different obstacles.  Continue to learn how to fall perfectly to protect you from injuries.


  1. What is cruising on the skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard is a type of board that is used to ride for long distances. It provides you with the most comfortable and relaxed ride. A cruising board is usually good for skating on the street and bumpier terrains.

  1. Why is cruiser skateboarding best for beginner skaters?

Due to various reasons, cruiser skateboarding is good for newbie skaters.

  • Wide Deck: Cruiser skateboard is very comfortable because of its wide deck. Thus, a wide skateboard deck provides you with superb balance therefore beginner skaters can easily control it. 
  • Big, Soft wheels: big and soft wheels provide awesome grip and control to the rider. They give a smooth riding experience on rough terrains. 
  1. What are the pros of using a cruiser board?

There are many benefits of using a cruiser board.

  • Simple to carry the board
  • Superb wide deck for support 
  • Best trucks for city travel
  • Super big wheels for maximum grip
  • Best for short/long-distance travel
  • Easy to learn and control as a beginner
  1. Is it easy to ride on the cruiser skateboard?

Absolutely Yes! It’s easy to ride the cruiser skateboard. Because of its wide deck and soft wheels, it provides more support thus skaters feel comfortable and relaxed during riding. 

Bottom Lines

Cruiser is best for every age. You just learn only basic tips related to how to ride a cruiser board properly with certain practice and consistency, then you will become a cruiser master. 

I hope this article is very useful for you as a beginner cruiser learner. If yes, then must share with your co-skaters. Furthermore, you also urge your other friends to begin a skating journey. Skateboarding is the most entertaining activity that makes your life more enjoyable and fantastic.

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