How To Learn A Skateboard (Simple Techniques)

Skating is a challenge whether you are a beginner or a pro. Do you require basic knowledge and confidence about how to ride a skateboard? Absolutely yes! because whether you learn about basic skating or various tricks, you need to know how to start. In this regard, I have written the post to assist in skating learning. In my whole article, I share all those steps that I did at the time of learning to ride on a skateboard. 

All of these are simple and easiest steps that will help you ride on a skateboard amazingly. From my beginning to becoming a superb skating athlete, all of my journeys are really memorable and pleasurable. I have a craze for skating therefore I always insist my friends learn skating. For this purpose, I do various skating sessions in which I guide them on how to ride a skating board.

How I Become A Skating Master

The most important aspect while learning the ride on a skateboard or longboard is that you know by using which foot you feel comfortable. Because in regular skating, you feel comfort by using your left foot while goofy skaters feel comfort by using their right foot. It all depends on you and your ease level.

Equipment Need For Skating

I always prefer to wear protective gear because self-care and protection are my first priority. When you ride on a skateboard, there’s a lot of chance that you fall on the ground despite the fact that you are a newbie or expert rider. So, always wear safety gear before skateboarding. Following protective gear are foremost that you always wear before beginning your skating session.

  • Helmet

You have a multi-sport helmet or skating helmet that fits properly in your head. The helmet covers your forehead portion along with a nice adjustable strap and ear buckle that allows you to tighten the helmet according to your desire. The main purpose of helmets is to protect your head from injuries and the impacts of bad falls. So, it is crucial, that you buy the best skateboard helmet before beginning to ride a skateboard. 

  • Elbow and knee pads

When you fall while skating, it’s most likely that cuts, scraps, or burns occur in the elbow or knee portion. These are the most essential joints of our body. Thus the external plastic shell of pads assists with the hard impacts of falling. Before, you must notice that your pads must have proper ventilation holes that remain your parts fresh. Don’t buy tight pads because they may hinder your blood circulation if you want to buy the best knee pads you get them from my site. 

  • Wrist pads

Whenever you fall in such a way that your arms are badly hit on the rough or concrete terrains. Then, it’s most probably a chance that it may twist or break your wrists. I also guide you on how to fall properly but it is necessary that you must wear wrist pads. 

  • Skate shoes

Best skate shoes that are durable, thick, flat, and slip-resistant allow you to lock your feet properly on the grip tape of a skateboard or longboard. Anti-slip rubber sole, padded tongue, as well as thick midsole protect your ankles and feet from sudden shocks. So, you prefer to buy superb sturdy skate shoes instead of wearing normal shoes.

Selection Of Location Where You Begin To Ride A Skateboard

A good calm space is essential for skating. So, you select that location that is less crowded or away from the roads or traffic. A smooth sidewalk, less crowded streets, or parking sites are the best option for skateboard riding. 

Therefore it is good to learn basic techniques of riding before beginning to skate in a crowded area. First, you begin to skate with your friend that knows a little bit about skateboarding.

Steps Of How To Ride A Skateboard

Following are the basic steps that you learn for becoming a skate champion.

1. How To Stand On The Skateboard

To stand on the skateboard is a basic thing that you must need to know. 

  • The first step is to decide which foot you will use for pushing the skateboard.
  • If you are right-handed then your left foot is perfect for pushing. While if you are left-handed then the right foot is appropriate for pushing. 
  • Meanwhile, you stand simultaneously to check which foot is more comfortable for you. 

Continue to practice until you learn about standing on the board.

2. How To Push On A Skateboard

  1. The most important thing is to learn about the pushing of the skateboard.
  2. Place your front foot on the deck near the hardware bolts at a 30-degree angle.
  3. Bend your front knee in such a manner that your back leg reaches the ground.
  4. After maintaining balance push the skateboard forward with the back feet.
  5. Then, place your back foot on the deck near the back hardware bolts.

3. How To Turn The Skateboard

Usually, there are two ways to turn the skateboard: carving turn and kick turn. Both the turning skills are crucial and helpful to becoming the skate master. 

  • Carving Turns 

Turing the skateboard is instinctive that comes naturally when you gain speed on the board.

  1. Bend your knees and gain momentum on the board.
  2. Follow your shoulder direction and apply pressure on your toes in such a way that you easily turn.
  3. After turning, attain your actual position and then skate.

Tip: If you lose the trucks then it’s easy to bend on the deck. Meanwhile, loose trucks help you to entirely control the board while turning.

  • Kick Turns

Kick-turning is useful at low speed, rolling, or ramp skating. 

  1. Place your back foot on the kicktail as a result the back foot generates some pressure on the deck and front wheels left off from the ground.
  2. Now, it allows you to rotate the board in any direction where you want to go.
  3. After completion of the turn, you begin to apply your weight on the front foot. 

4. How To Stop The Skateboard

It’s also foremost to know how to stop the skateboard after dragging.

  1. Maintain your body weight on the front foot and slowly bring your back foot to the ground.
  2. Softly drag your back shoe on the ground while stabilizing your most bodyweight on the front foot.
  3. Then, you attain maximum contact on the ground and apply pressure on the deck to slow down the speed.
  4. Hold a particular position until you stop the skateboard.

5. How To Fall Down Safely From The Skateboard

Everyone falls whether you are a beginner or professional but it’s an important skill to learn to fall safely. The following steps assist you with the learning of falls down.

  1. Grip your deck nose with the arm from the side of the front foot. 
  2. You push forward the board while holding the skateboard nose with your arm.
  3. It will slow down the speed of the board and turn to drop the skateboard to the side of your front foot.

Tip: Keep your arms loose and reduce the risk of the wrist or elbow breakage.

Professional Guide

I have told you the basic guidelines for how to ride a skateboard. It will help you a lot in learning, practicing, and fun creations. The following tips will be very grateful to you.

  • Use Quality Equipment

Always buy the best skateboard which is made with premium quality material. Meanwhile, always use superb quality safety gear for skating.

  • Be Confidence

Confidence is the main thing. Without confidence, you can do nothing. Never worry about the surrounding people whether they laugh at your imbalanced learning practice.

  • Ready To Fall

Always ready for fall therefore must wear safety gear for protection. Thus you remain safe and sound after falling.

  • Determination

Determination, practice, and dedication are the main things that make you an expert skater. Skating is an adventurous sport therefore after a long practice you will be able to skate well. So, never give up, keep practicing until you succeed. 

Bottom Lines

You always need to have consistency and strong determination to do anything. Every fall gives you a new experience that enables you to perform extraordinarily. It’s a little bit hard to ride a skateboard first but little effort and practice make you a pro. I try my level best to share all the basic knowledge of riding. Now, you carefully read all the steps and follow them. If you want to learn how to carve on a skateboard or buy anything related to skating, you can get it from my site. Never forget to share your experience of riding the skateboard. I’m always waiting for your feedback. Best of luck. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the confidence to ride on the skateboard?

Only practice can build your confidence. The more you practice you will feel more comfortable and confident.

Is it hard to ride a skateboard for girls?

It’s just our perception, girls can do anything whatever they want. You wear safe clothes, and protective gear, and begin your skating session. 

How can I overcome the fear of falling?

When you ready your mind for falling and hurting then you can overcome your fear. You keep in mind that falling is part of an adventurous game so never need to worry about that.

Can I learn to skate within two days?

I can not confidently say that you will learn to skate within two days. However regular practice enables you to learn skating within a few days. 

Which age is good for skate learning?

According to professional skaters, 6-8 years old kids age is good enough for skating learning.

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