How To Ride Downhill Skateboarding (Guide For Beginners)

Downhill skateboarding is a skill that is important to learn before implementation. In downhill skating, you never need to jump or flip the board, rather you just get down from the slop safely. But if you don’t have basic knowledge then it will become dangerous for you. Although, it’s not too difficult, by maintaining your balance and speed of skateboarding you can amazingly move down the hill. But because of the fast speed and hilly area, it’s a little bit risky. Therefore, you first properly learn how to ride a skateboard downhill so that it will become a source of joy and pleasure for you. 

It’s necessary that you better know about stooping the board, speeding, and turning the skating board properly. I shortly explain the basic knowledge to you. You just follow these measures and amuse yourself with your new adventure.

Which Are Crucial Gear For Downhill Skating

Without the presence of proper essential gear, downhill skating will become risky for you. So, ready the following thing before skating.

  • Best Skateboard

First and foremost your skating board should be perfect. 

Deck: Your board deck should be stiff and in a concave shape. Your feet will feel comfortable and have proper balance while skating. 9-inch width is good for the deck while length does not matter whatever you like. Although greater-length decks are slower they also provide better control.

Trucks: Your skateboard must have high-quality trucks that will work excellently. While truck size depends on the size of the skateboard deck. But usually, 180mm trucks are great in their performance. 

Wheels: These are the main thing that directly connects to the ground surface therefore they are sturdy and durable. The 70mm to 75mm diameter wheels are good to manage downhill skating. While their hardness level should be around 80a to 86a. 

  • Safety Gear

Although skating is not too dangerous but self-safety should be the first priority. Because during downhill skating the speed of the board is about 40mph to 90mph therefore you must save yourself. In this regard, you will need the following equipment for protection before beginning downhill skateboarding.

Helmet: The most important protective gear is a skateboard helmet. It protects your head from bad injuries and high impacts. So must wear a helmet that snugly fits on your head. The quality of a good helmet is that having a sturdy ABS exterior, is nicely padded, and excellent strap for adjustment. Those helmets that are certified with CPSC and ASTM are the main choice for you.

Durable Gloves: There are a great variety of leather gloves available in the market for downhill skaters. These are usually formed with high-quality Polyurethane material (PU). These are either for palm or for full fingertips. These gloves will protect you when falling from rough pavement at high speed.

Elbow and knee pads: Elbows, knees, and wrists are a very delicate and important part of the human body. So, when you fall these body parts first contact the ground. Therefore, always wear safety pads that will protect you from cuts, scrapes, burns, or breaking. Bur buy the high standard pads so that they will properly save you.

Easiest Steps To Ride A Skateboard Downhill

If you are a beginner and want to learn new techniques such as downhill skating then must follow certain steps.

1. Ready Your Skateboard

At first, you prepare your skating board for downhill skating. You first check the skateboard trucks whether its too must tight or loose. Otherwise, they will cause problems in your ride. 

Note: Your front trucks should be looser than the previous ones. But avoid over-loosening because it may reduce your control and is quite risky.

2. How To Slow Down And Stop The Skateboard

  •  Slow Down The Skateboard

You begin to learn on the sloppy road. A good way to slow down the skateboard is a controlled slide. 

You position your feet in such a way that your main controlling foot tips are on the front bolts. The other foot is perpendicular to the deck’s length. Drag the tail of the deck toward the front by using the backfoot. For maintaining balance, you move your arms behind.

  • Stop The skateboard

After slowing the speed of the skateboard, again take the deck tail towards its original position. Your feet should be coordinated so that you will maintain balance. It’s time, you will be able to completely stop the skateboard. 

Place your back foot on the ground gently. Then, gradually apply pressure on the ground surface for friction generating against the ground. Continue applying pressure, until the board completely stops. 

3. How To Gain Speed And Turning While Downhill Skating?

Maintaining stability, gaining speed, and turning are the main things to understand for downhill skateboarding.

  • Gaining Speed

For gaining speed, you must adopt a certain position so that you will remain comfortable. Meanwhile, it is also a technique in which you lessen the wind resistance as well as gain your speed. You position your one foot on the front part and the other on the side back foot up on its toes. After that bend your front leg at a 90° angle. 

As you learn to manage acceleration and decrease the wind resistance, then you will be able to get good speed for skating.

  • Turning

Usually, there are curves on the road. Therefore, it is very essential to know how to turn the skateboard while downhill skating.

For turning, you first slow down your speed. Because at very high speed, you will not able to take turns. Thus, slow down and take turns whatever you want.

  • Stay Calm

Confidence is the main thing when doing something. So, you keep yourself in peace and calm for stunning skating. If you panic, you will never do perfectly. Moreover, fear tightens your muscles as a result it may affect your performance. Stay calm, reduce anxiety, and do something extraordinary.

4. How To Fall Properly

During skating, when you lose control and never know how to control yourself. Then, it’s crucial that you know how to fall safely. You never use your arms or hands while falling because it may cause you to break your arm or wrist. Instead, you learn to roll or fall on your back. It will protect your joints from high injuries.


Learning how to skateboard downhill is really great. Like other tricks, it is also a great source of fun and pleasure for the skaters. But never forget to wear safety gear before doing downhill skating. Carefully follow all the above steps, keenly practice, stay calm, and become a superb downhill skater. This tutorial will be very useful for you. For further queries be connected with me. Share your stories with me in the comment section. Stay happy, stay blessed. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with the objects and rough terrain while downhill skating?

You try to avoid them or slow down the speed to reduce the danger. Moreover, you first check the hilly side or sloppy road before skating whether there is debris or not. Never select areas for skating that are dangerous. 

Which level of trucks is good for downhill skating?

Well-balanced trucks are good for downhill skating that are not too tight or loose. Because loose trucks enable you to turn speedily but it loses stability. While tight trucks are somehow stable but turn slowly. Therefore, it is good to maintain balance in both of them.

Does the wheel size matter in skating?

Absolutely Yes! The larger the wheels, the more stability you will get but these have less agility. However, I prefer to use larger wheels.

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