How To Replace The Skateboard Trucks (Easiest Tricks)

Trucks are the most crucial part of the skateboard therefore it is important to know how to take trucks off a skateboard. It is very easy is simple to maintain the trucks properly. I think every skater whether beginner or professional, must know how to maintain their skateboard. 

You just require some basic tools kit and do it by yourself. Therefore, when are in a skating session or at home, you will never need to wait for anyone. You just open your tools kit and within a few minutes, you can mount your skateboard trucks. In this regard, I have written the easiest steps that will assist you a lot in replacing skateboard trucks.

Essential Things To Require

Although, removing the skateboard trucks is somehow delicate so that they don’t damage or distort. Therefore, you can do this properly when you have good tools. In this regard, the following tools are necessary to take trucks off a skateboard.

  • A cross-head screwdriver
  • A socket/spanner
  • Skateboard
  • Smooth working place

A Cross-Head Screwdriver

A screwdriver is an important tool to take off skateboard trucks. You never need to buy it separately, you just match it whether it will fit in your board bolts or not. Too wide or narrow tip screwdriver is somehow may not good. Because it requires more force as result it damages the truck. Meanwhile, the high-standard rubber grip screwdriver is good for removing the screws.

A Socket/Spanner

You also need a socket or spanner along with the screwdriver. It will assist you to support the screwdriver by holding the nut tightly. It will also help you in loosing the trucks. 


If you learn first time how to take trucks off a skateboard then you must require a skateboard. If you have many skateboards then for learning you will use any one of them. 

Smooth Working Place

Before beginning to start your task, you first select the clean smooth place for working. You carefully look at a clean floor or a wide table. The surface should be smooth so that it will not scratch your skateboard deck surface while taking off the trucks.

Note: You place your skateboard on the cloth it will protect your skateboard from scratches and reduce the slipping of the deck while working.

Steps To Remove The Skateboard Trucks Easily

Replacing trucks is not a hard task. You just follow the step-by-step process and do not commit any mistakes. 

  1. Prepare all the tools
  2. Position your skateboard
  3. Hold the nuts properly
  4. Use of screwdriver
  5. Rotate the screws
  6. Clean the skateboard deck

1. Prepare All The Tools

You open your skateboard tool kit or ready those tools such screwdriver, spanner, etc. Place these tools in your range so that you can easily use them when you are doing your task.

2. Position Your Skateboard

Position the cloth under the skateboard. Your skateboard position depends according to your hand performance. Therefore, you decide in which hand you can perfectly hold the tools. 

If you want to not rotate then use a socket with your right hand. While the screwdriver is on left for supporting the motion of the nuts.

3. Hold The Nuts Properly

For loosening the bolt on the deck, you will keep the other side steady. Well-match socket or spanner used for removing the nuts. Spanner assists the screwdriver to rotate well and remove the nut sharply.

4. Use Of Screwdriver

Using the cross-head screwdriver is good for removing the desired screw first. You also use that screwdriver that perfectly fits in the bolts of the skateboard. A fair screwdriver always never damages any portion of the skateboard.

5. Rotate The Screws

From the stepping deck surface, you begin to loose the screws by using a screwdriver and spanner. By holding the nut with a spanner, you counter-rotate the screwdriver on the nuts. This step gradually loosens the trucks.

6. Clean The Skateboard Deck

After loosening all the nuts and bolts, you pull off the skateboard trucks gently. After removing, you properly clean your skateboard deck.

Professional Tips

If you are using a ratchet for removing trucks then the process will be quite different. Then, you first loose the bottom screws of the deck with the ratchet. 

Collect all the nuts and bolts in the cup or a container so that any part will not be lost or missing.

While removing or assembling the skateboard trucks on the deck, you must clean them properly. 

Bottom Lines

If you are a skater, it does not mean that you always buy new parts. Rather, you also learn basic knowledge about skateboard parts maintenance. In the skating journey, it is very useful to know how to take trucks off a skateboard. I have shared all the simplest steps of removing trucks. You just follow them and do it by yourself. Is this article useful for you? If Yes! Then share it with your friends and social circle. Don’t forget to share your feedback. I am waiting for your response.

Frequently Asked Question

Following are the questions that are asked by people when they try to take trucks off a skateboard.

What can I use without the skate tools?

Although, having skate tools is convenient and good to take trucks off a skateboard. However, if you don’t have then you can do this with the wrench or a plier. 

How long will it take me to remove the trucks from the skateboard?

It depends on personal competence and skating tools. If you have the best tools as well as an experience then you will do it within a short time. However, if you newbie, then it will take some time.

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