How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks (Simple & Easy Steps)

How to tighten skateboard trucks is the foremost aspect that must be known to every skater. Because adjustment of the skateboard trucks is very important for a pleasurable ride. You know about the loosening or tightening of skateboard and longboard trucks. Sometimes, our skateboard trucks become too tight and we need to loose them so that we can skate smoothly. On the other hand, we need to tighten them for balance and good control. So if you are a beginner skater and do not know how to tighten the skateboard trucks then this article is very helpful in this regard. 

Here I will guide you which is the most appropriate time to tighten the skateboard trucks. If you want to skate on the sloppy terrain then you must tighten your board trucks. Meanwhile, if you are a big guy and have a weight greater than 150 Kg then you tighten the trucks before skating. Then, these trucks provide you with more stability and well balance in your body weight. Another thing is that if you want to get more speed then you tighten them. 

Tightening of Skateboard Trucks

There is no proper hard task to tighten the trucks while considering a few things you will be able to do to tighten your own board trucks. If you have the best skateboard tools you can do this work very swiftly. A skateboard truck is the portion of the board that attaches to the skateboard deck with the wheels and bearings. So, all essential components are attached to the truck, and carefully settle the truck so that your skateboard performs at the elite level. 

The Trucks Parts That I Need To Tighten

Here I suggest which parts of the trucks you need to tighten. If you don’t know about these parts then you can get knowledge from the best skateboard trucks

  • Hanger
  • Baseplate
  • Kingpin
  • Kingpin nut
  • Pivot cup
  • Bushing
  • Washers
  • Axle nuts
  • Axle washers

You just need skateboard tools such as a wrench, socket, or others to tighten these parts of trucks. 

How to Tighten The Skateboard Trucks Simple Method

The following are the simplest and easiest steps for tightening the skateboard trucks.

  • Turnover the skateboard
  • Tilting of trucks
  • Spin the kingpin nut
  • Adjust and test the board


1. Turnover The Skateboard

The first step is to turn the skateboard so that two trucks are exposed above. After laying the skateboard on the ground you observe the hanger on the top, the kingpin along with the nut, and bushing at the mid of the hanger. So, these are the parts that you are going to tighten.

2. Tilting of Trucks

The next step is to observe the movement of the trucks at which site they loose or tight. After observing, you will get an idea of how loose they are. So if they are very loose, then rigid the kingpin of trucks. 

3. Spin The Kingpin Nut

Kingpin is the site that joins the hanger to the baseplate. You spin the kingpin nut clockwise with the help of skate tools or a wrench for tightening. As you apply pressure, it will tighten more until it stops moving.

Meanwhile, if your skateboard trucks become too tight, then for loosing you move the tool anti-clockwise. 

4. Adjust And Test The Board

After getting the right level of tightness, you test the board. You push, roll, and skate on the skateboard. Moreover, you also perform various tricks to check whether it is perfect for tricks or not. 

If you feel that there is more need to tighten or loosen the trucks then again adjust the setup. Test again and again until you get your favorite adjustment. 

Benefits of Tightening The Skateboard Trucks

There are a lot of benefits to tightening skateboard trucks. 

  • All-Terrain Skating

If you want to skate for a long time and long distance then you tighten the trucks. They will be able to skate on all terrains on steps, gaps, rough, smooth, or any other amazingly. 

Tight trucks assemble all the parts of the skateboard well, thus keeping your ride stable for long-term skateboarding. 

  • Prevent Wheel Bites

While skating on the street, the wheels rub against the board. As a result, there is a greater chance to fall on the ground badly. Therefore, by tightening the trucks, you feel more stable and perform awesome tricks without falling. 

  • Increase Speed

If you have tight and firm trucks, then you will make your skateboard best speedy and comfortable. You are able to do sharp curves and ride superbly. 

Drawbacks of Over-Tightening of Trucks

  • It may cause problems while turning and tricking.
  • Too much tightening can break your skateboard bushings.

Final Thought

I am sure that now you are able to tighten your skateboard trucks very well. Now you can tighten your own skateboard trucks by yourself instead of waiting for others. So if you are a beginner and trying to use skate tools for the first time then with a little adjustment you will be able to learn everything. If you want to buy the best skateboard grip tape or anything else relating to skating you can benefit from my services. Best wishes. Thanks.


Why are my skateboard trucks not tightened properly?

Sometimes, during tightening the truck, bushings or other parts break. As a result, how long you tighten your trucks but they will not tighten properly until you apply new bushings.  

Sometimes trucks break so they are never tight properly. Then, you need to repair your skateboard truck. 

Are over-tightened skateboard trucks good for skating?

You can over-tighten your trucks during skating but it has negative aspects. You will not easily make turns or maintain balance. Although tightening to a certain extent is good, over-tightening may cause hurdles in your skating. 

Which types of tools are best for tightening my skateboard trucks?

Some skaters use special skateboard tools for truck tightening. Others use simple screwdrivers or wrenches to fix the trucks.  

When do I need to keep my skateboard trucks tight?

If your body weight is greater than 150 Kg or your skateboard wheel starts biting or you feel difficulty handling the skateboard. Then, all terms indicate that you need to tighten your skateboard trucks. Because with loosening trucks, they touch the deck and as a result, you fall easily.

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