Best Ways To Upgrade Your E-boards?

When you have an electric skateboard and want to upgrade its capabilities such as speed, look, or anything else. But you are confused about how to upgrade your electric skateboard? Although it’s a little bit difficult if you follow certain measures then it will become simple for you. Before upgrading, you first carefully observe your e-board, and which things need to change or upgrade. After noticing, you will be able to know all the weaknesses and levels of performance of your electric skateboard. 

In this post, I will assist you in how you improve the performance of your e-board. I write all the simple and easiest steps for your convenience. You gradually read the whole after that you will be 100% able to recognize the problem and solution in your electric skateboard.

Easiest Ways To Upgrade My Electric Skateboard

The following things are essential to consider when you boost up for upgrading the e-board.

1. Increase Range 

  • Use Only Single Motor

Although with the help of two motors, you can enhance your uphill or downhill abilities. But actually, you will lose the range of up to 30%. Therefore, I ask you to enjoy your skating with a single motor instead of twice. 

  • Use Small Diameter Wheels

If you want more range then you will sacrifice speed. Because for increasing range, it’s crucial that your e-board must have small diameter wheels (80mm, 83mm). 

  • Improve Battery Capacity

As you know, there is a number of “P” mentioned on the battery. For instance, some battery has 10s2p while other has 10s3p, 10s4p, and so on. The higher the values of P higher will the range. 

2. Enhance Speed

  • Use Dual Motor

It is not sure that the second motor enhances the speed. However, using the double motor may distribute the load. Or, it is also useful if one motor becomes useless then you can use the other. But usually, avoid this and ask you to not do so. I just mention it here for those who are interested.

  • Use Large-Diameter Wheels

Large the diameter of the wheels faster the speed. So, you upgrade your wheel’s diameter from above 80mm to 97mm which will enhance the speed from 20 to 20mph. Therefore, carefully buy the new wheels that will adjust well on your e-board. 

Although there are benefits of large-diameter wheels, however, it has some drawbacks. For example, it may cause hurdles while climbing hill skating, etc. Meanwhile, it reduces the torque and acceleration. So, you can do new tricks or get better at skateboarding

Update Electric Skateboard
  • Increase The Size Of The Motor

If you switch the battery voltage from 6s to 10 then it will increase the speed from 16-18mph to 20-25mph. Although, it’s very expensive so if you can afford it then you do this otherwise you follow the other ways.

Note: When you enhance the battery voltage then it is necessary that you will also alter your ESC (Electronic Speed Control). 

3. Improve Torque, Acceleration, And Hill Climbing Skills

  • Increase Battery Discharge Potential

Draw more power from your pack and deliver it to your motor. As a result, it will enhance the torque. More power empowerment increases the force that is essential while hill climbing.

  • Use Small Size Wheels

If you want to increase the torque then your electric skateboard wheels should be small in size.

  • Increase The Motor Size

If you replace your motor with a high-potential motor then it will have more energy and torque. Moreover, it will also enhance your electric board range. 

4. Upgrade Board Look

If you want to something change then you upgrade the look of the board.

  • Drain the old container with the new awesome Esk8 Enclosure.
  • Buy new skateboard grip tape or stickers to enhance its charm.
  • Decorate it with various bright lights that increase the safety as well as the look of the board.

Professional Tips

  • You can also enhance the convenience level by adding a proper power switch button. It protects you from following the traditional method of unplugging the battery. Rather, you simply click the button and are ready to go.
  • You upgrade your remote control for getting more pro features such as reverse function, ride modes, digital display, etc.

Final Thought

I have explained all the ways of upgrading an electric skateboard. It does not mean that follow all of these. You can follow the one that your electric skateboard needs. If you want to buy the best electric skateboard then you can get it from my site. I think this post will be very helpful for you. So, carefully read and boost up your e-board. If you have more queries you can ask. I am always waiting for your response. You can also share your experience with me. Thanks a lot. Stay Blessed.

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