How To Wrap A Skateboard As A Gift (Step-By-Step Guide)

Skateboard is the best gift for kids, young, and older skaters. Therefore, you know how to wrap a skateboard superbly to win the heart of your favorite one. Sometimes, we buy a premium quality skateboard but are not able to wrap it properly. Therefore, in this post, I will guide you on how to wrap a skateboard as a gift. 

Although, it’s a little bit of a difficult task to wrap the skateboard due to its irregular shape and size. But by taking a certain guide you will be able to surprise your loved one with the attractive packed skateboard gift. 

Which Things Are Required For Wrap A skateboard

To wrap a skateboard is a really creative, time taking, and resourceful task. You need the following material to wrap a skateboard as a gift.

  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Measuring tape
  • Gift wrapping sheet
  • Clear packing tape
  • Cardboard box
  • Ribbon
  • Gift card
  • Pencil and paper

Easiest Steps Of Wrap A Skateboard 

The following are the simplest as well as easiest steps to wrap your skateboard as a gift.

  1. Measure The Size Of The Skateboard

First of all, you take a measuring tape and carefully measure the length, width, and height of the skateboard which you are going to pack. Note down all the measuring dimensions into the paper with the help of a pencil.

2. Ready Cardboard Box

Find a cardboard box that size is appropriate for your skateboard. Then, open the tabs at the top and bottom of the cardboard box with the help of a cutter. If you are going to use any recycle box then carefully remove all the tape. 

3. Place The Skateboard Into Cardboard

Place the skateboard on the flat cardboard box. Make sure that there should be a small space at the edges for trucks and wheels covering. Cut another section to cover the cardboard box.

4. Close The Skateboard In Cardboard Box 

Fold all sides of the cardboard box and close the skateboard inside it. Cover the upper side with a piece of cardboard. After that apply clear packaging tape all around. Press cardboard smoothly so that the skateboard looks smooth in the box.

5. Apply Gift Wrapping Sheet 

Place your gift wrapping sheet on the flat surface and put a cardboard box in its center. Make sure that there should be enough sheet space to cover the edges of the gift box. While packing, you need to cover one side first and then gradually move toward another side. Fold the gift wrapping sheet and pull it at the edge of the box. Then, apply packaging tape to give a decent and beautiful look.

6. Apply Additional Wrapping Sheet On Upper Side

Apply another piece of a sheet on the upper side of the cardboard and carry it toward the lower side. Make a triangular flap with the one side top sheet. Then, form the same flap on another side.  Keenly cover it down so that it looks clear and attractive. 

7. Furnish The Box

Take the ribbon and apply it to the gift box. Tightly hold on to the surface so that it will look neat and charming. If you want to display a gift card on the box then take it. Write your good wishes on it and display them on the box. Your best gift is ready to give to your beloved one. 

Final Thought

Although gifts matter, when it comes with good packing it looks more lovely. I have told you the easiest way of wrapping a skateboard. I hope you enjoy and like my wrapping method. You gift your friends skateboards so that they also enjoy the new adventure of skating life.

First, you try the above steps for practice then you will soon become a pro to wrap your skateboard as a gift. Do share with your buddies. If you need further guidelines, be connected with SkateGuides. I always share such informative blogs with you. A lot of best wishes to you. Thanks.

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